My journey with essential oils started long ago when I bought my first bottle of Tea Tree oil from the Body Shop to help treat my spots! It’s come on along way since then, my interest being invigorated both when I became pregnant with my son, and again when I started writing my book Coconut Oil Inside and Out. Many of the preparations I use in the book contain essential oils, and through using them and learning about their many, many health and wellbeing benefits I was hooked.

Not long after I was introduced to doTERRA oils, and was cynical at first. What made these oils better than the others I had tried in the past? Well it only took one sniff and I was a convert! These oils are quite simply the purest oils on the planet, a beautiful way to incorporate natures benefits into your life and that of your family for greater health and wellbeing.

I’ve been using the oils on myself and with my family for the last few months and they’ve helped us in so many ways. My son sleeps so much better with lavender oil in his diffuser, my husbands running injuries are eased with doTERRA’s Deep Blue blend and I keep my skin healthy by adding a drop of frankincense to my moisturiser. I use my doTERRA Petal diffuser every single day to lift my mood and increase my energy.

As well as improving the health and wellbeing of you and your family, doTERRA provides a unique opportunity to create a residual income by genuinely helping others without fads or body shaming. I’ll be honest, I was put off by the fact that doTERRA is a multi level marketing company until I learned more. They are not like any other companies out there right now. The brand holds itself to the highest of values and the product is quite simply amazing.

Here’s how you can purchase:

Wholesale Prices

May a small membership fee and get 25% off the oils (you don’t have to sell or start a business to get this deal)

Highest Quality Essential Oils

No added chemicals or fillers. The organic oils are sourced from around the world and undergoes extensive third party testing for purity and quality.

Plant based natural solutions

Harness the goodness of plants for greater health and wellbeing


However you choose to buy, you’ll get a free 1-2-1 session with me to understand how essential oils can be used as part of your lifestyle

Save the most and order a kit

Buying one of the starter kits saves money and gets you well on your way to incorporating essential oils into your life. Bonus is you get your membership fee included!

There are three ways you can use doTERRA oils:


I’d just like to use essential oils for myself and immediate family


I’d like to use the oils for myself, but also share them with family and friends. It’s natural to want to share something when you love it!


I love essential oils and I’m passionate about helping others. I’d love to create a residual income sharing these oils

However you’d like to use the oils there are options for you. To find out more please use the contact form below to get in touch and I’ll email you with all the details, no pushy sales tactics, promise!

Fancy a two week meal plan?

I’ve put together a two week quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!

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  • Dreaming of a holiday somewhere like this, but beautiful Brighton will have to do this year ❤️ ☀️✨🌈
📷 via @abeautifulmess
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  • Last week I did myself a little tarot spread for my birthday and in the middle of the cards I drew an extra card from my @gabbybernstein Miracles Now deck - the message could not have been more spot on ✨
Got this card pinned up as a reminder above my desk ✨🙌🏻
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  • When you have a pretty much perfect birthday 💘 ✨
Opened presents with James and Finley this morning - including this amazing pink quartz crystal as a gift to myself
Bought myself some roses
Had a delicious breakfast
Journaled and did a tarot spread and ritual which was just incredible
Had a bath
Totally chilled out and enjoyed the sun
Feeling so loved and full of gratitude right now - but reminding myself that it was me that decided to make this day unapologetically self indulgent, see my latest blog post (link in profile) for more on creating your own Birthday self care ritual! Now I'm off to enjoy a feast of Indian food! Thanks so much for everyone's birthday wishes!
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  • It's been about a month since I rejoined the gym and I'm loving it. ⚡️
Now that I've found my best time to go (after my work before the nursery pick up, 3.30ish - mornings were not happening!) it's become an easy habit to keep. ⚡️
I'm actually feeling that connectedness into my body, feeling strong again and I seem to have better energy as well. ⚡️
Plus having that hour a couple of times a week to myself to blast music on my headphones and get sweaty is the best
It might not suit me forever, but right now I'm enjoying being a gym bunny again 🐰 .
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  • Feeling the Full Moon Eclipse vibes today 🌕 ✨
Looking forward to my ritual tonight, plenty of things to clear out and release ready for my birthday later in the week!
Beauty of a pic via @thevoluptuouswitch .
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  • This week has definitely been one of contrast for me - facing some challenging feelings and anxiety, but having a great time with my ladies @behappybebrightbeyou_x and @_kathryn_clarke, fun taking over the @nutritionschool account (woo hoo!) and Skyping with @harri_rose_ and @supernaturallyhealthy today ❤️
Weeks like these always serve as a really good opportunity for me to find the lessons on offer, this week the lesson is not to overwhelm myself and say yes so often - particularly to things I don't enjoy! Always learning 🙌🏻
What have you learned this week? ✨
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  • So excited to be taking over the @nutritionschool Instagram account today! Going to be sharing more about my life as a health coach and how I focus on what IIN call 'primary food' 🙌🏻
Hop over to @nutritionschool as the day goes on to check it out!
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  • Really enjoyed getting stuck into my monthly reflection and planning journaling today - although how on Earth is it almost August already?!
I always ask myself what worked, what didn't work and what I'm grateful for when reflecting on the past month - those questions always give me useful answers! 
How was your July? ✨
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  • Spa day @seahamhall today, can't wait, indulgent self care at its best ✨
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  • On the blog yesterday I shared a post on the ways I bring a bit of magic into my everyday! ✨🔮 Link in profile @lauraagarwilson
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