Return of old favourite snack and the start of a 3 week experiment

Happy Mother’s Day to all the gorgeous Mam’s out there! I’m off for lunch with my amazing Mam later on :-) Well I said on Friday that I was going to work hard so I could have a lazy weekend and that is at least partly what has happened! I got plenty of things done but I still spent some time yesterday doing things like cleaning and catching up with my IIN work, including passing another one of my tests! As the weather was so rubbish anyway that suited me fine, I also did some baking and made some bone broth, I quite like those days when you can just potter about!

Yesterday started with a lovely breakfast:


Earl grey tea with bacon, fried eggs and a sliced apple (all purchases from the farm shop as it happens).

Then for lunch I made use of some baby figs I’d bought as a treat with a goats cheese and fig salad with walnuts:


Very tasty indeed! I’ve also been enjoying some nice snacks:


I haven’t had banana and nut butter in way too long! I also had a big bowl of roasted kabocha squash with some almond butter too:


On Friday night I made some simple beef burgers:


With roasted brussel sprouts and a baked sweet potato plus some mature cheddar melted on top, then last night I had them with roasted parsnips, more brussels and some purple sprouting broccoli:


With ketchup too of course!

I’ve also been loving my raw chocolate:


Dessert on both Friday and Saturday night has been a bowl of berries with organic pouring yoghurt followed by a bar of this lovely raw mint chocolate. Perfect weekend treat!

Oh and I have to mention the nice breakie I had on Friday after the gym:


A smoothie made with just frozen blueberries and raw milk plus some scrambled eggs. Simple but very good, in fact this is just the kind of food I’m enjoying at the moment!

Another thing I did yesterday was sort out some of my body care products. I have a vlog coming up for you next week on this but I’m trying out a new approach using some simpler more natural products. I never thought I’d have a bottle of apple cider vinegar by my shower or a bottle of olive oil under the sink!


I just hope I don’t end up being a stinky grease ball, we shall see!

I’ve also spent some time this weekend doing more thinking about my diet and I’m going to be doing a little experiment for the next 3 weeks – basically focusing on really tuning into my bodies needs and how I feel when I eat certain foods, as well as reflecting on what I’ve eaten. This is something I do with my Uniquely Healthy clients where appropriate – as I know that food journalling and reflecting is better for some than others. I’ll be posting a daily update on the Uniquely Healthy Facebook page so head on over and give the page a ‘like’ if you are interested in following along with me. It’s really an exercise for me to move away from what I feel I ‘should’ be eating and instead tune into eating what my body wants. I don’t completely believe that absolute intuitive eating can work in the food environment we have around and within us, but like I said, its an experiment for me, so I’m interested to see what I find out!

How has your weekend been so far? Do you have any mothers day plans? I have to say that banana and nut butter was so good, what’s your favourite snack at the moment?


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  • My weekend has been work, work, work but hopefully I’ll be done by this afternoon – just in time to sort out the chores at home! I’m out of time to see my lovely mummy but am treating her to a fancy lunch next weekend. Nut butter + anything is my fave snack at the moment – cacao nibs, sweet potato, fruit (including strawberries!).
    Claire @ Flake And Cake recently posted…New Tries and BuysMy Profile

    • Laura

      Hope you managed to get finished up with work ok! Oh strawberries dipped in peanut or almond butter is one of my favourite things ever!

  • I love the banana and almond butter combo so good! I wish I could take my mum for lunch but Ireland is a little far to go! I’ll be chatting on the phone to her and wishing I was there, other then that a lazy sunday awaits me : )
    Tamzin recently posted…Guest Post: Cakes and CatwalksMy Profile

    • Laura

      Hope you enjoyed your lazy Sunday!

  • I love natural body care + cleaning products, really keen to see how you get on! I worked yesterday and we were so busy so I’m looking forward to some downtime today! I love banana + nut butter, haven’t had in ages though! Smoothies are definitely my favourite snack right now, just tucking into one post gym- It’s giving me brain freeze though!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Plant Based Sports Nutrition- The BasicsMy Profile

    • Laura

      Hope you managed to get some chill time! Haha I got brain freeze from my smoothie the other day as well!

  • I’ve been at work this weekend but have spent my evenings vegging out on the sofa. You experiment sounds great- I cannot wait to read the results of it! :-)
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted…Farm shop buys, Easter treats and egg fried “rice”My Profile

  • I have had a bad weekend food wise as I went away and I ate so unclean I feel positively filthy-ill be blogging all about it later :-( that said it was an awesome day/night and I shall be back on track first thing tomorro!

    Your weekend looks amazing, I love banana and nut butter-people look at me like I’m odd wen I eat it tho!
    Lindsey recently posted…TGIF!My Profile

    • Laura

      Well I think as long as you enjoyed yourself some dirty eating is totally allowed!

  • My weekend’s been so-so. It’s end of term and I should be studying, but instead I went off galavanting to Leeds for shopping and a show. As my mother is across the ocean, in a different country, I’ll only be wishing her a happy mother’s day on Skype.

    My favourite snack as of late has been carrots and caramelized onions hummus.

    By the way, I am very curious about trying raw chocolate. Where do you get yours?

    • Laura

      Oh I think you probably deserved some shopping if you’ve been studying a lot! My friend at work loves the caramelised onion hummus! I get my raw chocolate from a local health food store – there’s an awesome one in Leeds called Out of This World which I’m sure will sell the raw chocolate :-)

  • Nicole @ FruitNFitness

    The fig salad looks amazing! Nut butter and banana or apple is always a great snack :)

  • I can’t remember the last time I had a banana with nut butter but I am totally craving it now! x
    daisychain recently posted…Sarenza Sunday- I love (affordable) shoes!My Profile

    • Laura

      Hope you went and made yourself one!

  • I wasn’t too keen on my week-end – horrible weather, I have a temperature/cold, two potential injuries and I’m sick to the back teeth of the snow. I missed a race today because of the aforementioned and I always feel like a wuss/not tough enough when I do that, no matter what the circumstances.

    Banana and nut butter is a classic combination, but one which always proves to be my undoing. I can never be trusted around nut butter (boo).

    Would love to hear more about your new project – I think a lot of the health trends around are a bit excessive and I can’t blame people for following them (when they are concerned about their health – one of the main reasons I don’t bother is because I don’t give two hoots about mine outside of how far/fast I can run). Ironically though eating intuitively seems to be the latest ‘trend,’ which I find amusing because really that means everything has come full circle and there’s an ideal of almost regressing to childhood eating patterns. However, the sheer act of thinking so much regarding whether a food choice is ‘intuitive’ seems counterproductive to me – I know the whole ‘is this what my body wants/needs?’ can take over massive amounts of ‘thought space.’ Not for me again though because I think my body can get knotted, no matter what it ‘wants’ :P


    • Laura

      I know wtf is with this snow its crazy! I read your blog last night (didn’t comment as on my iPad which is a pain for commenting!) I’m sure you did the absolute right thing missing that race.

      I really don’t believe that you can eat completely intuitively these days – food is too wildly available and ‘glamourised’ with advertising etc that I can’t see how we can really trust just being intuitive. Rather what I’m going for is a ‘tuning in’ and listening a bit more to how different foods make me feel – I think it needs to be a combination of eating in a way which does listen to your body, but also tells it what is best for it. If we all ate like kids and ate what we wanted we’d be all bloody sugar crazed nut jobs – certainly if my nephews are anything to go by!

  • Banana and almond butter looks lovely :)
    At the moment my fave snack is fruit ryvita with nutella- not the healthiest!
    Or a sliced persimmon- so sweet and tasty.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Snowy weekendMy Profile

    • Laura

      Mmm but it sounds damn good though! Plus you need to keep your energy up for your running!

  • Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Well done on passing one of your IIN tests!
    Ohh I really should have a skin care regime but I just don’t. I exfoliate once a week and then that’s it really. Maybe some moisturiser if my skin feels dry. I don’t wear make-up most of the time so I never do more than wash my face with water. But I probably should do a lot more!

    • Laura

      Oh not at all – in fact you are probably better doing what you are doing rather than using loads of products!

  • My Mum was working all day (she’s a florist!) so didn’t get to see her. I had a relaxing day instead. I am definitely going to get me some of that raw chocolate!

    • Laura

      Oh I bet she was super busy then! Hope you enjoyed your day!

  • I used a cider vinegar post-conditioner rinse once – only it rained the next day and my hair smelt like a chip shop :-) it did work really well, my hair was really shiny, and didn’t smell of vinegar at all, until that rainstorm!
    Congratulations on passing the test and I’ll be reading the eating plan with interest; I think I need to try something like that.
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted…A few things to mentionMy Profile

    • Laura

      Well I’ve just used it this morning and added a drop of lemon oil to it so fingers crossed I won’t stink when I get caught in the snow later!

  • A banana with almond butter is my favourite pre gym snack, I keep trying new things, but ultimately I go back to it every time!
    Ffion @ Chocolate and Raspberries recently posted…Review: Lord Poppington’s PopcornMy Profile

  • Joy

    Oh am looking forward to catching up with the experiment! And so too natural body care; there are some things that you just feel like ‘do I really need to buy a bottle of something or can I make it.’

    Weekend was spent in Dublin fit hen party – so much fun! Found the excellent Blazing Salad deli-bakery-odds ad sods, and tried my first chocolate and beet root cake. Otherwise, intake was more alcohol than usual but staying in an apartment meant I could be self sufficient with food. Still getting over it though!