How stress impacts health and how to manage it with The Pip

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Stress is a modern epidemic. Almost everyone I know has said they are stressed at some point, and I personally know how destructive stress can be for your health. When I’ve been stressed I’ve become physically ill more often, have had breathing issues and sleep problems.

Stress that continues without relief can have a negative impact on several areas of health including your:

  • Immune system
  • Fertility
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Energy levels
  • Sleep

Stress can also cause headaches and chest pains. Perhaps what will concern a lot of us trying to eat well and perhaps lose weight, is that stress can cause overeating and weight gain, particularly around the middle of our bellies.

In response to the increased number of stressed out people we’ve seen a flurry of amazing apps to help us to be more mindful, to try meditation and to relax more. Now technology is going one step further with a new device that measures physical signs of stress.

The Pip is a small handheld device that is designed to help you improve your ability to manage and respond to stress. The makers of The Pip say…

The Pip, a revolution in mental fitness, allows you to see your stress levels. Powered by science, it accurately visualises what you are feeling, as you are feeling it. The Pip connects your emotions with innovative apps both passive and active, teaching you not only how to recognise stress, but to know a life without it.

The real strength of the Pip lies in its portability, its performance and its ability to fit into everyone’s life, everywhere.

The Pip’s true power is in its astonishing ability to focus and change our minds, unlocking the greater potential in all of us.

It sounds like an amazing piece of technology and a great thing to have amongst all the other tech we use to support our health and wellbeing. The Pip measures stress through monitoring Electro Dermal Activity (EDA), using the electrical changes at the surface of the skin to provide an indicator of an individuals stress response.

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The device has been developed with input from recognised stress experts and is being used by psychologists, therapists and coaches to support their patients and clients. I love the ethos of empowering people to get the most out of their lives by better managing their stress and anxiety. It looks like The Pip can have an amazing impact as described by a user talking with the BBC here about coming off anxiety medication.

The handheld device links to a number of iOS and Android apps which help you develop your relaxation techniques using The Pip as a guide. You will be able to see how you progress over time using the stress tracker. What sounds so amazing about this device is actually being able to see a visual representation of our stress. Sometimes we can be relaxed on the surface, but still stressed underneath and The Pip sounds like a device that would help us to understand that underlying stress and effectively tackle it.  

Given my own experiences with stress, I think a device like The Pip would be very interesting to put to the test!

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If you fancy trying out The Pip for yourself, they are running a fabulous competition where they are giving away 5 devices, one per winner. Check it out and enter here! (competition ends on 15th October)

How does stress effect your life? Would you use a device like The Pip to help you manage your stress?

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