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Healthy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Sauce

One of the things that was a game changer for me when I ‘got healthy’ was learning that some forms of chocolate could actually be good for you. Even at my least healthiest, I had still quite enjoyed dark chocolate, so upgrading to raw chocolate and healthier chocolate recipes was a good step for me….

gluten free, dairy free, vegan

Peanut and seed breakfast bar (vegan + high protein)

I’m a big fan of breakfast, in fact I think it’s fair to say it’s my favourite meal of the day. Unfortunately since becoming a mama I don’t always get to enjoy a relaxed breakfast, sometimes Finley wants to play, breastfeed (still!) or is just in one of those clingy moods. Whilst I’m now talented…

Passionfruit and Blueberry Cheesecake in a Glass

Summer seems to have arrived here, and with it has come more eating out, more socialising and more fun! Obviously that is wonderful, but it’s easy for summer eating to go a little too heavy on the treats. It’s good to have an easy but healthy dessert recipe up your sleeve when you feel like…

Mango, Lime and Coconut Frozen Yoghurt

I was hoping that by the time I made this recipe, summer would be in full swing. Unfortunately as I type this at the very start of June, it’s grey, windy and cold outside, but I live in hope of some sun arriving soon, which would of course make this recipe much more enjoyable! Edited…

paleo, gluten free, vegan

Creamy Low Sugar Chocolate

I had totally not been planning to blog a recipe before I moved and had access to my good camera and food photography props, but I decided this recipe couldn’t wait! I’m such a huge fan of chocolate in all its many glorious forms, especially raw chocolate which is made with high quality minimally processed…