32 Weeks Pregnant: update and cute baby things!

32 weeks pregnant

Less than 8 weeks until my due date! Panic stations! Although to be honest I’m not panicking too much, I’m just about feeling prepared now, we have the cot, pushchair / car seat, plenty of baby clothes, hats and socks. 

Kari me wrap

A couple of weeks ago I ordered my sling. In the end I decided to go for the Kari-Me which was recommended by a friend and fellow health coach. I know a lot of you recommended the Moby and this looked similar enough. What put me off the Moby was getting it via Amazon and seeing the reviews saying some of them were fakes. Either way, I’m really happy with the Kari-Me. Obviously I still need to try it with baby but I put it on and liked the feel of the material. Can’t wait to have baby snuggles with this on!

I’ve also ordered some swaddling blankets, baby sleeping bags, a little health care pack with scissors etc, bath and room thermometer and a bouncy / vibrating seat from Mama’s and Papas. I’ve got the Angel Care Monitor and have my eye on some blankets and sheets from John Lewis. Then I think it’s just about getting my hospital bag sorted, buying some nappies, breast pads, more wipes, cotton wool, emergency formula and bottles and some little bibs. Oh and a changing mat and changing bag. A lovely company is sending me a breast pump to try out as well. I have plenty of skin care stuff already too:

Natural baby skin care

I’ve been collecting bits and pieces over the last few months. I got a gift pack from Green People, the nappy cream and the natural nipple butter from iHerb. I thought I’d see what those Kinder by Nature wipes are like as well. I’ve also ordered a load of essential oils, more on that in a moment.

Some pretty things I’d love to get but might not have the budget to are:

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The liberty print Monkey is from Dotty Monkey on Etsy and the Fox print is from Delivered By Dannielle on Etsy. So adorable! And how gorgeous is this nursery from Junkaholique? (new blog crush!)


I would love a mobile like that whale one! I thought we might have a bit of a woodland theme but due to not actually having a nursery, as well as loving far too many things, I think it’s going to be my usual eclectic style and miss mash of different themes, patterns and prints.  

The Mamas and Papas and Mothercare lists have been useful in planning what to get, although I am aware that there’s an awful lot of non essentials. I’m reminding myself that he won’t be able to see much further than 10-12 inches for the first few weeks, so brightly coloured toys and mobiles are not really needed for a little while yet, although soft comforting toys are, so I’m on the look out for those!

In terms of my preparation for birth, we had the second Natal Hypnotherapy workshop which focused on labour. It was brilliant and we went through each stage of labour, what to expect and how to handle it. I’ve also finally started to listen to the accompanying CD which is wonderful and a good excuse for me to take some time out and chill. I’m feeling pretty much as prepared as I can be for labour now. The workshop did bring up a couple of things to add to my birth plan such as delayed cord clamping, and perhaps doing something with the placenta afterwards. Over all I do still hope to have the most natural birth I can but I’m reminding myself I just need to be flexible with it.

Something we discussed in the workshop was essential oils which I’ve wanted to get back into for a while. I’ve ordered some lavender, rose and peppermint and then jasmine and clary sage for the labour all from Amazon*. Those last two aren’t recommended in pregnancy but are ok in labour from what my natal hypnotherapy practitioner told me. 

61x7gNQa+xL SL1500

I had another great Midwife appointment last week and all my bloods, blood pressure and measurements etc are looking good as well as a lovely strong baby heart beat! She did have some trouble identifying what position he was in and we both got poked a lot as she tried to find out! He did seem to be head down but I still think he’s moving around a lot. However I have my doppler scan (an extra scan they are giving me after the medical intervention I had around my fertility which checks growth and blood flow from the placenta) in a couple of weeks which should obviously show where he is. 

In terms of my wellbeing, I’ve started to notice a few stretch marks under my belly but no varicose veins etc and I’ve had no more swelling. My digestion has been wonderful, especially since I started up with the kefir again! Last weekend I had a case of really restless legs and they have been getting a little more achy. I’ve been taking magnesium for a while now as discussed in my pregnancy supplements post, but a few Twitter folk recommended magnesium spray oil as well. They haven’t been too bad this week but I’ll probably grab some spray or make some as Kezia posted about this week

Something else I’m starting to pull together is a bit of a post birth ‘kit’. I’ve got some extra supplements ready, some nourishing shampoo with b vitamins (as you can experience hair loss after birth, something I’m hoping to minimise), snack bars for breast feeding snack attacks etc. 

Of course it goes without saying, thank you all so much for your kind words on Tuesday’s post, I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling how I do occasionally and although I know it’s natural that has been reassuring! 

Pregnant or not, do you like looking at things like baby clothes and toys? I love shopping for myself, but I think I love shopping for the little man just as much, although I am really trying to reign in the spending! 

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  • Awww cute baby things! That nursery is gorgeous, I love the mobile but I think a mish mash is great too – you’ll probably be given lots of different things with different themes when baby comes along anyway.
    I love baby clothes and shopping, my Mum and I often have a look at the sweet little shoes and socks, she’s always saying “oh I wish I could have bought you something like this” as we weren’t well off when I was born and I had lots of second hand things – I hate to think how much she’ll buy when she’s an expectant granny!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…GIVEAWAY: Win a case of Nakd barsMy Profile

  • I stay well clear of any baby stuff I’m afraid…far too overwhelming to think about that sort of thing yet for me! I do like your sling though, definitely a lovely idea to snuggle with the baby. I’m not as keen on the ones where the baby faces outwards, you know?
    The fox picture is lovely too!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…OM Yoga Magazine July/August – my first steps into yogaMy Profile

  • I’m really enjoying following along on your pregnancy journey, so thank you for sharing all these details, and with such honesty! I am sure one day I will be frantically looking your posts up and devouring all the information with a different set of eyes, but for now I am finding them really interesting reading – I guess knowing that ONE day, maybe in the next few years, I will be in a similar situation. That stage of life creeps up on you, and with plenty of friends pregnant or soon-hoping-to-be, it’s quite fascinating!

  • love your baby bump!! I need to order my sling – thanks for the reminder :)
    Love love love baby related things!! less than 8 weeks – we are getting so close! so many things still to do! xoxo

  • So exciting for you!!!!
    I love that fox print, very cute indeed. I like seeing cute baby/ toddler clothes- they have so many cute slogans. Last summer we bought out friends a bib with a moose on, and “moosey eater” written on it- I love finding things like that.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…The 10% ruleMy Profile

  • I have not kids but i love baby stuff shopping – even the tiny nappies! I used to work in a hospital and when on the kiddy wards would sometime, when nothing to do, hide in the storage cupboard as it was filled with tiny nappies, baby grows and other adorable things. Oops never told anyone that!! The secret is out:)
    Hope the magnesium oil helps – my preggers sister is using to help with skin and aches etc so hopefully it will work a treat!
    Kezia recently posted…Salted Superfood Chocolate Bites (aka Chocolate Salty Balls!)My Profile

  • Nicky

    Eeeeek so exciting!!! :D

    I actually find it so hard to buy things for babies…maybe it’s because I’m still kinda young I don’t know?! But whenever I buy things for friends’ babies I’m always wondering if the clothes will fit and if the parents will like them, what toys suit their age and if they’re okay or not? I normally settle for a nice quality soft blanket because apparently you can never have enough blankets when there’s sick everywhere :P I do find baby stuff all really cute though, especially little booties :)

  • Nicky

    Eeeeek so exciting!!! :D

    I actually find it so hard to buy things for babies…maybe it’s because I’m still kinda young I don’t know?! But whenever I buy things for friends’ babies I’m always wondering if the clothes will fit and if the parents will like them, what toys suit their age and if they’re okay or not? I normally settle for a nice quality soft blanket because apparently you can never have enough blankets when there’s sick everywhere :P I do find baby stuff all really cute though, especially little booties :)

    • Haha to be honest Nicky I’m still not sure of half of that! Just bought some books for my friends little girls birthday and have no idea if they are age appropriate. Great idea with getting the blanket though, such a lovely gift! I picked up some booties yesterday, little blue knitted ones they are adorable!
      Laura Agar Wilson recently posted…32 Weeks Pregnant: update and cute baby things!My Profile

  • That fox print is so cute! Sounds like you are definitely well on top of things!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Om Yoga Magazine July/AugustMy Profile

  • I love to shop for anything so buying stuff for Dale’s sisters bubba is fun plus i can’t wait to buy stuff for my little sisters new addition!
    Tamzin recently posted…Recipe: Gluten Free High Energy Trail Mix CookiesMy Profile

  • I can’t believe that you only have 8 weeks to go. That has gone so quick. I love that fox print too, that’s so cute.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Friday Favourites: Ice Cream, New Shoes and Big Changes by DanniiMy Profile

  • We have a 4 month old nephew and 4 year old niece now and I can’t resist buying cute things for them! I am always drawn over to the baby clothes when in the supermarket – everything is just cuter in smaller sizes. I think if I had my own little person to buy for I would spend even more – good job we have no plans for one yet haha. I am so excited for you to meet your little man though!
    Helen recently posted…Life on two wheelsMy Profile

  • Emma

    I loved this stage of pregnancy – all the excitement, imagining and preparation. My one tip would be to get some nipple ointment if you plan to try breast feeding – it’s an absolute god send esp during the first week or so. :)