How to go green with your beauty products from Ria of NatuRia Beauty

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Over the past few months I’ve really been getting into my green and natural beauty. I was very happy when I discovered Ria’s blog, NatuRia Beauty where she shares her journey of transitioning to more green and natural beauty products including lots of great reviews. Today she is kindly sharing some of her top tips for going green with your beauty products. Over to Ria…

“Going green” with your beauty products can be a bit of a daunting task! Natural beauty products are still far from being the norm, although they’ve been gradually gaining more and more press within beauty world. Since making the switch to natural products myself and starting my blog over a year ago, I’m often asked for advice on making the switch so I thought it would be great to share a few of my main tips with you here on Wholeheartedly Healthy! 


Everyone has different reasons for deciding to make the switch; from an environmental perspective, experiences with sensitive skin or illness, or simply becoming more aware about the potentially harmful chemicals present in many everyday products. Whatever your reasons, a great place to start is by doing some research. Even just doing quick web search for toxic cosmetic ingredients will pull up a lot of information. It can be very overwhelming and there’s a certain amount of scaremongering out there, so be aware if you’re reading facts or opinions! It’s ultimately up to you to draw your own conclusions from your research to decide what specific ingredients you want to avoid and how “clean” you want to go.

THE 80/20 RULE

I personally had quite a laid-back approach when I started off and stuck to an 80/20 rule for a long time. When I bought new products, the 80% majority were natural and I’d give a 20% leeway for the odd few conventional products. It’s a great way to start off so it’s not so much of a huge change all at once; you don’t have to go cold turkey and throw everything out (unless you really want to)! Remember it’s perfectly fine to have a gradual transition, replacing your old products with more natural alternatives as and when you can afford, and focussing on things you use most often first such as bath/shower products. 


Making the switch can be frustrating to begin with, but it really does get easier with time! Forget that some people might not get the whole “going green” thing and if you’re struggling to find like-minded people, try connecting and making friends with green beauty bloggers and brands on social media. When you’re looking for product recommendations, try sending a quick tweet to green beauty bloggers asking for suggestions (that’s actually how Laura and I first connected through Twitter)!


Some of my personal favourite brands that I highly recommend are Balance Me, Botanicals, Indie Lee, The Body Deli, Nvey Eco and Inika. Natural brands aren’t always the cheapest, but there are some great budget friendly brands that are ideal for starting off with, such as Organic Surge and Skin Blossom for skincare, or Benecos and Lily Lolo for makeup. 

I love shopping online where you can get hold of a wide selection of brands and order product samples at sites like Content Beauty and Naturisimo (I have a blog post sharing all my favourite UK-based online shops which you can check out here). Some great places to buy natural products in person are local independent health stores, Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods, and you can even find a limited selection of natural brands at places like Debenhams, Boots and John Lewis/Waitrose. 

I hope some of these tips will be useful for anyone thinking about making the switch to more natural products! Are you thinking about “going green” with your beauty products? Or if you’ve already made the switch yourself do you have any tips to share?

P.S Don’t forget to check out Ria’s blog and if you are looking for some natural beauty ‘recipes’ take a look at my feed your face smoothie and face mask, lemon and olive oil body scrub and clay face mask as well as my natural beauty routine.

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I’ve put together a two week quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!