WIAW – Holiday edition!

Hello guys, welcome to my What I Ate Wednesday Party! I thought it would be fun to do a what I ate on holiday edition (this was from last Wednesday), especially as I enjoyed some very tasty eats!

Peas and Crayons

I started my last day in Brighton with a run through Hove and then along the beautiful Brighton seafront:


As my legs were pretty tired I just did a relaxed 10k in 57 minutes followed by some abs and core exercises in my room. To refuel I drank a yummy carton of vanilla soy milk:


After getting washed and dressed I snacked on an apple and a handful of raisins to keep me going:


Then I headed into Brighton to enjoy a tasty brunch at Iydea:


This was a chai soy latte with the granola bowl – the granola was very tasty accompanied by the fresh fruit and soy milk but it was a little on the small side for me! After some shopping I made a beeline for Starbucks to indulge in my favourite Soy Mocha Frappe:


So so good! For lunch I decided to make a return visit to the utterly wonderful Aloka. During the day their cafe serves a hot and cold salad bar which really reminded me of the Whole Foods salad bars!


I filled my plate with so many delicious dishes! This included a base of leafy greens, quinoa and roasted pepper salad, potato and cauliflower curry, Moroccan chickpea salad, potato skins stuffed with millet and toffutti cream cheese, sweet potato and millet mini burgers, beetroot salad and sweet potato and millet chard wraps (which I will be recreating!) For a little dessert I decided to treat myself to a scoop of the raw vanilla and maca ice cream:


This was insanely good! The cashew base made this amazingly creamy :-)

After a little more shopping I made my way back to my Aunts house, picking up a bag of fresh fruit from her local whole food store (so jealous that she literally has one 5 minutes from her house!) I made myself a giant fruit plate containing watermelon, cherries, an apple and a nectarine:


My appetite was ravenous that day! Dinner was a slice of vegan gluten free pizza from Infinity Foods with lots of leafy greens and hummus:


Followed by more fruit, watermelon and strawberries!


Such a day of tasty eats, I wish I could enjoy meals out like that everyday :-)

How often do you treat yourself to eating out? Being mostly vegan its usually more of a hassle than anything else to be able to eat out, at least where I live. Brighton, with its many veggie and vegan options was so refreshing!

Does your town or city have many options for healthy eating out?

Have a great Wednesday!


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  • Looks like you had an awesome time, raw ice cream sounds incredible :)
    I love eating out, it always seems like such a treat because when i was little it was very much something we only really did on birthdays or on holiday.
    My favourite healthy spots are Giraffe, Nando’s (they do lovely salads) and EAT for lunches.

  • Yay! Cherries! I’ve been on a huge cherry kick lately. I’m glad you found some good eats when out and about.

  • Im so happy you decided to show us your meals from last Wednesday in Brighton! These meals looks so good! I love you lunch plate- filled up with all kinds of goodies! And raw ice creams are my favorit! I make some of cashew nuts, maple sirup, water and cacao+vanilla- really yummy!
    I dont eat out too often, but I love to do it-especially when Im on vacation! Im going to Paris in October, and the thing I look most forward to is the food :D And the Britney Spears concert :D
    Happy Wednesday sweetie :)

  • The salad bar you ate for lunch sounds wonderful, looks like no salad bar I have ever seen! Sounds like Brighton had incredible food!
    I love eating out, I wish I could more but my budget doesn’t allow it, so maybe once a fortnight I do. There aren’t any specifically veggie/vegan restaurants in Chester I don’t think. Boyfriend is very fussy so we often just get a nando’s or something as we can both get stuff there.

  • Oh gosh, you weren’t kidding when you said you had some tasty eats in Brighton! This pretty much looks like my ideal day… a lovely run, starbucks, shopping, an AMAZING looking lunch, ice cream, fresh fruit and pizza! I’ve got some serious food envy going on :P

    I absolutely love eating out but I do find it very frustrating that most restaurants around here are standard highstreet chain types that serve unhealthy generic foods :( I guess that’s a good thing for my wallet as I tend to eat at home most of the time, although one of my favourite things to do when I visit a new town/city is to scope out any independant healthy restaurants/cafes that serve delicious, locally sourced food.

  • The more you show of the food in Brighton, the more and more I desperately want to go!! Your salad bar lunch sounds like my kind of meal!! And followed up with ice cream? Umm yumm!!
    I agree, it is difficult to find treats as a vegan but I see eating out as a treat anyway because it means I get to try something I wouldn’t usually have.
    And well, you know what Newcastle is like for eating out..it’s not all that great – especially not compared to Brighton and London and such! Ah well!

  • Oh wow, that lunch you had the next day looks amazing!

    I love eating out! Feels like such a treat, and it certainly was a treat at Aloka. It has made me think that I should skip eating at ‘ok’ places and save myself for trulay awesome places like that. So not as often but worth the wait.

  • Oh my gosh your lunch salad looks and sounds amazing!! I wish I knew somewhere nearby that did stuff like that!
    I only treat myself to eating out when I can afford it…so it’s been a while now!haha!

  • That lunch is EPIC! So much good food on one plate! Love it!

    Where I live I think they struggle to get the concept of a vegetarian, let alone a vegan! :) (Although saying that I have discovered a new veggie cafe!)

  • I’m loving all of the fresh fruit :D Now that summer is in full swing, I’ve been craving fruit like CRAZY. Cantaloupe and blueberries in particular don’t stand a chance ;) As for eating out, I rarely ever go. My allergies make it more of a hassle than anything else, and I’m usually more satisfied when I eat at home anyways. I do like going out to grab something with friends, but even then it’s usually just to go get a drink or a coffee.

  • I would be in heaven having that for my WIAW: so many lovely things I don’t know where to start.

    Being that we live in the same town we seem to share the same views on eating out and lamenting the lack of provision for vegans and mostly-vegans. I’m wanting to move to Brighton ASAP after this post.


  • what a fabulous WIAW! so healthy and colourful are your plates! i’d love to go to Brighton as I’ve heard about it’s vegan friendliness!

  • This looks like the perfect day of eats!
    I love eating out as most of my friends are also into healthy food and London has such a good selection of veggie restaurants (and of course Wholefoods!). The only time I don’t like eating is when I’m with a big group and they want to go to TGI Friday-type restaurants. It’s weird to think that I used to enjoy that sort of food…these days I look at the menus and there’s actually nothing that I’d want to eat! x

  • Oh my word – that meal at Aloka looks sooo good! I want that for my dinner!
    London is probably my favourite city for eating out in because there are so many healthy options – I love the World Food Cafe in Covent Garden.
    I eat fairly regularly. If I’m in Cambridge for the weekend we might eat out once or twice. When I’m at home I tend to cook for myself more.

  • So many yummy eats! I never knew that Brighton was such a health food haven! :-)

  • We’re twins! matching WF goodies and flashback posts from another week! hehe love it! Happy WIAW lovey!!!

  • Everything looks sooooo good! I think I’d go for the granola bowl right now!!

  • I hardly ever eat out now, only on holiday really. Me and Andy used to more before we lived together, to have time together, but now we generally prefer to eat at home. Every now and then it is a nice treat, but as I am a little fussy, and also veggie there are not always many options. I prefer to go out for lunch, but again that is a rarity too.

  • I used to eat out three to four times a week, but now I go to eat out very rarely, maybe once every three months…But I ate out today and it was delicious:)
    My hometown has absolutely no options for healthy eating out, actually it has no options for eating out at all :) So I have to take bus to another town and that makes things more difficult:)

  • I usually treat myself once a week. My local area has this really nice cafe called the country tabel which caters really well for veggies, vegans they even do soya spread but also cater well for meat eaters and all bread is locally sourced.

  • Wow, all that food looks amazing! I’m amazed that I have yet again forgotten to partake in WIAW, one day!!

  • My city has lots of vegetarian and vegan options! It’s great for eating out! :) I still prefer to cook my own food at home, but its nice when friends wanna go out!

  • I am lucky to live in a FANTASTIC food city and so many of the chefs use fresh, local, and sometimes even organic produce. Usually when I’m eating out I’m not necessarily looking for “healthy” but I do want GOOD food!

  • Glad you enjoyed your last vacation day! That pizza looks so yummy.

    I’m lucky to have many many (too many, sometimes!) options for where to eat… lots of veg, lots of greens!

  • tam

    I don’t eat out enough but after seeing these posts I need to hot foot it to that restaurant! x x

  • All that food looks so good – and I’m glad to see someone else who pegs food bags closed!
    And I’d love to live near places like that but I’m right out in the sticks and the healthiest shop or anything in Ashford or Maidstone (my nearest towns) is Holland and Barrett – hooray for online ordering :-)

  • Cathy

    You don’t know how much you saved my life! I read your previous post about Aloka, and on tuesday, i went there for lunch, as a raw vegan! It’s the only place i know that does raw vegan things…thank you!!! it was absolutely lovely, even though there were only two raw options for me…a rawslaw with cashew mayonnaise and a mushroom and broccoli mix with tamari…v. yum though!

    I finished it off with a GORGEOUS raw cheesecake, so creamy- yet, i’m scared it had agave.. :(

    anyway, it was a hazelnut crust with acai berry and raspeberry. yummm

    p.s i have a slight hunch i might have seen you but i think it was tuesday i went!

  • I love to eat out because I often will eat super healthy out. Asheville has tons and tons of awesome healthy places to eat, but I haven’t tried any of them yet due to being on budget!

  • I don’t eat out often at all, but my city does have a lot of healthy options! I never noticed until I traveled and I realized a lot of places don’t have vegetarian / healthy options at all.

  • Sarah – thanks I’ll have to remember nandos for the salads!

    lovesweatbeers – yes cherries are so good right now!

    Ragnild – wow hope you have a great time in Paris!

    Leigh – Nandos seems to be the place to be!

    Bronagh – It was a pretty perfect day! I’m just the same when visiting a new city :-)

    Nicky – yes, eating out is a real treat which is why I find it frustrating that as a vegan I can’t find awesome food up here :-(

    Cat – that’s really my approach, I’d rather wait for something extra nice!

    Ellen – that’s the problem isn’t it, I wish I had more cash but eating at home is great too :-)

    Ffion – oh would love to hear about your local veggie cafe!

    Amanda – I have to admit that when I’m at home I feel the same way too, eating out is more of a hassle and I know I can eat better tastier food at home

    Jess – you would seriously adore Brighton, great running routes and great vegan food, what more could we need?

    Fiona – you would adore Brighton!

    Lily – If I lived in London I’d never be away from the Wholefoods salad bar!

    Sarah – next time I’m in London I’ll be seeking out that cafe!

    Jemma – oh yes its well known for it!

    Jenn – happy WIAW and thanks for hosting the party!

    Stochat – thanks, the granola bowl was little but yummy!

    Maria – yes, when I do go out I often prefer lunch too!

    Lenna – yes that’s similar for me, it sucks!

    Livefortoday – that sounds great, I actually like places that also cater for omni’s – at least then I can take other people too!

    Laura – yes you’ll have to join in the fun!

    iheartveggies – oh I’m so jealous!

    Madeline – yes, I wouldn’t mind but even the not so healthy stuff in my town is crap!

    Katie – I know, I’d be in foodie heaven where you are!

    Tam – honestly that place was lovely you should try it!

    Eleanor – haha, oh yes I use pegs on all my open bags!

    Cathy – unfortunately it certainly wasn’t me as I was home in the north east again, glad you enjoyed it but shame there wasn’t more raw options for you!

    Errign – oh you lucky thing, I wish I had the option!

    Kate – oh yes, the US has way more choice in that respect than the UK and Europe :-(