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Being a Mama: Finley at 11 months

People aren’t kidding when they say time flies past even faster once you have kids. How have I got an 11 month old already! He’s been so awesome this last month, he started crawling almost as soon as I posted his last update and he’s pulling himself up on furniture and coasting like a pro….

Being a Mama: Finley at 10 months

What a little dude! Yes, my baby boy is now 10 months! He’s really coming into himself now and is developing a real personality. This last month has been pretty good. He’s been continuing to go through the nursery illnesses, but I think we might have got through it. What we are now contending with…

Finley at 9 months

Holy shit I have a 9 month old! How the heck did that even happen?  He’s such a little dude isn’t he? Here’s a quick run down of what’s been happening this last month… Feeding We are continuing to combi feed with breastfeeding whenever he’s with me and then he’s having his high calorie formula…