WIAW: A Sunday coffee date


Today’s WIAW is from last Sunday, which was a great day! I woke up feeling quite refreshed after a good nights sleep, and once I’d slammed the warm water and lemon I snacked on a chopped apple with some almond butter. I also had a big pot of coffee made with half full caf and half decaf:


I pottered about a bit then it was off to the gym for spinning. I really do enjoy getting out for a workout on a Sunday now, it forces me to get myself into a more productive mood! When I got home I was ready for a more decent breakfast:


Chocolate porridge with coconut butter on top. This was delicious – I’d whipped in some egg whites for protein and staying power, then mixed in some cocoa powder and a few drops of stevia to sweeten. I love coconut butter when it melts on top of hot oats!

I’d been having a big craving for chilli recently so made some some basic bean chilli using taco seasoning instead of the spices. I had half of the huge pan with some spinach, cheddar cheese and a heaped spoonful of mild salsa:


This was soooo fabulous, I adore chilli, especially with cheese on top! Then I got ready to head out and meet a friend for coffee:

P1150156Outfit of the day: Army style jacket: Next, denim skirt: New Look, scarf: Topshop, pink satchel: H&M, black jodhpurs: Primark, black boots: Primark

It was freezing outside so I was definitely wearing that scarf! I had time for a very quick wonder round Durham, it was so beautiful in the autumn sunshine:

Photo 03 11 2013 14 14 58

I met my friend Pip who was back in Durham visiting (check out her great blog Cherries and Chisme!) at a newish Starbucks which I was very excited about. Yes I am pathetically in love with Starbucks! I had a grande latte to begin with, then a vanilla rooibos tea, a spearmint green tea, and as I was getting a latte to take home for James I got myself another little coffee, this time a cappuccino:

PicMonkey Collage jpg

I was a bit hungry when I got in, I did think about making a quick smoothie, but I knew I would be having dinner soon so I held on. I grilled some turkey sausages, chopped them up and mixed with roast brussel sprouts then topped it off with a fried egg:


I am completely crazy about roasted sprouts at the moment! James likes them too, so they will be featuring in a lot of meals while they are in season! I think due to my spin class earlier, I was still a little hungry after this so had a bowl of frozen cherries topped with a Liberte honey greek yoghurt:


Then a while later I really fancied a little chocolate to have with my hot chocolate!


I had a row of Montezuma spice it up dark chocolate, delish!


That was such a great day, I don’t usually go out much on a Sunday as I tend to use the day for catching up with work, cleaning, cooking, ironing or the complete opposite and being lazy! It was really fun to get out and about, especially with such lovely company. I also really enjoyed my day of eats, going back to what I was babbling on about in Monday’s post, this is a pretty good balance for me, healthy tasty whole foods eaten in balanced meals with just a bit of chocolate and coffee for good measure! I certainly enjoyed my coffee from Starbucks, sometimes I feel bad as I do like to support more independent coffee shops as well, but I think with Starbucks you tend to know what you are getting, and er, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, need I say more? Although, I have started having them with less syrup as they were getting far too sweet even for me! 

Starbucks yey or nay? How do you usually spend a Sunday? 

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  • Totally yay for Starbucks. Especially for writing my master thesis. Though I always have to spell my name if I don’t want to run around with a coffee cup with my misspelled name on it. Thanks mom… ;)

    And I love the color combination of your outfit girl. Denim shirts are so cool and the pink satchel goes perfectly with it!
    Ksenija @ With An Open Mind recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday {cupcakes and morning running}My Profile

    • Laura

      Haha, yeah I bet the people that work at Starbucks loved it when they introduced that with the names! Glad you like the outfit, something I bit different for me but when is a denim shirt ever wrong (except with jeans haha!)

  • I am in love with your pink satchel. It’s pretty amazing!

    To answer your questions: I do like Starbucks, but don’t need it often. Sundays are spent relaxing and from time to time doing some meal prepping.
    Jessie recently posted…Cherry Vanilla AlmondMy Profile

    • Laura

      Thanks Jessie, I love the colour of it, so vibrant!

  • Your outfit is almost identical to my staple casual outfits!

    Chilli is one of my favourite wintry meals – I love making a big pot and freezing the rest for another time. It’s so good on a jacket potato, or on top of nachos.
    Christina recently posted…White chocolate torteMy Profile

    • Laura

      I need to get some more shirts and skinnies I think! I love chilli so much, already planning on making some more at the weekend!

  • As soon as I clicked on this post I felt right at home ;-) Great day of eats Laura and it sounds like a lot of fun too! I rarely go out for coffee these days, I tend to make my own instead. When I do go out, I do try to go to independent shops but if I’m working, the chains always win for their free and reliable wifi!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…WIAW: Rounded off with a mince pieMy Profile

    • Laura

      :-) Thanks Claire! I agree on the free and reliable wifi!

  • Pip

    It was so lovely to see you – well overdue! You know what I am like with my love of Starbucks (and that orange mocha was YUM) :) but I agree, it’s important to go to independent places too – I definitely did that enough for the both of us this weekend I feel! Xxx

    • Laura

      I know it was fab to see you too, and thanks again for those lovely thoughtful gifts, I’m loving the mug so much!

  • I love coconut butter on top of oats, it’s so good when it’s all melty!! Sunday is usually my long run day, so it’s usually a pretty chilled affair after that, I like to go to the farmers market and then spend some time cooking.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…WIAW- Finding my GrooveMy Profile

    • Laura

      That sounds like such a nice way to spend a Sunday, wish we had better farmers markets here!

  • Love your outfit! So cute :) And that sounds like a fun and productive day!

    • Laura

      Thanks Liz!

  • I do quite like Starbucks but usually I’m more of a black coffee kind of girl and I’m not too fussy about whether it’s fresh or instant so it’s usually better I make my own as it’s cheaper. I like the flavoured syrups though if I do have one though – but I’m not fussed between Costa, Nero or Starbucks. I much prefer little tea rooms though as I quite enjoy a pot of tea and cake. Starbucks is just too busy and hectic to sit and enjoy a drink I think.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Snack MonsterMy Profile

    • Laura

      A pot of tea and cake is always good! You do have a good point on Starbucks being busy, I definitely prefer it when it’s quieter :-)

  • I actually do really enjoy Starbucks, mostly because, like you said, you know what you’re getting. I explored a lot of independent coffee shops over the summer, and definitely had some bad experiences (coffee with a tomato soup aftertaste??!?) Oh, and your chocolate with hot chocolate combo sounds absolutely brilliant :D
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … a [full] day of eats .My Profile

    • Laura

      Ewww! Yep some independent places can be not up to scratch!

  • that chocolate porridge looks good, I think it might be time for me to make some vegan porridges again. Starbucks…I usually tend to love the vibe in that sort of places. A lot of people working on laptops or softly chitchatting while drinking nice hot drinks. But I don’t go there very often. We have one in Antwerp and I don’t recall the last time I was in there. Usually we reserve such places for when we are on holiday. 3 years ago, when we visited Canada, I went on a total pumpkin spice latte kick, but I enjoyed the one from Whorton’s more than the one from starbucks (but still a big chain). In the US starbucks carries cold pressed juices now, very fairly priced, so I definitely enjoyed those in NY
    sonja@vesenmork recently posted…Headaches, simple meals and family funMy Profile

    • Laura

      That’s wonderful that they sell those, the juices sold in ones here are pasteurised and sometimes too sugary for me.

    • Joy

      You’ll never look back after chocolate porridge :)

  • Looks like a lovely day. I love your satchel! I agree working out at the weekend definitely makes me feel like I’ve made the most of things.
    Emma @ stripesandsnapshots recently posted…A new obsession | San FerminMy Profile

    • Laura

      Thanks! I keep forgetting I have it, glad that I digged it out of my cupboard!

  • Love the outfit! Not only is it great to bring out the scarves, but the color of that purse is fabulous :)

    • Laura

      Thanks Kaitlin! I love the colour too :-)

  • I love Starbucks over the other chain shops as they have better options for non-coffee drinkers like me! I love the chai lattes, or a steamer with gingerbread syrup, but their earl grey tea is fab too. But I do love visiting a tea room too- especially if they sell homemade cake!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Christmas teapot!My Profile

  • Joy

    Aha another chocolate porridge fan! I did that for quite a bit last winter and it felt so good ;) have just read your other post about mince pie filling on top, now that’s gotta be tried.

    A lovely Starbucks in Manchester sheltered me from rain for a couple of hours last year, but I do try and stick with an indies, although one fab one where I live sadly closed a couple of years ago; you tend to find them in smaller towns nearby. Nero is really good, and as they have a couple of vegan treats, I’m more likely to seek them out.

    I do try and protect Sunday for a longer run or race, a day to catch up, chores, lunch with hubby, etc., I have had issues about trying not to be rigid with routines and trying to mix it up with Saturdays and see what happens. They say a good balance over a weekend is include three fulfilling things – see a friend, movie with the hubby or a loved one, and some exercise for instance, and then a couple of chores or errands to keep on top of things.

    My weekends have been well out of kilter recently and I’ve been trying to embrace it! In fact, I have a week off work so am pressing the reset button yay!