Review: The Malvern Spa

Life can get intense and overwhelming sometimes can’t it? Between working, bringing up kids, running a household and trying to fit in some kind of social life, taking care of yourself can quite easily tumble down to the very bottom of that unending to do list. If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know how passionate I am about self care, but even I fall off that wagon sometimes. It is a practice after all, and something we have to work at making consistent

So when I was offered the chance to stay at a spa for the weekend I said yes in a heartbeat! Spa days have become a very occasional treat for myself and my Mum friends, and seeing as my friend Lynn, a very hard working Mum and Doctor in the NHS, is also currently pregnant we thought it would serve as a lovely getaway for us both. 

The Malvern Spa is located just outside of Worcester, and it was a considerable drive down from the North East but oh so worth it. When we arrived I have to admit Lynn and I weren’t sure what to expect. Other spas we had visited had been attached to older buildings and this looked very modern.

Once we got checked it we were shown around all of the facilities and then up to our room which was beautifully decorated:

We were both chuffed to see that the rooms were spacious and the bathroom was gorgeous and very clean:

The shower was also amazing! Top marks as far as hotel rooms go for me.

We wasted no time in getting changed into our swimming costumes and robes to head down to the spa. It was fairly busy (Saturday afternoon) but we were easily able to find some loungers. The facilities were really lovely and included a indoor / outdoor heated pool (more on that in a sec!), a steam room, herbal sauna, sauna and salt cave along with ice if you were brave enough to scrub your skin with it!

The outdoor element of the pool was hands down my favourite bit of the spa. It was freezing last weekend, but relaxing in the warm bubbling water meant we could enjoy the stunning crescent moon in the clear sky, and then later when it was dark, the stars. 

Obviously as Lynn was pregnant she wasn’t able to use the full range of facilities but that really didn’t dampen her experience. I loved the herbal sauna especially, and afterwards we both sat and soaked our feet in special foot soaking bowls. 

Our stay included an evening meal, and wow, it really was something special! Firstly I had the most fabulous glass of red wine I’ve had in a long time. We also had olives and roast nuts before our starters arrived. I had the roast peach and pecan salad which was fabulous! I’m definitely recreating this at home.

Lynn had a tomato dish for her starter and then a beautifully cooked steak for her main. I had roast duck breast with fondant potatoes and it was without a doubt the best duck I’ve tasted, really tender and not at all fatty.

We had some savoy cabbage as a side and the whole meal was just delicious! We were pretty stuffed so we shared a dessert:

I’m not at all ashamed to say we were back up in our room and asleep not long after finishing dinner. A night without a toddler is a bit of a luxury for both of us so we really enjoyed it and even managed a bit of a lie in.

Breakfast was also delicious with some options served buffet style and then cooked breakfasts to order. Check out was 11am but we managed to sneak in another swim before we got ready to drive back home.

Overall we were both really impressed with the spa and hotel and it definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of the facilities and the food. For us, it was a really special opportunity to truly relax, we both said that even just after an hour in the spa we could feel ourselves starting to unwind. There’s just something about checking out of your usual reality for a few hours and getting a good nights sleep that is so rejuvenating.

To find out more about The Malvern Spa be sure to check out their website here for all the details and to book a stay for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! 

*Our stay at The Malvern Spa was complementary


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