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gluten free, vegan

Quick and Easy Eats: Vegetable Chilli Recipe

Time for another quick and easy eats post! This is one of my favourite super simple recipes of all time. I posted the recipe about 4 years ago and thought it was due a repost with my slightly updated ingredients list and method. Before I get into the recipe I have to talk about my…

gluten free, vegetarian

Recipe: Butternut, Lentil and Feta (pasta free) Lasagne

Before I lost weight, pasta was one of my favourite foods. I would quite happily eat a giant bowl of pasta with tomato sauce for dinner most nights, and ready meal vegetable lasagnes were one of my most loved treats. Pasta was one of the foods I vastly reduced to help me lose weight. For…

gluten free, vegetarian

Recipe: Egg and Veggie Muffins

Now that I am firmly back on the weight loss wagon I’ve been exploring ways of ensuring I get more protein in my diet. For my body, increasing protein is a helpful weight loss strategy as it helps to stabilise my blood sugar levels and keeps me feeling full.  I love eggs for breakfast and…