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Here you’ll find healthy but delicious recipes, healthy living advice and inspiration and the ramblings of a 30 something mother of one who loves coffee, tattoos and red lipstick trying to balance her love of cake with kale. 

This blog is for the serial dieters ready to ditch the habit, the ladies that love food but want to get healthier and the busy mums just trying to hold it all together, get healthy and feel good at the same time – believe me when I say I know what it’s like to be all of those!

I’m Laura and I help women stop getting in their own way, find balance and start living their healthiest, happiest most fabulous lives.

I’m mama to a one year old little boy called Finley, and I live in Durham close to Newcastle Upon Tyne up in North East England. I’m married to a bearded music junkie and we’ve just moved into our semi detached forever home slap bang in the middle of suburbia.

I started Wholeheartedly Healthy as a way to keep myself motivated after losing 4 stone in weight. I certainly managed to keep myself going, and ended up losing a further 2 stone for a total 6 stone weight loss. I ran the Great North Run half marathon twice (and again more recently but that’s a whole different story!), and became a vegan in a bid to be the healthiest I could be.

However, at my lowest weight I was the furthest from healthy I’ve ever been and I realised that ‘skinny’ was just not worth it. I suffered from some extreme hormonal issues that took years to fix.

To make myself well again I stopped being a vegan, reduced how much I exercised and chilled the f**k out to reduce my stress levels. I started a journey to love myself more and really connect to what I wanted out of life.
That was when I decided to study to become a health coach and set up my own rocking biz empowering women everywhere to ditch the diets, get healthy and feel fabulous – all by being wholeheartedly healthy.

Being wholeheartedly healthy is about seeing life as a whole and living it with passion and love.

It’s so much more than just food and exercise. It’s your mindset, how you feel about your body, how you express yourself, your style, your environment and what you put on your skin. It’s whether or not the job you do makes you happy, your stress levels, quality of sleep, your relationships and your finances. Yes, food and exercise are really important, but to me, health is a culmination of all of those things.

No amount of kale or marathon running is going to make you truly healthy if you are missing a big piece of the picture somewhere else ♥

That being said, it’s not about being perfect in every area of your life, despite what the ‘clean eaters’ on Instagram might have you believe! It’s about seeing things as a whole that matters, and understanding how all these areas impact your health and ultimately your happiness, contentment and generally how fabulous you feel! That is what health is to me anyway. It’s a state of being that enables me to live my life to the fullest and follow my passions. It’s about feeling like a 9 or 10 on the fabulous scale, not a 1 or a 2.

It’s certainly NOT eating ‘rabbit food’, denying yourself a slice of cake occasionally or feeling guilty if you miss a workout!

It’s eating a range of wholesome delicious food that nourishes your body, while also eating treats that nourish your soul. It’s moving your body in whichever way makes you feel good. It’s realising that you are actually worth the effort of dressing well, managing your stress and looking after your body, skin and hair. It’s making the place you live worthy of the goddess you are, seeking joy in every day life and pursuing the things that make you happy. It’s recognising how awesome you are! If you need to lose weight, doing those things will lead you to your naturally healthy weight easily.
In addition, I’m also passionate about being Uniquely Healthy by discovering your own version of healthy. What’s healthy for one person isn’t always healthy for another, always be true to yourself and your body.
I understand that changing the (un)healthy habits of a lifetime can feel like a struggle, but I’m proof it can be done! I’m not going to bull shit you though, it’s not always easy, but it’s 100% worth it. 
I’m here to give you as much support, inspiration and advice as I can so you too can live a wholeheartedly healthy life and find your very own version of healthy!



IMG_1819Wholeheartedly Healthy is an award winning healthy living and lifestyle blog written by Laura Agar Wilson. The blog follows Laura’s healthy living journey after she successfully lost 60lbs, and kept it off. Established in 2009, Wholeheartedly Healthy is a forerunner of the UK healthy living blog world being named as one of the Top 10 UK health blogs as well as being featured in several in print and online publications. Through her blog and health coaching practice, Laura inspires and educates women on how to look after their health with a truly wholehearted approach, including everything from good nutrition, exercise, style, environment, parenting, body image and personal development.

Laura, is a certified health coach who trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. She also holds a qualification in diet and nutrition advice, NLP and CBT and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. In addition to her blog and health coaching practice she is a professional health writer and recipe developer and also delivers healthy living projects in the community.

In 2015, her work was published in Grains As Mains from Dorling Kingsley. In addition to her health coaching work, she also offers business coaching to other UK based wellness entrepreneurs. Mother to a one year old called Finley, she lives in North East England with her bearded husband James, and when she isn’t blogging, at a community project or cooking up a storm in her kitchen, she enjoys photography, coffee dates, getting tattooed, traveling, decorating and watching live music.


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  • You're enough just as you are right now 🌟 
If there's one thing this weekend has made clear it's that it's women's time to rise. Wasting your precious energy on dieting, hating your body or continuing an unsustainably stressed out and busy lifestyle just isn't going to cut it - we've got a patriarchy to smash and that needs us fully charged up and ready to go, not half starved and hating ourselves. I saw a sign my friend took to a march that said 'dieting is the most potent political sedative in women's history' so bloody true. Well in that case self care, self love and balance is our rocket fuel 💘
@thebalanceclub is my community where I offer women support to practice all those things and do so much more. We close the doors this evening to new members. If you're ready to #fuckdiets, live more intentionally and get self care top of your to do list this is the place for you, plus it's super affordable. Check it out at thebalanceclub.com (link also in profile) I'd be so delighted for you to join us ✨
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  • Just thinking about these raw chocolate salted caramel cups and I really should make this recipe again soon! Spent some time this afternoon with my mum friends and agreed that on tough parenting days you just need a little chocolate to get you though 💘 (recipe on wholeheartedlyhealthy.com) .
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  • Thinking of all the women marching together today and what that stands for and reflecting on how I can bring this little boy up to be a feminist, how to act with empathy and kindness, how to speak out for those who have had their voices silenced. No March taking place in Newcastle or Durham so I'm with you all in spirit sisters 💘
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  • Love those cold crisp mornings when you can still see a sliver of the moon 🌙 .
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  • Friday thoughts 🌟if you find you don't have time for self care or the things you love then this is a good bit of advice. 📸 via the lovely @thecurvyconfidencecoach 💘
  • Huge thanks to my friend and biz mentoring client Nicola @hedgehoghealing for this beautiful package! Her #nutureyourfertility journal is just beautiful and I can't wait to try her handmade Bach Flower remedy for grounding. If you're after natural fertility support Nicola is your girl 💘
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  • Chocolate lime snack balls 👌🏻one of my recipes for @thebalanceclub members in the Balance Bundle magazine which I create every month. I made some more of these for myself today, so good! If you fancy a bunch of recipes, meal plan, cook up flow, book club, resources and the best most lovely online community of women anywhere check out @thebalanceclub which is open to join till the end of the week, link in profile! .
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  • Not usually into smoothies at this time of year but this post yoga blueberry and coconut smoothie using @fuelled_by_nature coconut powder, hit the spot!
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  • 😊🌟💘 have a great day everyone!
  • One of my intentions this year is to practice Tarot and get a better feel for using my cards. I treated myself to the @starchildtarot Akashic deck late last year, they are so beautiful and I feel such a connection with them. I got my first set of tarot cards when I was 16 but fell out of the habit of using them so it's great to be back into a practice and I'm pretty amazed with the guidance and insight they've provided me with so far! Do you use tarot cards? Which deck do you use? .
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