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Recipe: Coconut buckwheat with cherry chia jam

Yes, more buckwheat in a jar! As I noted in my blueberry buckwheat salad recipe, I’m having a moment with buckwheat due to it’s easy preparation, nutty taste and excellent nutrition. Despite it’s name it is actually a gluten free grain and when soaked overnight as in this recipe and the salad, it’s nice and…


How to make super creamy custard porridge

A good few years ago a lovely blogger posted a recipe for porridge that was made with an egg whipped into it. Can I remember thinking how odd that sounded to begin with, but the bloggers description of how creamy and filling her oats were made me decide to try it. I’m sure glad I…


3 ingredient grain free crepe style pancakes

I’m sure you don’t need reminding but tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, or as we have always called it, Pancake Day. When I was little I used to get very excited about my Mam’s traditional thin crepe style pancakes, made with the Bero book recipe, served with golden syrup, lemon juice or a sprinkle of sugar….


Recipe: Apple, Pear and Dried Fig Bircher Muesli

Apples are one of my absolute favourite foods, I can always remember the first time I craved an apple instead of a bag of sweets – that was when I knew that my healthy eating habits where starting to stick! When I was young, the apple we usually had was a golden delicious. My Nana…