Great North 10K recap and lots of eats!

Hello everyone, how are we doing on this fine (but utterly horrible and rainy) Sunday?

I’ve had a pretty brilliant day thanks to the Great North 10K this morning! I was a bit worried when I woke up and saw the horrible rainy weather and to be honest I was on a total downer on the way there and was just not feeling it, especially as I had told my Mam and Dad to just stay home due to the weather.

P1080154 Perfect pre race breakfast: oats and 10 grain hot cereal mix cooked with water and home made hemp milk, one chopped banana, 2 crumbled raw chai almond energy balls and some agave syrup

Luckily the pre race excitement kicked in and made me feel so much better! The race has been set in Sunderland the last few years has moved to a new home, starting and finishing at Gateshead Stadium.


Gateshead is really my home town and I was especially looking forward to running along the Gateshead quayside past the Baltic Art Gallery (one of my favourite spots) and the Tyne Bridge. James was accompanying me and we parked a short walk from the Stadium. I made a beeline for the toilets as soon as we got there, finding an empty disabled loo to avoid the long lines. I have to say this aspect of race organisation was pretty poor, most of the toilets within the stadium were out of order! After that I made my way to my starting area, I was in the second wave, and unlike the Great North Run I managed to get there in plenty of time! It was chucking it down and quite cold at this point, James was able to wait with me on the other side of the barrier with an umbrella to keep me dry as long as possible!


Once the race got under way I thankfully warmed up and really got into my stride. The first 3k was spent fighting the urge for the toilet, but after that I was ok. I just focused on keeping a good strong steady pace. The rain also let off which made it a whole lot more enjoyable! Towards the end I saw that my pace was pretty good, and entering the stadium I could see that a sub 50 minute time was achievable (which I had never dreamed I could manage, all my times have been around the 54 minute mark). I absolutely sprinted as fast as I could across that line, finishing in 49.57!

IMAG0026 James managed to catch a shot of me on my way to the finish line!

I actually felt ready to puke after that! When I looked at my Garmin and saw that I had managed it I was so completely elated :-) According to the Bupa Great Run site I came 66 in my age group and gender which I think is bloody brilliant!


So there we have it, my first successful 10K! I have to say that I really enjoy the 10K distance, obviously I loved the Great North Half Marathon but the 10K seems like the perfect distance to test speed and endurance, at least for me!

Since coming back from Brighton I have been craving raw foods, especially green smoothies, in fact I’ve had one each day! I have been craving less sugary foods so they have tended to include hemp protein or sun warrior and topped with raw nut butters rather than the more indulgent PB&Co nut butters and sweeter spiru-tein protein powders:

P1080098Spinach, frozen banana, 2 scoops of vanilla sun warrior, coconut water, barley grass powder, mesquite powder, ice, xanthan and guar gums and topped with raw nut butter sauce using 2 tbsp of raw almond butter mixed with water, goji berries and pistachios.

P1080171 Today’s post run ‘green’ smoothie containing spinach, beet greens, 1 small raw beet, frozen cherries, home made hemp milk, chocolate sun warrior protein powder, raw cacao powder, barley grass powder, maca, ground flax, ice, xanthan and guar gums and topped with flaked almonds, freeze dried berries and raw brazil nut bliss sauce.

I’ve also been enjoying the usual big salads:

P1080056 Salad containing romaine, carrot, red pepper, spring onions, sugar snap peas, cucumber, basil tofu and sauerkraut (which I am loving right now!)

P1080115 Salad containing romaine, red onion, sugar snaps, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, raw crackers and green goddess dressing.

I’ve also been experimenting with some of the squash I brought back from Brighton, first up spaghetti squash!

P1080083Spiralised courgette, roast spaghetti squash, roasted tomato and red pepper sauce with lentils and yellow pepper, steamed broccoli and spring greens with shoyu all topped with fresh basil.

I really loved this squash! I don’t see how anyone could realistically use it as a spaghetti alternative, but in its own right I thought it was delicious. I also roasted up the glorious giant kabocha squash I found, so happy to have some to keep me going!

P1080132 Lots and lots of roast kabocha with adzuki beans and millet, steamed broccoli and spring greens with shoyu and a delicious drizzle of green goddess dressing.

Even though my cravings have tended towards the green and leafy variety I’ve also enjoyed some lovely raw desserts:

P1080090 Double decker raw tart: frozen sesame chocolate tart on the bottom and frozen chocolate avocado tart on the top, nom!

P1080147 ‘Super food’ pudding: frozen blueberries, home made hemp milk, raw cacao powder, purple corn powder, ice, xanthan and guar gums topped with cacao nibs.

I made the most amazing batch of raw hemp milk using Lana’s quick and easy method with new ingredient sunflower lecithin and sweetened with coconut nectar and it has been amazing!

I have a pretty crazy return to work next week with a couple of late nights and lots of meetings, I think I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day and make the most of being able to chill out!

If your a runner, what’s your favourite race distance? Have you tried spaghetti squash and if so what did you think?

Oh and before I forget, I have been lucky enough to have Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish featured on the Channel4 Food website! How cool is that?!

Hope your all having a great weekend :-)


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  • Massive congratulations on the fantastic race, i bet you felt so elated!!
    As always your eats look delicious, i always want to eat a huge salad after reading your blog, but the rain today puts me more in the mood for soup :)

  • Congrats on the 10K and your PB! You did great! :-)!!! Mine is next weekend and I hope it goes well.

    I know what you mean about craving green smoothies and salads and such. they just don’t pile up the veggies how I like to back home. I can’t wait to make friends with my blender again and make a green smoothie!! :-)

  • Woohoooo I KNEW you’d rock it girly!! A huge well done!! :)
    But gah, you know I am incredibly jealous of you bagging a kabocha!! You know my opinion on spaghetti…just not to my taste at all! When you next go to Waitrose there is hoards of it so you can get some more! I certainly won’t be fighting you for it haha! Have you tried the acorn yet?
    And WOW, that double decker tart looks absolutely gorgeous!!
    Congrats on being featured on the Channel 4 website – you’ll be famous before you know it at this rate!

  • GREAT run!! u did a fab job!!! ive never tried spag squash! i cnt find the kind of squash in my supermarket!!! gah! my fav distance is probs a 10k!

  • Aww well done lovely – I felt very guilty as I read your tweets this morning from the comfort of my bed! 10k is an amazing achievement, but moreso with your time – that’s just fantastic! Your smoothies always look fab xxx

  • Congratulations on the race, Laura! That’s an amazing time and you should be super proud of yourself! 10K actually seems pretty daunting to me, I’ve recently been cutting back on running in favor of strength training, but even back when I was running more, the most I would do would be 5k… I just kind of find long and steady forms of exercise really hard to stick to… I start getting bored halfway through and want to move on to something else lol. I do admire people who can run long distances though, so again, congrats on the race :D

  • Wooohooooo, fantastic running with miz weather and all. CONGRATULATIONS, sub 50 = amazing :-)

  • Well done again on your sub 50 run!

    My fave distance is 5k, love to feel strong and fast :)

  • heyy :D

    i’ve recently found your blog, which by the wya im so glad I have found it.
    Congratulations on your first 10k the time is fab and better than you expected, it certainly makes things feel better after something if you have done better than you imagined.

    Your smoothies look so delicious, ive actually would you believe it never made a smoothie, only because the blender we have is soooooo rubbish I think it almost over heated once, its just not strong enough.

    Oh my gosh well done on being featured on the channel 4 website, i’m always on there looking for new recipes its a really good site. :D

    I hope your having a lovely day.
    Jess xx

  • wow your race time was amazing! congratulations :)

  • Congratulations on your time – that’s amazing! I really want to try kabocha and spaghetti squash but I’m so hopeless at cooking…may have to track down a veggie restaurant that serves them instead! x

  • I saw you on the Channel 4 website – congratulations :-)
    Also congratulations on the awesome race! You were very speedy and must have really put your all into it.
    I’ve only done a 10k so far and really enjoyed myself because I felt able to push myself over that distance. I’m looking forward to having a go at a half marathon as well.

  • Given all the problems you have with your circulation, I’m not surprised you were feeling down when you saw the weather: it was bloody freezing, and I have a heck of a lot more insulation (ahem) to keep me warm than you do. Looking great in your race shirt and medal!

    My favourite distance is the marathon: nothing replicates that sense of personal challenge and high, but I keep sabotaging myself before I get to run them with overtraining.

    I agree about the PB&Co: they’re such a nice idea but I got to try DCDreams once and it felt like it was rotting my teeth off it was so sweet! And this is coming from little Miss Sugar Addict over here…I much prefer the sound of your hempy and raw nut butter combos.


  • Congratulations on the run!

  • Well done on the race! Running in the rain is fun at first but after a while, keeping warm is a serious issue for me – I think you did amazing considering the weather!

    My favourite distance is 10K. I know it’s pretty lazy but I’m not a massive distance runner, anything more than 10 miles and I get bored. I have no mental stamina whatsoever.

    Love spaghetti squash but gotta admit that I prefer pasta spaghetti and butternut squash!

    Also congrats on being featured on the Channel 4 website…that’s pretty amazing! I shall go and check you out! ;-)

  • Wooooaaaaaaaaaaah! Well done on your mahoosive PB & going sub-50! You deserve a lot of cake now. I can only dream of being that fast so I’m looking up to you right now for inspiration. You go, girl!

  • Woop! Such an amazing achievement, congratulations!
    Great minds think alike on the spaghetti squash too; just had some for dinner, having not seen it in shops since last summer, and scoffed it in double-quick time, so good!
    Hope you had a lovely relaxing day, you deserve it :-)

  • Congrats on your PB! Those salads all look delicious, I love basil tofu.

  • Wow excellent work on your run!!!! Amazing! :) WhAt a speedy time! You are so inspiring!
    I think my fave distance is half marathon. I enjoyed 10k and 5k, but I am not much of a sprinter, so never seem to do very well in them (still cannot get my 10k time under one hour), but the half marathon was more suited to me I think as I could go a little slower, and it felt like a real challenge so achieving it was great. The marathon was the hardest one of them all, and I think when I can run faster I will attempt another one, but the training takes so long that it was hard to fit into life for a long time (esp when you are slow like me). :)

  • Congratulations on your 10K run! And lots of yummy eats!

  • what a FABULOUS time! Congrats girl :)

  • A huge congrats from me! What a great time Laura! You should be so so proud!
    I have only done one race, and that was a half marathon. I hope I can get into races in the future, but at the moment I focus on fueling myself better so I actually have a chance to improve :)
    Amazing looking eats- everything looks so good!

  • Well done!!!!
    I’m glad that you liked the hemp milk (:

  • Angela

    Well done on the race. What a great time! Shame about the weather. It’s been so horrible the last few days.

    Where did you find the spaghetti squash? I spent ages looking for it last year and never found any.

  • Look at you speed demon! Congrats on the great race!

  • Sarah – thanks! glad you like the look of the salads but I agree with you on this weather, soup would be so much more comforting!

    Jemma – good luck for next week!

    Nicky – thanks! Haven’t tried the acorn yet, that’s for tea tonight I think!

    Carrie – glad we both dig the 10K!

    Lollipop – thanks chick, to begin with I was wishing I could have stopped in bed too!

    Amanda – thanks! After I’ve done my half I can see me cutting my distances right now, especially for the winter!

    Lara – thanks chick!

    Becky – thanks – glad your loving the 5k distance!

    Jess – so glad you’ve found my blog! I used to have an old blender that was rubbish too, I decent blender is def a worthy investment though!

    Leigh – thanks!

    Lily – I’m sure you’d be able to cook them, all you do is chop em up and wack in the oven!

    Sarah – thanks! I really do like the 10k, as you say its a good distance to be able to push yourself over

    Jess – haha, I have to say I never think I’d be able to do the marathon, I have a HUGE amount of respect for those that do them, amazing!

    Leah – thanks!

    Jessica – I really have issues with the cold too, I was very lucky it cleared up when it did. I still had to run with my gloves on though!

    Kate – thanks, and I do feel I deserve cake ;-)

    Eleanor – your spaghetti squash looked very tasty too, I’m hoping to get more from waitrose!

    Helen – thanks, that basil tofu is delish!

    Maria – as I said in reply to Jessica I think you are amazing for doing a marathon!

    Ffion – thanks!

    Megan – thanks chick!

    Ragnhild – I’m sure you’ll do really well and you are definitely on the right track for your fueling!

    Lana – thanks, the hemp milk was awesome :-)

    Angela – I got it from Waitrose while I was in Brighton, hoping that the Newcastle store will stock it too!

    Madeline – thanks chick!

  • Angela

    Thanks. I’ll have to start stalking all the local Waitrose stores again. I bought so much squash there one time last year that the girl on the checkout asked if I was doing a harvest display. I’m assuming most people don’t get that excited about vegetables!

  • Congrats on the race! Great time!