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Going organic with a difference


So many of us are now well aware of the benefits of choosing organic products when it comes to what we eat. The Soil Association have some excellent information on how organic food contains more nutrition, and how organic practices improve animal welfare, are better for wildlife and support the environment. As Organic September approaches,…

The benefits of turmeric and how to incorporate it in your diet

benefits of turmericFI

Turmeric has become a massive health trend, and unlike some other less worthy trends, turmeric has some incredible proven health benefits.  If you’re not already familiar with turmeric, it’s a bright yellow spice that’s often used in Indian cuisine such as curries. It comes as a dried powder and a fresh root, basically like a…

Choose Glass: Trying out the GlassShaker


When we moved into our new house I really wanted to make an effort to make our home healthier. I had lots of ideas about how to do this (more to share in a future post) but one of the key things was switching as much plastic to glass as possible. Some substances in plastic…