Pretty DIY Kitchen Shelving Project

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Pretty interiors that reflect the personality of their owners are a passion of mine. If I wasn’t already doing something I truly love for a living, I think being an interior design would be a dream! I love any opportunity to get creative with our space, and as we are getting our one bed flat prepared for accommodating our little one at the end of September (it’s up for sale but frustratingly, no interest yet) I thought I’d might as well have some fun! At the same time as enjoying the process, we also need to stick to a reasonable budget and be very focused on creating and maximising space.

The kitchen is the first room that we’ve tackled like this. Our kitchen isn’t tiny, but it isn’t huge either so we had already done a lot to make the most of space including a stand alone island unit that tucks under the counter, an additional small freezer and several storage boxes. We were also using a couple of wooden shoe racks placed on top of the kitchen counter for additional space. This worked so well, but they weren’t they were quite small and not the most of the most study design. 

I decided to upgrade that idea, still keeping with the shoe racks but getting some bigger better ones. What I’ve found by looking at other small spaces and places like Ikea, is that they always ‘go up’ when it comes to additional space, so I chose some with an extra two shelves to give extra height and space.

Diy kitchen shelves 1

I bought two of these shoe racks from Argos, costing £19.49 each. They are solid wood and self assembly, which was a task I gave to James to do! Then once they were put together I painted them with one coat of a white satin wood. The whole process didn’t take longer than a couple of hours and I let them dry overnight before putting all my pretty things on to display.

Glasses and vintage on shelf

Shelves kitchen colourful

Bowls on shelve

Kitchen shelving

Having all my bits and pieces out on display like that not only looks pretty but is really practical as well, it saves trying to find things in cupboards. Since I began blogging and more recently since I started taking more care and pride in my food photography I’ve accumulated many more glasses, plates and bowls, some of which are vintage, and when some things are as beautiful as that it would be a shame to hide them away. We also have a little area for tea and coffee, with my tea stash obscured by the tea and sugar pots! I’ve hidden some bags of dried beans and grains in the Cath Kidston printed tins which were a Christmas gift, but kept the ones I use the most often out in the glass jars.


Our kitchen is a long way from being a designers dream, but we make do with what we have and I think it looks lived in and lovely! I also got a new vintage style clock for the wall and this fabric covered notice board when I was down in Brighton:

Pin board kitchen

I think the benefit of shelves like that which are placed on the counter top rather than attached to the wall include the fact that you can move them if you need to, take them with you if you rent and load them up with heavier things without worrying about them holding the weight. You could also paint them a really bright colour (we stuck to white to help the space seem bigger) or stain them and keep the wooden look.

Kitchen shelves DIY

Next up is the bathroom! We are getting a new drawer unit to add more space in that room and freshening up the accessories, love it!

What is your kitchen like? Have you done any DIY projects recently? Is this something you’d try?

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  • Great way to make more space in your kitchen!
    We are big in to DIY projects at the moment, but don’t have much room in the kitchen to do much more unfortunately.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…When Should You Skip A WorkoutMy Profile

    • Laura

      I wish we could do more like that but due to time / money we are just hitting up Ikea for the rest of the flat now!

  • I love what you did with the shoe racks, your kitchen looks very shabby-sheik and eclectic. Whist I have a shoe rack shoved into my crockery cupboard you have me thinking more out the box now especially since we have the smallest amount of countertop space and rather than having things creeping out all over the place maybe I should go up.
    And your noticeboard looks WAY cool … I just stick notes up on the wall with blue tack ;-)
    Lara recently posted…The ClamMy Profile

    • Laura

      Thanks Lara! I think it can definitely work well in the right space :-)

  • We are big into DIY – just in the middle of the mammoth task of our bedroom – and I have just rejigged my whole working area (thanks to gumtree) which was so much fun! Just painting a pin board as we speak to pin on inspiring things. I love making home!
    Kezia recently posted…Hormone Imbalance: What, Why & Does it Affect You?My Profile

    • Laura

      I’m ordering a new pin board this week! I’m going bigger and better I hope, my James is getting my old pin board as we create a desk space for him, it’s all change in our little flat!

  • They look so good!
    We don’t even have the space on our counter top for one of those though, our kitchen is tiny. By the side of the oven are two half size cupboards, (two under and two beside the hood) and a couple of shelves on the wall. We keep a lot of things in our living room as we have a couple of side board cupboards, I would love a bigger kitchen but at the moment house prices near us are going up crazily quickly and we are fine here really. I do try and have a de-clutter every now and then as we end up with a lot of extra bits we don’t need.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Ashridge Trail Half- all the superlativesMy Profile

    • Laura

      Thanks Maria! I wish house prices or at least the housing market would follow suit here! I think that if you can be flexible and make the most of your space you manage. You must do some well in there with the baking you do!

  • Love these so much! They look so cute in white and filled with all your fun kitchen stuff. I’m accumulating a lot of crockery and like the idea of having some of it on display. I think I’m going to have to copy you! Thanks for linking to the shoe racks.
    Emma recently posted…Banana Doughnuts with Caramel & Chocolate (Vegan & Gluten-free!)My Profile

  • This is so pretty! Been looking to spruce up the decor at mine so might take some inspiration from your post :)

  • This is fab! I love the idea of shoe racks. My approach to maximising space is to throw stuff out, but I think I’ve gone as far as I can with that!
    Sarahf recently posted…Fried Brain Friday!My Profile

  • Love hwo it looks! So quirky and colourful. I must admit I’m a big fan of minimalist…but I think it’s because I lack creativity to do anything as lovely as you have. I really like you noticeboard – love the idea of putting an iconic post card and photos on there. You really have an eye for this sort of thing!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…My Cake Day, whoops I mean BirthdayMy Profile

  • Oh I love these! Such a great idea. And I agree, some things should be on show all the time and not hidden away in the back of a cupboard somewhere for you to forget about them!
    Whenever I see a house the room I’m always most interested in is the kitchen. I’d love a massive kitchen with lots of space to work. Our current kitchen has lots of storage units, but not a lot of space once you’re actually inside it. One day I’m going to have a beautiful kitchen!
    Mary recently posted…Send a cow Cleopatra VII!My Profile