Defining my style

Defining my style

It’s been a long time since I blogged about style other than posting one of my wears for the week in my usual Sunday posts. I love clothes and shopping, but I wouldn’t call myself ‘fashionable’. I rarely follow trends as I feel like I know my own style, but it took many years and plenty of seriously dodgy outfits to know what that is. What I’ve found over the years is that my style has changed with my body shape and lifestyle. From big and beautiful, slim as a rake, healthily curvy, pregnant and now back to healthily curvy (although still a little larger than I feel comfortable with) with a side of breastfeeding. I’ve also gone from professional office based work to working from home and looking after a new born. 

As I am now a good few weeks post birth I’ve been rebuilding my wardrobe and that has also meant redefining my style: 

My style wholeheartedly healthy

The temptation most days is to stay in my pi’s all day long, and admittedly I have a few days like that! But making the effort even if that is just a really nice pair of pjs, yoga pants or leggings makes me feel better. I baby wear most days so don’t need thick jumpers or cardigans as the wrap keeps me warm, but a nice thin cardigan adds a layer of cosiness. 

Breastfeeding has really changed how I dress as now I need to make sure the boobs are accessible at all times! That means none of my favourite vintage floral tea dresses unfortunately, but instead I’ve been eyeing up printed skirts I can wear with a breastfeeding top or vest as well as shirts which I’ve never been a huge fan of until now. At home a good nursing bra and vest top does the trick.

I’m still loving figure hugging jeans, converse, my biker jacket and boots, statement necklaces and signature stripy tops – now in a special boob accessible style! For me that combo is always an easy option when I have no idea what to wear.

How would you describe your style? Is dressing well important to you? How has your style changed?

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  • I like the look of those brown boots. :)
    I’m very much a jeans and tee kinda girl in the day, but I like to dress up more in the evenings and wear a dress with boots. I’m in the process of starting at a new school at the moment and I really want to introduce more dresses and skirts to my day wardrobe now I’ve got the chance without kids going “Why are you wearing a dress today Miss?!” If they see me in them in the beginning it won’t look as odd for them to comment!
    Mary recently posted…Who has the best Party Feet?…My Profile

  • If I had to describe my style, I guess I’d say that it’s classic. I love prints, accessories, and skinny jeans. At this time of year I live in jumpers and boots, or layers of tops with skirts or dresses. You can’t go wrong with a statement necklace and biker jacket.

    I love that skirt!
    Llinos recently posted…Washi tape and button Christmas cardMy Profile

  • I don’t think I even have a style really… I just wear what I think looks nice! It’s an eclectic mix of New Look, Fat Face, Dorothy Perkins, sporty stuff…anything really. I guess I tend to go for more comfortable now than maybe I used to? A bit easy-going and relaxed, like simple jumpers and tops and jeans. I do love long necklaces and scarfs though. They can really jazz up any outfit.
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  • Karina

    As someone who enjoys fashion I love your blogger picks, Laura(so, so comfy, flattering and chic-perfect:)!

  • I think you have great style- what you wear really suits you, and you follow trends but never are a slave to fashion. I like jeans and boots, or leggings with dresses. I don’t really wear jewellry at all though- I have a mole on the back of my neck that gets irritated by chains, plus my skin doesn’t like all metals, and I find although I love the look of longer necklaces I get annoyed when I bend over and they smack into something.I never used to wear dresses as i hated tights, (still do) so I am pretty glad that leggings are available now.
    I do agree I think if you dress up a bit you feel better- I hate spending my day in PJ’s (don’t think I have ever done that apart from when I was in hospital)- it makes me feel all lethargic. But I tend to be pretty comfy, and warm. I like to be warm. M&S do long sleeved thermal tops in loads of colours and I wear them under my normal clothes from Nov- march pretty much!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Oven baked risottoMy Profile

    • Thanks Maria! I do agree on the PJ’s front, after being stuck in hospital wearing them so much these last few weeks I really feel the need to make more of an effort, even on days when I know I’ll just be in the house! Dresses and leggings work so well, especially with the weather we have coming up!
      Laura Agar Wilson recently posted…My current ‘diet’ and body + mind after baby updateMy Profile

  • Love this post – the floral skirt is gorgeous. I love how you’ve always worn what suits you and your body shape – definitely better than being a slave to fashion! I work in an office so my style has changed from student to mostly work wear since I started blogging but I try to keep it bright and colourful and would never wear a boring grey suit! x

  • I actually live in my pyjamas in the house, it’s the first thing I do when I get home! Can’t beat being comfy! I spend a lot of time in those or workout clothes ha!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Favourite Reads of the Week #2My Profile

  • I’m the same as you I don’t follow trends I know what suits me so stick to that I definitely need to get some new clothes though everything has holes in it!
    Tamzin recently posted…A Day In The Life – MondayMy Profile

  • Love the shirt and skirt Laura! I always think you have a great eye for design in clothes or good photography. My style is rather repetitive at the moment as I spent so much time at work!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…Back from Center ParcsMy Profile