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Happy Thursday everyone! Today I wanted to share some details of a new company I’ve come across called Zepter International. When they wrote to tell me about some of their new products, I was really interested as they have a whole range dedicated to healthy living.

They say…

‘We have a goal of supplying consumers with safer and smarter choices to help them lead healthier, better, and longer lives. We’ve developed a entire line of water filters, air filters, paraben free cosmetics, and so much more. While all these things seem trendy in an increasingly health conscious world (yey for that!)  Zepter has been a pioneer of this lifestyle of living for the last thirty years. When Phillip Zepter founded the company to innovate and offer safer and healthier choices to consumers, the world had only just began to consider the effects of diet, pollution and more on long term health and happiness.  He has since won the prestigious Ellis Island award for his work in aiding millions of people to lead healthier lives.’

masterpiece cookware

Zepter is perhaps best known for their quality Masterpiece Cookware collection. Made from the purest grades of stainless steel (316L) that is environmentally friendly, it’s also the best quality for your health as it doesn’t release toxic gases when heated like lesser quality cookware. Its unique design allows for cooking food at temperatures that preserve the maximum amount of nutrients, and with methods that allow frying and more without oil or water.

Lastly, their sleek and modern design is a lovely addition to any kitchen. It even won the Kitchen Innovation of the Year for 2014 from Initiative Lifecare. I was excited to discover Zepter and look forward to what’s next from them. You can like their facebook page if you’d like to find out more too!

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I am now on a mission to save up for some of that cookware as I would certainly feel better knowing my cookware is a toxin free option, as well as looking incredibly sleek and stylish!

Have you considered switching to toxin free cookware?

*post sponsored by Zepter International

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