Balance in the gut with OMNi BiOTiC®

Balance in the gut

How often do you think about the health of your gut? In the past, considering the balance in the gut was not something I thought about very much! However, there are more and more research studies, alongside individual accounts, of how nurturing the bacteria in your gut can support not just your digestive health but your whole wellbeing.

Our gut contains a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria that, due to modern lifestyles, stress and use of antibiotics (which wipe out gut bacteria) are often found to be out of whack. Having a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut can contribute to:

Those are some pretty big areas of health that can be affected, so it makes sense to ensure the balance in your gut is nurtured. Probiotic foods like yoghurt, kefir, raw sauerkraut and kombucha are all great ways to improve the balance, however they aren’t always the easiest foods to include in your diet on a daily basis. Supplementing your gut with the right balance of probiotics and prebiotics is a great way to safeguard your health and make sure you and your family are getting what you need.

From a young age I’ve added probiotic powder to some of Finley’s meals as he’s had to have a few rounds of antibiotics due to ear infections. I also try and encourage James to take some whenever I can too!

Now the brand OMNi BiOTiC®, who are already popular in Germany and Austria, are bringing their products to the UK. They’re all specially formulated to contain the probiotic bacteria and the prebiotic fibre to feed the bacteria, alongside enzymes to support the digestive process, also known as synbiotics which you can read more about here.

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OMNi BiOTiC® 6 is an all-round product for supporting gut balance free from animal products, gluten and yeast and for use by anyone including children, pregnant and lactating women and diabetics.

OMNi BiOTiC® PANDA is especially designed for colonising the gut of babies with the right balance of bacteria. This would be ideal for babies born via C-section as babies are usually passed their first bacteria during a vaginal birth. The powder can be mixed with breast milk and administered using a dropper or added to formula milk. It can be used from the first day of life.

OMNi BiOTiC® metabolic is designed to to supplant the firmicutes bacteria and correct the imbalance in the intestine. Overweight people have a different bacterial flora than slender people, namely an excess of so-called “firmicutes” bacteria and too few “bacteroidetes” bacteria.

Both the OMNi BiOTiC® 6 and metabolic are administered by mixing with water and are tasteless, so really easy to take.

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If the balance of bacteria in the gut and the human microbiome is interesting to you and you’d like to read more this is an excellent article with more information.

You can purchase OMNi BiOTiC® products online here.

How often do you think about the gut health of yourself and your family? Are you surprised at how important balance in the gut is to your overall wellbeing?

*post in collaboration with OMNi BiOTiC®


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