Something for the weekend: clean your makeup tools

Something for the weekend cleaning make up brushes

Ok, confession time, I am shockingly bad at cleaning my make up tools. I dare not say how long it has been since I cleaned them as it’s embarrassing! It’s just one of those little jobs I never got round to doing, until now that is. There’s good reason to keep your make up brushes clean, they can harbour bacteria and dirt and when you are using them on your skin and close to eyes that obviously isn’t a good thing. You can also get chemical build up, so if you are in the process of switching to natural and organic make up alternatives, then it’s definitely worth reminding yourself to clean them often.

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Cleaning your make up tools makes a great something for the weekend activity. As long as you don’t have any occasions to get dolled up for, you should have plenty of time to let the brushes dry completely before you need to use them again. I know that washing make up brushes isn’t rocket science, but when I came round to doing it I did want to check out a method that would clean them naturally and not damage the bristles either. Here’s an easy step my step method:

What you need:
  • Bowl
  • Liquid Soap like Dr Bronner’s*
  • Olive oil (optional)
  • Face cloth or towel
Step 1

Fill a bowl with warm water and a squirt of liquid soap

Step 2 (optional)

Massage each of your brushes with a little olive oil – this helps to loosen any oily make up before washing. If cleaning other tools give them a wipe with some tissue as well if they have gunk on them

Step 3

Wash each brush / tool separately in the bowl using extra liquid soap to get the make up out of the nooks, crannies and bristles. I put extra soap on the palm of my hand and then dab / rub the brush into it

Step 4

Rinse under running water

Step 5

Leave to dry on the face cloth or towel. You also might as well give your make up containers and bag a wipe and clean.

Cleaning make up brushes 5

As I said, not rocket science but a useful method to remember, especially the olive oil part! 

Cleaning make up brushes 3

How often do you clean your make up brushes? Be honest! Have you heard of any other methods, tips or tricks?

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  • Oh my I dont think I have ever done this – wrists have definitely been slapped:) I love Dr bonners soap though i have the lavender version and its so good for nearly everything!
    Kezia recently posted…Peanut Butter & Banana Natural Protein ShakeMy Profile

  • AnnaA

    That’s exactly how i wash mine – with Dr Bronners. I really need to do it more often though!
    Congrats on your baby by the way! Hope you’re all doing well.

  • Gosh I have never cleaned any make up brush in my life. To be fair I wear make up very very rarely but this probably makes it worse as the make up in my drawer is probably very very old…
    Great tips!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Ice bucket challenge and fitness trackersMy Profile

  • I rarely wear make up, I end up throwing any products after just a few uses as years pass between uses. But when I was younger I was definitely guilty of not cleaning brushes, especially the ones that came with the product.
    Claire Hayhurst recently posted…Horizon – Allergies: Modern Life and MeMy Profile

  • Well I don’t wear makeup, so I don’t think I have anything apart from eyelash curlers and I do wipe them down every now and then. What I do need to do is wash my hairbrush- I have paddle ones now and the last one I washed got ruined as the water got stuck in the spongy pad bit and would not dry out. So I need to work out how to clean it properly..
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Battenburg BakingMy Profile

  • Naivasha

    Bobbi Brown does a brush cleaner spray. I still wash mine with shampoo because it does take some proper soap and running water to get all the make up out, but the spray is helpful in between washes if you’re bad at washing them regularly.

    I also find the spray really useful for cleaning my gel eye liner brush. I just spray some on a cotton wool pad and wipe the brush with it. If you do it just before you use the eye liner brush it even makes putting on the eyeliner easier because it thins the gel a bit and makes it smoother to put on and get a clean line.