Feeling Raw!

Hello everyone, thank goodness its Friday! I’ve had what feels like a crazy week with two late night meetings and lots going on at work. I had to get a bit creative with my workouts to be able to fit them in around the extra working hours:

  • Monday – AM gym – 5k on treadmill running 0.25 mile intervals, 30 minutes of cardio intervals (total time) on cross trainer, bike and step machine, abs and core
  • Tuesday – AM Davina Super Sculpt DVD with extra legs section plus Yoga for Runners
  • Wednesday AM – 7 mile hill run in 1hr 03 minutes, abs and core – this was a tough run as my legs felt like lead, I felt like I was a lot slower than I actually ended up being (9.07 pace)
  • Thursday AM – Davina Super Sculpt DVD with extra arms section plus MTV Yoga (I so needed that yoga!)
  • Friday AM – gym – 40 minutes cardio intervals (total time) on cross trainer, step machine, bike and rowing machine followed by abs and core

It was weird to be doing DVD’s again as I only really need to do them when I’m working late on a Tuesday or Thursday which thankfully hasn’t been in a while! Eats wise, I’ve been craving raw foods and surprisingly, considering the general lack of time, I’ve been quite creative.

I’ve gone with lots of my usual green smoothies and salads, I won’t bore you with loads of photos of them but these have been my faves!


My current favourite green smoothie combo: spinach, frozen banana, 2 scoops of vanilla sun warrior protein powder, maca powder, barley grass, spirulina, ground flax, msm crystals, xanthan and guar gums for thickness, water and ice topped with a sauce made from raw brazil cacao bliss, crumbled raw granola and goji berries. Delicious!


Salad bowl containing romaine lettuce, carrot, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, roast beets, raw sunflower flax crackers and raw green goddess dressing.


Another big salad bowl containing cos lettuce, green pepper, cucumber, sugar snaps, carrots, tahini miso dressing and a Clearspring roasted soya nut and pumpkin seed snack pack.

I find green smoothies a great late night meal for me as they are quite easy to digest. I’ve also had the usual tofu topped salads, I tried some olive tofu and it was yummy.

As I said I’ve been getting a bit creative with things, first up I took a shot at a semi raw hummus:


I made this with 2 courgettes, lemon juice, tahini, hemp oil and garlic. It was ok but I think it needed more tahini! I ate this with piles of chopped veggies. I’ve also been eating raw kale chips, lots of fruit and this great little chocolate chia seed pudding in a jar:


2 tbsp of chia seeds, water, 1 tbsp of raw cacao and stevia in a near empty raw brazil nut bliss jar. This was fab – so thick and creamy! It made the perfect take to work snack. I think I’ll be making these more often!

I also tried this Blueberry Pure bar from my NYC stash:


It was very tasty, and had much more blueberry flavour than the cherry cashew version I had tried which wasn’t that cherry flavoured!

Along side the green smoothies I’ve enjoyed some amazing raw breakfasts:


Chocolate protein chia seed pudding (2 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 scoop of chocolate sun warrior protein powder, hemp milk) with strawberries and blackberries. This was so tasty and amazingly filling, it kept me going for hours!


Utterly wonderful banana split breakfast inspired by Jess, this included one large banana, crumbled raw granola, strawberries and vanilla almond protein sauce (1 tbsp of raw almond butter mixed 1 scoop of vanilla sun warrior protein powder and water). That was the first time I’ve tried a nut butter protein sauce and it was the bomb! I can’t wait to try it over cereal.

When I have been at home for dinner I’ve gone for a good old Buddha bowl meal:


Kidney beans, quinoa, raw courgette, basil and parsley with spinach, roast beets and roast acorn squash plus the last of my green goddess dressing mixed with more tahini and sweet white miso. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the acorn squash, not enough sweetness or flavour compared to butternut or kabocha :-(

Today I’ve been able to work from home so decided to get creative with my lunch:


Raw courgette noodles with a raw sauce made from cherry tomatoes, red pepper, garlic granules, onion powder and italian seasoning topped with nutritional yeast. Enjoyed with some tasty raw crackers. I still can’t get over how satisfying this is!

For this evenings dinner I thought I would try out the tempeh I bought a few weeks ago. I baked it in some Clearspring teriyaki sauce and served with a baked sweet potato with coconut butter and some veg box fresh steamed chard and broccoli with ginger and shoyu:


The tempeh turned out lovely, its definitely growing on me. I also loved the coconut butter on the sweet potato, might try almond butter next time!

I’ve also had some tasty desserts:


Pink lady apple with Artisana Cacao bliss. This stuff is heavenly! I also went back to my nut butter box (yes, I have a box full of nut butters, don’t judge me) and had a couple of spoonful’s of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter and my god that stuff is amazing!


Slice of raw banana sesame goji and dried cherry cake from the freezer. The last time I posted this I got loads of requests for the recipe, basically its just 1 cup of sesame seeds soaked and blended with a small banana then mixed with gojis and dried cherries pressed into a lunch box, frozen and sliced up! Nom!

Just to add to the general rawness of my week, this morning I received this great selection of products from RAW Health to review:


I have some of their newest products to try: agave nectar, raw kalamata olives, lemon chia energy balls and cacao truffles, plus some of my old favourites: raw crackers and raw chocolate. Looking forward to enjoying these!

In even more raw news I ordered a dehydrator today! I decided that I would use my birthday money (coming up in August) to buy a dehydrator. I’ve gone for the best model I can afford, the Excalibur and I can not wait to start experimenting! I don’t think I’m about to turn into a total raw foodist, but I have really been enjoying how eating more raw food makes me feel :-)

After that busy week I could have done with a quiet weekend but no such luck! I’ll be off to town to see Harry Potter, visiting friends and family, fitting in a long run, studying and buying some camping gear ready for next weekend’s Kendal Calling Festival where I’ll be blogging with Alpro Soya! I can’t wait.

Have you ever experimented with raw foods? How did they make you feel? Any must try dehydrator recipes I should take a look at?

Oh, and a quick question for you: how do you guys feel about the Intense Debate commenting system? I always try and reply to my comments but I realise that a lot of people probably don’t come back and check. At least with that system I can reply to specific comments which will notify you with an email but I don’t want to install it if it puts you off commenting! Let me know what you think!


I’ve put together a two week quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!

  • Wow – some really delicious looking food! I like the look of your salad bowls in particular.
    Exciting news about the dehydrater – I look forward to seeing what you do with it :-)

  • Yayyy for the dehydrator! I cannot wait to start drying out fruit and making raw cookies etc. Im slowly getting into raw foods and love what I’ve tried so far! The Lusciously Raw brand have a blog full of raw recipes. They use dehydrators to male their amazing cookies! :-)

  • Loving all the raw goodness here!!!
    You won’t regret going for the excalibur, so much fun creating ahead of you!

  • I love RAW Health products, the raw crackers are amazing. I try to add more raw foods to my diet in the summer as it just seems more natural to eat raw when the weather is better. The raw noodles look amazing! x

  • Aaaah I bet you’re so excited about your dehydrator, I was about mine! I literally never switch it off because I’m constantly eating dried fruit haha!
    All of your eats look absolutely amazing as always! And I have been so tempted to make a banana split recently and you’ve just made me want to do it even more!
    Hmm, I’m sort of on the fence about raw foods. I love dried fruit and nuts etc but I definitely could not have a raw diet. I love my cereal, roasted veg and hearty curries, stir-fries and stews (especially with the winter looming…) way too much.
    Hope you have a great weekend lovely! :)

  • I’ve had mostly positive feedback about Intense Debate, but sometimes I find it difficult to respond in terms of commenting on other people that I don’t already know’s blogs when they haven’t entered their URLs etc. into the ID profile. Other than that I think it’s a good system, but I may switch back to plain old Blogger at some point because I don’t always feel able to reply to every comment and feel bad replying to some and not others! It’s really easy to set up etc. though.

    I would love to hear what you think of Harry Potter: I’d really like to see it but will have to wait until it comes out on DVD…I have a ‘thing’ about going to the cinema alone, which is daft because no-one can even see anyway with the lights down etc. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be able to sit for that long but with the state of my hips I don’t have much choice at the moment, or for the next 3 months until I can get an MRI…bloomin NHS.

    I would give my right arm (or leg, seeing as it’s useless right now) for a dehydrator so I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful creations you make with it. Everything in this post looks luscious and although I haven’t experimented much with raw food myself (too intimidated and also I’m lacking in gadgets and those special extras such as crackers etc.) I would certainly hoover it up if you uncooked me some!

    Sweet potato and coconut butter sounds a great combo too, and I think you’ve done the impossible in actually making tempeh look appetising.

    I loved that Pure Bar too: much more natural tasting than the cashew cherry. I’d still rather eat one of your raw bars though.

    Enjoy the week-end: it sounds fab.


  • Well done on keeping your momentum going this week. I sometimes get so wound up in a routine that if it gets tampered with by life I freak out and throw the towel in when all it required was a DVD or a different time slot. I’m learning to be more flexible and roll with it :-)

  • It seems like you managed to fit in some awesome workouts despite having such a busy week, I’m jealous of your time management skills!

    I thought i didn’t eat many raw foods at all, but then i realised i do have a huge salad beast for lunch most days and practically all my snacks are raw veg, fruit, dried fruit and nuts. I definitely couldn’t do without my morning porridge or cooked dinners though (roasted veg, curries, homemade veggie burgers, stirfrys etc). I love the look of your courgette noodles + sauce (italian inspired food is my favourite but I don’t really eat pasta often). Do you have a recipe for the sauce?

  • P.S. I think it’s lovely that you take the time to reply to everyone’s comments and I always check back whenever I comment on your blog :) If the new system would make it easier for you to reply to individuals and then alert the commenter via email then I say go for it.

  • As usual, I want to eat EVERYTHING you posted! i tried out my chia seeds for the first time yesterday, and i loved them!

    i love raw food, and i’ve been vaguely experimenting with it for about a year now. can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

  • I’ve never had any beef with Intense Debate, so it definitely wouldn’t put me off commenting :D And all of your eats are looking super tasty. I followed a 100% raw food diet for about 8 months and… I have really mixed feelings about it. It was pretty good at first, and I felt fantastic for a little while, butttt it’s what I believe was the start of my eating disorder. Reading all of the negative things people had to say about cooked foods and grains and fats really messed with my head, and it was then that I started being obsessive and fearing food. Being so restrictive and putting so much time and effort into prepping raw meals really did a number on my mental state so… yeah. I generally try to stay away from any mention of raw foodism these days. Not that I don’t love my fruits and veggies, but I don’t try and make it a goal to eat high raw.

  • Last year I aimed for an 80% raw diet and stuck to it for a good 6+ months. At first I felt great, but over the longer term my energy levels began to flag, my stomach was upset and it was difficult to eat enough calories. Now I’m more for a 50/50 raw and vegan diet :)

    I love those raw products. The cracker bread ones are awesome! Or should I say, rawesome (bah!) xxx

  • Your food looks delish as always, and well done for getting in workouts during such a busy week.As for the dehydrator, I have no idea what you could do except make urban fruit style snacks! I think that commenting system is good, although for a while it did not save my comments on Jess’ blog, but that seems to be sorted now.

  • I love raw foods and then way they make me feel, but i think it can be so expensive (on a student budget!) especially when you introduce dehydrators and pre-prepared foods, so i try to just eat as many raw fruit and veggies as i can afford :)
    Everything you’ve made is so creative and delicious looking though, it’s making me want to experiment so much more.

  • I have a bit of a mental block when it comes to raw foods…i think it’s great for some meals, but the thought of a raw diet just seems wayyyy too restrictive for me!
    Having said that, everything here looks amazing! :)

  • Im so excited for you, and that you feel that it benefits you to eat more raw! That is great :) Me, I have been on more than a few raw-kicks over the years. But its been for the wrong reasons. It has always been a way to control and restrict myself! And it always made me feel like crap. That being said, I dont blame it on the food itself. I adore a lot of raw food- especially desserts! I prefere them over cooked! And lots of other food, I also love raw!

    Now, I try to find balance, and eat both raw and cooked. Whatever my body craves :) I crave the freshness of raw food, and ate raw pasta just yesterday :) Your pasta-dish looks so good too!

    Cant wait to see all the goodies you will make with your dehydrator!
    Happy weekend to you :)

  • I knew you’d get a dehydrator soon!! I’m really excited to hear how you get on with it because you are so creative in the kitchen. You seem to love raw crackers and kale chips so you will be able to make massive batches with them.

    Like the idea of that cake – not with sesames as I don’t like them (tahinigate all over again!) but I’m sure the basic principle would work with other seeds. And bananas just go so well in cake-type things…

    With things like tempeh it’s up to the individual to tinker with the marinade so the flavour is to their liking. I much prefer its texture to that of tofu in a main meal (though I like the way there are lots of different types of tofu)

    You would so well to get workouts in Monday-Friday, I am in total awe of you girl!

    and last but not least, that banana split looks like a plate of heaven :)

  • Sarah – thanks! I can’t wait to start experimenting with it!

    Jemma – thanks I’ll check out their site for the recipes!

    Lana – thanks I can’t wait to get uncooking ;-)

    Lily – I completely agree, they aren’t quite so appealing in the winter!

    Nicky – oh gosh I could never go completely raw! I just enjoy incorporating more raw foods alongside the yummy cooked stuff :-)

    Jess – thanks for the feedback on the intense debate, I think I’m going to try installing it later. HP was great, I’m sure you will enjoy it on DVD! So sorry to hear about your injuries right now, it really sucks :-(

    Lara – I know what you mean, I love my usual routine and feel like a duck out of water when it gets messed up but I kind of have ‘alternative’ routines ready for when I work late and that helps :-)

    Bronagh – thanks for the feedback on the commenting! The recipe for the raw sauce is basically (processed in a little food processor) 1 red pepper, 3 tomatoes (or a few cherry toms)and however much garlic powder, onion powder and italian seasoning for taste as needed. I think a lot of people forget that even salads, veggies, fruits etc are all raw, even if your whole meal isn’t raw your still eating quite a bit!

    Alisa – yey for chia seeds, I can’t wait to see what I come up with!

    Amanda – thanks for the commenting feedback. I totally see your point about the raw stuff, I can see how it could become an issue for people that totally buy into it, and while I can appreciate total raw foodists I know that would never personally work for me and my body, a life without oatmeal? No way :-)

    Sarah – thanks so much for that feedback, that’s much more the way I intend to approach it I still think there’s so many benefits going for a 50 / 50 approach :-)

    Maria – thanks for the commenting feedback, I hope I’ll be showing you loads of things to make on a dehydrator!

    Sarah – I’m actually getting the dehydrator to save money in the long term – I always have leftover juice pulp and nut pulp so instead of buying the more expensive raw crackers I’ll be making my own and saving dosh!

    Ellen – I would never be able to go 100% raw, I’m more looking at just incorporating raw foods into my diet and reaping the benefits!

    Ragnhild – thanks for your comment, I’m certainly looking at a similar approach to you in enjoying a mix of raw and cooked foods :-)

    Deisegirl – I’m so excited about being able to start experimenting and especially making my own kale chips! I’m really loving the tempeh too, I agree that I’m starting to like the texture more than tofu as well!

  • I’ve always wanted a dehydrator, but I don’t have the space for one right now in my little kitchen!

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on some chia seeds! Those chia puddings look enviable, I bet the texture is fabulous.

  • I love RAW Health products, but I don’t have much knowledge of raw foods, and wouldn’t know where to start with a dehydrator, altho I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun trying!

  • Ash

    I also love raw food and try to eat as much as possible although in winter I have certain comfort foods which I love cooked such as porridge. Kate Wood from raw living is a bit of a raw food guru. My local independent health store stocks loads of her products, we were also fortunate enough to have here down here a few weeks ago to do a talk and food prep course over a weekend and she is amazing!! I have here cookbooks which are fun to read and look at as well as informative, not to mention fab recipes. Check out her web site I am sure you will be impressed. http://www.rawliving.eu.

  • Ash – Thanks for that link! I have heard of Kate Wood, I may even look into trying some of her books :-)