New tech things and feeling inspired

My head is buzzing right now, I’ve had one of those weekends where I’ve been feeling very inspired!

IMG_0008I’m back on the watermelon again, I got this huge one from Aldi!

It started with talking to the other bloggers and some of the answers Gok gave me to my questions when we interviewed him. Then yesterday I took part in my first webnar with some other IIN participants that was amazing as well!

This weekend has also been great as I finally got my hands on my new technology – an iMac! I used to use an old school iMac (with the coloured back) when I was studying art and design at uni. I have always wanted to return to an Apple computer, and when my laptop started dying on me I knew it was time to go for it. I have some great software to go with it, which will hopefully help me to bring out more of my creative side, especially when it comes to blogging! I’ve been making my desk a really inspiring place to work as well, I’ll have to post a pic of it soon.

Other than re familiarising myself with Mac OSX, I haven’t done a whole lot else! Suffice to say the formatting in this post might be a little off until I get my head around all the changes! I have been making more ice lollies, these ones are a blend of banana, greek yoghurt and peanut butter:


A perfect combo if you ask me!

Other eats have just been quick and easy. Fruit with yoghurt and nut butter or peanut flour butter have been great for breakfasts:

IMG_0001Nectarines with greek yoghurt and peanut flour butter

IMG_0012Strawberries with greek yoghurt and almond butter 

I have still been enjoying kale in smoothies. This smoothie in a bowl was kale, mixed frozen berries, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, ice and almond milk topped with cacao nibs, coconut shreds and ground seeds:


Spicy chicken has been doing the job for dinner:

IMG_5470A version of my harissa chickpea and courgettes recipe but with chicken instead of chickpeas. Love the tahini sauce on this!

IMG_0005Tandoori baked chicken breast salad with peppers

On Friday I treated myself to some M&S:

IMG_0003I love these mooli wraps! It was 3 for 2 so I thought why not, although I should be being more careful with my spending! 

I did do a budget friendly shop at Aldi and Tesco that afternoon, which I’ll share with you soon. While at Tesco I saw these bags of popcorn:

IMG_5480Loving these! The bags are quite small, but I like that the variety pack comes with sweet n salty, salted and sweet. 

How has your weekend been? It’s pouring with rain here, so I think I’m going to enjoy some kitchen time preparing for the rest of the week. On the menu is roast chicken, lentil and feta salad and roasted chickpeas! 

Are you very ‘techy’? Have you ever been part of a webnar before? What has been inspiring you lately?


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  • AnnaA

    Hope you’re enjoying your new techy purchase! I’m rubbish with technology. I thought about buying an iMac a while ago when i was buying a new version of Photoshop but decided to stay with my old laptop for now. Maybe i’ll get a Mac one day.
    It’s pouring here too so i’m having a day of getting stuff done off my to do list. Love that feeling.
    I need some inspiration for my work. It’s an excuse to be on pinterest!

    • Laura

      Thanks Anna, I think you’d love the mac, I’m totally in love with mine at the moment, and the new photoshop I got to go with it! I love that feeling too, and I ended up spending some time on Pinterest for inspiration too!

  • Mmm your food looks very colourful and appealing!
    I love playing with a new bit of tech, I am about as untechy as they come though, so only if it’s super simple!
    I enjoyed the rain last night :) everything seems fresh!

    catherine recently posted…Blowing the dust off my blogMy Profile

    • Laura

      Thanks Catherine! I still think we could do with a good thunderstorm to clear the air here up north!

  • I have done some on-line training and they use webinar (which I had not even heard of before- I just had to log on to the website and watch the video of the training).
    That watermelon looks so good- I tried to order one with my shopping but they had sold out, so I bought some chunks but they are not as good as a fresh one- might have to head to Aldi at some point :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Cinema trips and keeping coolMy Profile

    • Laura

      This webnar was a person talking on video live and we could all type messages and questions to her it was cool! We have done child protection training online like that too. I am so addicted to watermelon at the moment!

  • Woooop welcome to the creative Mac group! :) I seriously couldn’t live without mine at the moment with studying Fashion.
    Wow you peanut flour butter looks just like peanut butter! That’s pretty cooool..I like peanut butter too much to sub it though hehe :P I’m obsessed with watermelon too at the moment, so refreshing :)
    Nicky @kabochafashionista recently posted…Cooling Down, Meals and Workout WeekMy Profile

    • Laura

      Haha I am happy to be part of it! I loved my Mac when I was at uni and it feels so good to be back! I can’t wait to get more creative again :-)

  • Yay, so happy to have won your giveaway! That watermelon looks amazing. x
    LilyLipstick recently posted…Duck & WaffleMy Profile

    • Laura


  • I’ve often wondered about Mac’s and making the change from PC. The creative and digital teams all have Mac’s at work and they look fantastic. My laptop is 4 years old now and I think it’s starting to wind down now…they don’t last long! Maybe I will make the leap one day.
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted…Rainy DaysMy Profile

    • Laura

      They don’t do they! Mine was starting to overheat so much it would burn my fingers when I was trying to type! It feels so good to be back on a mac, plus it looks so gorgeous on my desk :-)

  • As cool as the Macs undoubtably are, I just can’t get on with them long-term. They frustrate me! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about iPhones and iPads but when I’m actually working I just prefer a good old laptop with Windows on it. I think it’s because that’s what I’ve been brought up on…also helps that I work for a company that’s
    partnered with Microsoft haha.

    • Laura

      I have to say it’s still taking me some time to get used to that mac way of working again! I don’t think it’s so bad as I used to use mac, but I can see what you mean when you’ve used windows all your life!

  • Cool purchase, I love getting new techy stuff! Couldn’t live without my macbook! I need to get some watermelon!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Hayfever HelpMy Profile

    • Laura

      I was so tempted to get a mac book but then I have my iPad for out and about. I definitely feel like I’d be at a loss without my iMac now!

  • I <3 my Mac, it's ancient but I am running the new Mac OS! I work in marketing for a software company so I am fairly good with tech stuff. Glad you are feeling full of inspiration :)
    Lexi recently posted…Health round upMy Profile

    • Laura

      It’s good to know that yours is still going strong! Honestly I am so in love with it, gotta love tech stuff!

  • Your breakfasts look so yummy!
    Christina recently posted…Wednesday Wishes – Smart CasualMy Profile

  • Hehee! I’ve joined in with a dental webinar before and it was hilarious!!! People were supposedly “learning” all about root canals but ended up joking on after consuming a jug of red wine. Happy times :-)
    emma recently posted…New Blog!My Profile