You'd think that being healthy would be easy...

…pack in the snacking and get down the gym and you’d be sorted right?

But for you, it’s never that simple.

Perhaps you just don’t know where to start

Maybe you feel like you know how you should eat, but you end up self sabotaging your efforts

Maybe you always have to ‘start again on Monday’ week after week

Perhaps you have a hormonal imbalance, or another health issue that makes feeling like a healthy person impossible

Maybe you struggle to find a balance where you can eat healthily and still enjoy a slice of cake … without eating the whole thing!

I understand.

More than that – I have BEEN there.

If you:

  • Feel stuck in negative behaviour patterns around food
  • Think you know how you should eat, but struggle to make changes work in practice
  • Are confused about which nutritional approach to adopt
  • Have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude
  • Want to feel better about yourself and your body
  • Have felt guilty after eating
  • Are a serial dieter who’s ready to quit the habit
  • Need to work through specific conditions or ailments (such as hormonal imbalance, auto immune disfunction) with do-able nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Are ready to truly invest in yourself and deal with this shit once and for all
  • Would still like to eat cake sometimes!

Then one of my 1-2-1 coaching packages is perfect for you!


Believe me, I’ve experienced many of those issues – just check out the archives on the blog and you’ll see.

I successfully improved my health, dealt with my food issues and have lost over 4 stone in weight.

Plus, I have kept it off…and even after having a baby too!

I’ve also supported many other women, just like you, to do the same – believe me when I say you aren’t alone!

Life is too short not to feel like a healthy person, you just need to figure out your version of healthy, and I’m here to help you do it.

I’ll help you to:

  • Feel good about yourself!
  • Develop new positive behaviours around food
  • Have the tools and techniques you need to ensure changes last a lifetime
  • Understand what healthy looks like for you
  • Find your healthy balance
  • Enjoy food again, free from guilt
  • Lose excess weight

With 1-2-1 coaching you get me, your very own tattooed angel on your shoulder, to guide you through the healthy living maze. We set your goals together, working through any blocks you have, and help you to become unstuck.

I offer all of my 1-2-1 clients accountability, support, experience and expertise to transform their health and happiness.

I’ve now worked with women on a 1-2-1 basis for over 4 years. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, I’ve trained in over 100 nutrition and practical lifestyle techniques as well as neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

Once you understand what healthy looks like for you, you’ll never have to diet again!

You’ll have more self confidence, feel better about yourself and your body and have the freedom to enjoy food, free from any guilt.

Can you imagine how life would feel for you then?

Two months later and my weight is under 13 stone for the first time in a decade! I’ve gone down a dress size and I no longer need ANY diabetic medication. Laura is approachable, knowledgeable and friendly! She has a way of putting me at ease and helping me think through what I’m doing to find solutions.



How does it work?

Fresh start consultation - £299 (or two payments of £150)

  • Clarity on exactly what you need to start doing and how to start doing it in order to improve your health and wellbeing
  • Improved habits and sense of focus
  • Able to focus on your own health journey, rather than get distracted by what others are doing
  • A fresh start for your health and wellbeing

This is for you if you’re looking for motivation to kick things off with expert advice on any issues you might be having, which foods and supplements are best for you and some accountability to get you started. 

How it works:

  • In depth questionnaire
  • 90 minute consultation via Skype, or phone call if you’d prefer
  • personalised pdf nutrition, movement and self care plan
  • follow up email support for 1 month


To pay in instalments contact me.

Uniquely Healthy - my signature coaching programme £750 or 3 payments of £250

  • Work with me 1-2-1 and get outstanding results
  • Change your mindset from working against you to working for you
  • Identify what’s causing issues like emotional eating, self sabotage and being all or nothing and learn techniques to reverse these kind of behaviours
  • Create a more balanced life with sustainable healthy habits
  • Heal your relationship with food


  • 1 year free membership of The Balance Club
  • Access to my Mindset Makeover Programme and closed coaching group
  • Free gift welcome gift when you pay in full

This is for you if you find yourself constantly self sabotaging by eating badly or giving up after being ‘good’ for a certain period of time. If you struggle to stick to any kind of healthy eating and feel like your relationship with food is on the rocks, this coaching programme will help you to completely transform your mindset. 

How it works:

  • 3 month programme
  • 2 1 hour Skype or phone 1-2-1 coaching sessions each calendar month (6 sessions over the programme)
  • Unlimited email support

Contact me to apply and get a free call to check if this programme is right for you

*Please note I’m only available to coach Monday – Wednesday between the hours of 9am and 4pm

I could tell how knowledgeable Laura was, and my issues are so tricky and unique but she still figured them out! Laura’s “uniquely healthy” ethos is tailored completely to the individual client, and my own particular issues are very unique and I felt everything I said was heard, and Laura “got” me.


I have lost 9 pounds since I started working with Laura, and I feel so much more confident. My bingeing episodes have reduced both in frequency and size. I am so pleased with this as binging is something I had been battling with for years.



From the moment we first spoke Laura put me at ease. I was able to speak about myself and my eats freely, without feeling judged, something I have never been able to do. She was able to tailor the programme exactly to my needs but without making it seem like an effort.



Not sure which is right for you?

Grab a completely free (and no salesy crap!) call with me to talk through your health and wellbeing issues right now. Use the form below to contact me and I’ll be in touch!


I’m not sure if this is for me, can I ask you more questions?
Yes, absolutely! I offer a free 30 minute phone call so we can talk about your current concerns and you can ask me any questions about what is involved in the coaching. Just contact me using the form above.

Can just talking to you over Skype or on the phone really help me lose weight and become healthier?
1-2-1 coaching involves much more than just talking, but YES, it really can be life changing! Just check out what my previous clients have had to say above. This is the best way to make real changes to your life, and have them actually stick. The process of coaching ensures that the right changes are done at the right pace for you. It’s very self reflective, and working through your blocks and limiting beliefs is something that regular ‘diets’ just don’t do.

How do I pay?
I accept payment via BACS transfer or PayPal. Payment is due in advance and arranged when you sign up.

I’ve tried everything, what if this doesn’t work either?
The very nature of coaching means that you are getting to the root of why you are experiencing issues around food and health. We work closely together so that at any point you feel like things aren’t working out, we can put the breaks on and examine why. This is actually the key to making successful changes anyway! There’s also no tie in period, so you have the peace of mind that if anything wasn’t working out for you, then you aren’t stuck. However, if you need reassurance that coaching get’s results, have a look at my testimonials!

Fancy a two week meal plan?

I’ve put together a two week quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!

Wholeheartedly Healthy on Instagram

  • Off out shopping and to see The Last Jedi ✨
Feeling very Christmassy in Newcastle today!
#newcastle #wholehearted #wholeheartedly #nebloggers #selfielove #selfie
  • Been very excited this week because the Winter edition of the Wholehearted Journal is almost ready to go to print!
It’s part magazine part journal part workbook with articles, recipes, moon cycle dates, ritual ideas, calendars and habit trackers
It will be on sale before the 1st Jan ✨
It’s been a real labour of love getting it ready, and thanks to contributors @catplummercoach @alifemoreinspired and @healthylivingjames it’s got some extra awesome content too!
Check out my highlights for a full sneak peek 👀
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  • So much yes to this ✨💗
Dinner and drinks with @behappybebrightbeyou_x and @_kathryn_clarke on Friday followed by the laziest of Saturdays then drinks and dancing in the kitchen with two of my oldest mates all topped off with a festive afternoon tea and feeding the deer with the kiddos and my Mum friends ❤️
But it’s not just weekends in December that should be joyful - I try and consciously do something that brings me joy every day. That might be just a really nice cup of coffee but it makes a difference ☕️
What’s your joy these days?
📷 via @gala
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  • This week I’ve wrapped up working with 3 of my fabulous business clients - shout out to the amazing @luisa__fitness @eat_breathe_believe and @this_mama_rocks ✨💗😊
Working with women like this is genuinely one of the best parts of my job, it’s so enjoyable and rewarding to see them grow and achieve so much as we work together, and for @luisa__fitness and @this_mama_rocks to see their new branding and websites come to life!
Meanwhile I’m also working on my own new site as well, and I honestly can’t wait to share it in January! Design is absolutely something that lights me up, I love being able to get creative 💗
I have a couple of spots for new business coaching clients (including branding and website designs) going onto the new year, pop me a message if working with me would feel like a good fit ✨
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  • Full moon vibes! 🌕
I love using the full moon for releasing anything I need to leave behind, for reflecting on lessons learned and for just taking a pause.
Obvs a lovely time to pull some tarot or oracle cards too!
This particular full moon is giving me all the feels so today I took myself off for an hour to have a bath and a think and that was my ritual - it doesn’t always have to be something elaborate to mark the cycle and feel that connection.
Had a little step outside to take a look at the super moon too, it’s a beaut!
If you follow the moon cycle, what’s your favourite way to tune into the full moon?
#witchesofinstagram #tarotcards #oraclecards #spiritjunkie #moonchild #mooncycle #fullmoon #witchesofig #selfcaresunday
  • Happy December from the cutest little donkey ever! 🎄
Had a super Christmassy day putting the tree and decorations up, failing at a gingerbread house 😂 and watching Elf 🎅
Had the most lovely (mostly) week off, realised how much I totally needed it!
But now let the festive build up and celebrations begin! .
#mumofboys #nativity #mummiesboy #toddler #familylife #gratitude #christmas2017 #mumandson
  • Good way to start a week off - with a Unicorn Hot Chocolate!
After a really much needed relaxing weekend at the spa I’m trying to take some time off work this week with James to get on top of the Christmas shopping and really to just have some time off.
Since I started my business I’ve realised I hardly ever take time off, so this week I’m really trying to step away from the to do list and the emails 🙌🏻
Taking time off is definitely an area of self care I need to get better at 💗
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  • Has anyone else seen the AMAZING talk by @traceeellisross that @glamourmag shared this week?
I watched it on Facebook and my oh my it blew me away, especially when she said one of the things that came up for her when journaling was ‘my life is mine’
Something about those words cut right through into my soul - I’m not exactly sure why, but I feel like I really needed to hear that and take it on board for myself too. .
So thank you @traceeellisross for reminding me that My Life is Mine 💗
#quote #traceeellisross #wellbeing #instaquote #quotes #quotestoliveby #selfcare #mentalwellbeing
  • Sharing a few things I’m grateful for today...
✨ Coffee...always coffee
✨ Finley, he’s just the most awesome little man and brings so much joy to my life 💗💗💗 I also feel very thankful he’s now healthy and happy
✨ All my family and friends - I’m a very, very lucky woman to have so many good people in my life ✨ My work, my clients and customers, not a single day goes by when I don’t feel immense gratitude for being able to make a living doing something I love that in turn helps others
✨ My home, firstly grateful for the fact I have a safe and warm place to live, but also very grateful we were able to get this place after the faff we had getting out of our one bed flat ✨ Music - I was singing along to stuff on Spotify today and it just reminded me how much joy music brings to my life
I could go on and on and on! And happy Thanksgiving to my American friends of course! ❤️ What are you thankful for today?
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  • Just chillin at my desk ✨
Got some brand spanking new pics done thanks to the lovely @rjmphotographyportraits
Slowly getting used to seeing so much of my face - it can be very easy to start picking myself apart, and to be honest when I first saw the pics that’s what I did - I noticed the rolls, the double chin, the thighs, the too small eyes and too big nose
But then after a while I started noticing my smile and how my eyes sparkled and how clear my skin is and more of the things I actually like about my appearance
It reminded me not to hide away from having pictures taken, taking selfies or even having more shoots done because the more I see myself like this the more comfortable I feel, the more I really see myself and who I am - and that’s got to be a good thing ⭐️
How do you feel when you see yourself in pictures?
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