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Recipe: Quinoa Veg Pot with Coconut Ginger Chilli Sauce

As I’m sure other mamas will appreciate, it’s really hard to find the time to prepare food when you have a new born to take care of! I think I’ve actually managed quite well, but I have certainly been relying on some ‘ready made’ options. I have a post about that in the pipeline, but…


Recipe: Low carb courgette crust pizza

Pizza is without a doubt one of my all time favourite meals. I’m not bothered about frozen or takeaway pizza, but a good thin crust at an Italian restaurant would be a high contender for a last meal if I had to choose! Of course, regular pizzas whether frozen, take out or from a restaurant…

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Easy healthy weeknight meals

One of the things I’m often asked as a health coach, particularly around meal planning, is what easy recipes can be made on a week night. As much as it would be great to create a culinary masterpiece every evening, I actually think healthy eating is a whole lot easier when you have a few…