The best planners for 2016

The best planners for 2016

I’m a total planner junkie! I love setting goals and working towards them and the whole personal development thing that comes along with it. I honestly believe that reviewing your life and setting passion-filled goals is one of the best ways to live an amazing life you love, so I really take my planning and goal setting seriously! The right planning tool, when used right, can transform your life and of course your health and wellbeing.

2016 might still feel like a way off yet, but it will be here before we know it, so now is the perfect time to start reflecting on 2015 and planning 2016 thoroughly without the rush of leaving it until after Christmas!

I’ve used a few different planners and planning tools before, and have came across many more that have been recommended to me, so here’s my top picks:

Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year in Life + Biz

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I LOVE this planner! I first used it last year and it’s the one thing I use consistently and review each month. She does two versions, a life planner and a biz planner and obviously I get both. This is a great planner if you’re a bit of a hippy creative type and want to ensure self care is a big priority for you. Check out Leonie’s planners here >>>

Daily Greatness Journal

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Daily Greatness offer a few different kinds of journal including the Greatness version which I use, the Yoga Journal, Training Journal and Business Planner. Where the Shining Year workbooks above take a more ‘bird’s eye view’ of your year, these journals get into the nitty gritty of daily thoughts and actions. The Greatness Journal, which I have used, really helps you to focus on the things that will improve your life, which for me weren’t always what I thought they’d be. This is a great planner if you’re looking for something to write in daily that encompasses your whole life. Check out the Daily Greatness Journals here >>>

The Desire Map + planners

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I bought the Desire Map last year and it completely changed how I thought about goal setting. The wonderful (I’ve got a total girl crush!) Danielle LaPorte talks about focusing on our core desired feelings and creating goals with soul. Whilst this isn’t a planner, it guides you through setting goals for the coming year which you can then apply to your planners. If you really love her approach, you can then go and grab one of her Desire Map planners. Check out the Desire Map here >>>

Passion Planner

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This is a planner I haven’t used but have heard lots of good things about. Whereas the above planners contain an element of guidance towards setting goals, this seems to be a very practical nuts and bolts type planner with some areas for focusing on key tasks that week and good things that have happened. They ship from the US, but they do currently have some free downloadable goodies on their site in exchange for a share of their Kickstarter campaign. They also appear to be a philanthropic brand giving back to different charities each month. This is a great planner for someone who wants to detail down their week with a space for focus and gratitude. Check out the Passion Planner here >>> Agenda

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I came across this almost by accident in Oliver Bonas (their York store is incredible!) while I was on holiday. It’s a great little diary / planner, with lovely pages and fun little messages. Mine is the one in the feature image at the top of the post. This is a great one if you’d like to start using something now (get the 2015 / 2016 version that I have) and if you like prettiness and fun stickers! Check it out here >>>

Other planners worth mentioning include the Day Designer (looks amazing but seems to be sold out everywhere!) and Design your own planner which looks awesome too!

I’ve already ordered my Shining Life and Biz workbooks and plan to spend some time with the Desire Map to help create goals to put into it, then I’ll use my agenda for day to day stuff. Bliss!

Are you a planning junkie? Have you tried any of these planners? Would you give one a try?

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  • Maria B

    They look fab! Although I am now just addicted to my google calendar- I use it for everything and love that often with a click I can add in something (like a booking somewhere) and also have thing that repeat each week, or fortnight etc.

  • I’m just rubbish writing anything down. I mostly use my phone and an Excel worksheet on my computer haha.
    I do love the look of some of these planners though.

    • To be honest I think it’s mostly the prettiness I love about these!

  • I have a Filofax for work / social things and a Paperchase diary for more personal things – I couldn’t live without either! Despite having an iPhone for 5+ years I still love the action of writing down plans and goals as it feels much more real somehow. x

    • I think I’m going from being a techy back to liking to write things down as well. There’s definitely something nice about it :-)