Getting started in business isn’t easy

Should you be a sole trader? A limited company?

How will you get clients?

What about insurance? 

But doesn’t *insert other awesome health coach* already offer that service?

Where do I fit in? How do I make money doing this!?

Sound familiar? And that’s before you’ve even started helping people!

I’ve pondered each and everyone of those questions as I’ve developed my business from a hobby blog in 2010 to a start up ran in addition to a full time job in 2012, then on to a blossoming full time gig that offers me a full income while I work 3 days a week around my baby son. I’ve made a good profit each and every year, and I’m doing something I absolutely adore.

I’m not kidding when I say I’m living my dream life!

If your familiar with my website, you’ll know I’m passionate about living a wholeheartedly healthy life and helping others do the same.

Doing something you love for a living is definitely a big part of being wholeheartedly healthy, and I’m excited that I can now support other passionate entrepreneurial women on their journey running their own health and wellness business and work towards the kind of creativity and freedoms I have in my life too.

I’m ready to take that a step further and offer a much more in depth form of support, the kind of support I would have jumped at when I’d started my own biz journey.

I struggled for months having no clue what the hell I was doing, but now that I’ve been through that part of my journey I’m really excited to be able to offer clarity, confidence and a road map to success for other fabulous ladies getting started.

Do What You Love

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how I can help you

Ask me anything call £129

A 1 hour phone or Skype call where you can basically pick my brains on anything biz or blog related. You can send me a bunch of questions in advance if you’d like, but basically this is about having the opportunity to get all those niggling questions answered and talk to someone who’s been there and get’s it!


Biz clarity call £199

A 1 hour phone or Skype call where we’ll get you super clear on what your business is including your uniqueness, income and marketing strategies. You’ll end up with a clear plan of action for your business, understanding of what success looks like for you, and all relied up ready to go! I’ll also offer you feedback on your current website, branding, copy, services and programmes if you have them in place.



The Launch your wellness biz programme will:

  • Take you from zero to launch
  • Give you step by step support in developing everything you need to create a successful wellness business
  • Improve your confidence and give you absolute clarity on your way forward
  • Make sure your business model is one that will be sustainable and profitable
  • Get you to a point where you’ve launched your business and have your first clients in place

In a nutshell, it’s bespoke, 1-2-1 support, guidance and mentoring from a health coach who is already highly successful in her niche. I’m not a business coach teaching how to build a business, I’m a health coach teaching how to build a wildly successful health coaching business!

This is for you if:

  • you have completed or are in the process of completing the IIN health coaching course, or you have another wellness qualification and you are starting your business journey
  • you are committed to 6 months of intensive business building
  • you want to stand out from the crowd and be a success
  • you know how important it is to invest in yourself and your business to reach your version of success
  • you’re ready to learn from someone who’s been there and done that
  • you want practical hands on support like getting a website / newsletter etc set up

What it is:

  • 6 months of monthly 1-2-1 support sessions over the phone or on Skype
  • Total email access to me at any time to answer any questions you might have
  • practical support in getting a website / newsletter set up
  • everything I’ve ever learned about running a successful wellness business!

Your investment for 6 months of intensive expert support: £1500 (or 6 payments of £250)

Contact me to book a free initial call


Just pop a message and let me know!

Fancy a two week meal plan?

I’ve put together a two week quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!

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  • SO EXCITED! I'll be hosting the only North East England showing of the amazing Embrace film from @bodyimagemovement at the Odeon Metrocentre on 25th of Feb at 3pm. I really hope some of my #nefollowers can join me.  For tickets pop over to my Facebook page just search 'Wholeheartedly Healthy' on Facebook and the event should show up on my page. If you're in the North East please share with other ladies you know, this film needs to be seen 🌟
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  • Chocolate lime snack balls 👌🏻one of my recipes for @thebalanceclub members in the Balance Bundle magazine which I create every month. I made some more of these for myself today, so good! If you fancy a bunch of recipes, meal plan, cook up flow, book club, resources and the best most lovely online community of women anywhere check out @thebalanceclub which is open to join till the end of the week, link in profile! .
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  • Not usually into smoothies at this time of year but this post yoga blueberry and coconut smoothie using @fuelled_by_nature coconut powder, hit the spot!
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  • 😊🌟💘 have a great day everyone!
  • One of my intentions this year is to practice Tarot and get a better feel for using my cards. I treated myself to the @starchildtarot Akashic deck late last year, they are so beautiful and I feel such a connection with them. I got my first set of tarot cards when I was 16 but fell out of the habit of using them so it's great to be back into a practice and I'm pretty amazed with the guidance and insight they've provided me with so far! Do you use tarot cards? Which deck do you use? .
📸 by @heychristandle #starchildtarot #tarot #woowoo #ritual #tarotpractice #selfcare
  • I'm a bit rubbish at following recipes exactly so for today's #wholeheartedlyhealthychallenge I made a new to me version of chilli with organic beef, black beans and some cocoa! Of course it has to be accompanied by some avocado, crazy amounts of coriander and lime juice 🥑 🌶
 #wholeheartedlyhealthy #healthyfood #recipe #sundaycookup #chilli
  • Wholeheartedly Healthy Challenge Day 7 💘 woo hoo!
Today's challenge is to cook a new recipe and do some batch cooking for next week
Keeping cooking at eating interesting and tasty is one of the simplest ways to make healthy eating a real joy. Batch cooking something for the following week means you have healthy food ready to go so you're far less likely to eat something less healthy because you don't have time to cook! Share a pic of your recipe and Sunday cook up with me @lauraagarwilson and #wholeheartedlyhealthychallenge 🥒🥕🍠🌰🌽🧀🍗🥙
 #wholeheartedlyhealthy #selfcare #selflove #sundaycookup #thebalanceclub #healthyliving #feedfeed
  • Today's #wholeheartedlyhealthychallenge could not have been better timed for me, nearing the end of my cycle and in full on wild woman rage town so a nice quiet bath, alone time and a tarot card pull to help get my head straight on a few things did the trick of filling me up and recharging my batteries. Going for an early night too. What has self care looked like for you today? ✨
.  #wholeheartedlyhealthy #selfcare #selflove #girlboss #sharemycycle #selfcareday
  • On the blog this week I posted a recipe for Indian Butternut and Red Lentil Stew. It's a super easy vegan recipe that's affordable too. Perfect healthy food for this time of year, link in profile @lauraagarwilson
 #vegan #recipe #feedfeed #iinshare #healthyfood #plantbased #foodstylingandphotography #foodstyling
  • Wholeheartedly Healthy Challenge Day 6 💘
Today's challenge is to get some self care time!
Self care is simply about getting your needs met in whatever way that might be, and treating yourself like you matter. Sometimes I need time to myself, some days I need to see friends to keep myself sane. Some days I need yoga, some days I need a slice of chocolate cake. Today's challenge is your invitation to do whatever you need to fill your cup until it's over flowing ✨share how you get on and tag me @lauraagarwilson and #wholeheartedlyhealthychallenge
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