Summer Solstice and WIAW

Hope you all had a good Summer Solstice! I’m happy to admit I’m a bit of a hippy chick at heart and love the solstices – I like feeling in tune with the changing of the seasons and the cycles of nature :-)

Peas and Crayons

This isn’t what I ate Wednesday, rather I thought I’d blog what I ate yesterday (Tuesday) instead! I had been hoping wake up to the Summer Solstice like this:


Instead I ended up with this:


I still enjoyed doing my Yoga for Runners though, even if it was a bit gloomy in my living room!

After my usual lemon and warm water I made an utterly fantastic breakfast:


Peanut butter puffins cereal, strawberries, Sojade plain soy yoghurt and PB&Co White Chocolate Wonderful sauce with Almond Teeccino ‘coffee’ sweetened with stevia. This was so good, the strawberries were huge and so sweet and the nut butter sauce mixed with the yoghurt and the puffins was heavenly. Not surprisingly for such a big bowl, this kept me full for hours!

I was at a training course for work in the morning and then came and worked from home in the afternoon. Lunch was a big salad containing romaine, watercress, carrot, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, sugar snap peas and marinated tofu with lots of Braggs liquid aminos:


I also had a sliced pink lady apple and some frozen grapes:


Why oh why have I just discovered the pleasure of frozen grapes? These were delicious!

Mid afternoon I snacked on a divine Cocoa Mint Nakd Bar along with a big mug of green tea (probably my 5th cup!):


I hit the gym a little later and did a total of 30 minutes of intervals on the cross trainer, step machine and bike followed by yet another awesome Body Pump class.

For dinner I had a second portion of a big Veggie Chilli I made on Monday along with some brown rice, steamed greens, broccoli and asparagus:


Yes, this was a huge plate but I was really hungry :-) I have to say my Veggie Chilli really is absolutely gorgeous and is so simple to make, I just love it.

For dessert I had a big bowl of cookies and cream protein ice cream using 1.5 scoops of cookies and cream spiru-tein, ice, water, xanthan and guar gums and some agave. I topped with chocolate covered sunflower seeds:


I could eat big bowls of protein ice cream all day long I think!

Did you do anything to mark the Summer Solstice? One day I would love to go down to Stonehenge or one of the more local stone circles and watch the sunrise.

Has summer started where you are? Any holiday plans? I’m off down to Brighton again in a couple of weeks, I am really hoping for some sunshine by then!

Hope your having a great week :-)


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  • I love summer solstice, but I was at work until late evening hours and didn´t enjoy it much this year. But it is nice that summer is here!:)I am so looking forward the summer holiday! SInce I am working at school, I will have quite a long holiday, so I hope to make some nice trips and such:)
    I sooo love that veggie chilli, awesome!
    Have a lovely day! :)

  • Peanut butter puffins and white chocolate wonderful – okay I am SO doing that!! I got WCW in my blog swap YAY!
    And I can’t believe you have only just had frozen grapes..they are AMAZING. I always have bags of them in my freezer from whenever I see them going cheap at the market!
    I didn’t do anything for the summer solstice. It certainly doesn’t feel like summer either, the weather is disgusting!
    I don’t have any plans for the summer as of yet, but my parents are talking about a holiday somewhere that I want to go but they want to make sure it’s somewhere where there’s enough food available to me so I’m a bit stuck :(

  • Absolutely lovely meals Laura! And the WCW PB looks so so good! Cant stop staring at the picture ;)
    Summer in norway is kind of back and forth:P Today we have AMAZING weather though, and I really enjoy it! I have been out almost all day which makes me a really happy girl :)
    Enjoy your day<3

  • It chucked it down all morning here in the South East, so I think it’s safe to say that summer has definitely not arrived here yet! Or maybe this wet weather IS the summer :-S

    Your veggie chilli dinner looks delicious, but for some reason I always get a massive craving for steamed green veggies whenever I see your dinner photos! I need more greens in my life :)

  • I would love to try Puffins at some point, though I’m sure that would form another addiction in my mind!

    I don’t do anything to mark the solstice but like you I’d love to celebrate it at Stonehenge: I think the atmosphere would be just magical. Plus, I was very entranced by Wicca when I was a teenager so I’d be indulging my sixteen-year-old self ;)

    Summer should have started but it’s drizzling at the moment. Doh!


  • I still think that you should start your own healthy living cookery school… or vblog tutorials! :D
    I’m off on retreat again in July – praying it doesn’t rain x x

  • I love the solstice, summer is by far my favourite season but it’s nice to appreciate the changes between the seasons. Last year I stayed up all night and watched the sun rise from a friend’s balcony, this year it was raining :(
    I want to try Puffins so badly and your dinner looks amazing, so bright and colourful! x

  • Your veggie chilli recipe IS gorgeous, I can vouch for that! I might make it next week, actually.

    The weather here has been so up and down lately, some days have been beautiful, warm and sunny, and then the next day it chucks it down. I think we had Summer in April!

  • oh gosh! perfect use for choc covered sunflower seeds!!! and your chili looks divine! =) Happy WIAW Laura! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  • Yeah I was not that impressed with the weather yesterday! Not much sunshine about at all!

  • Oh noes! I’m sorry about the lack of sun! We had absolutely miserable weather here for like a week and a half, but then on the first day of summer, the sun decided to show up so it was definitely a good day :D

    All of your eats look fantastic and so fresh – perfect for summer!

  • I’m loving the PB Puffin love in this post, especially with the added PB! :) Apparently we are going to have an amazing blast of sun on Sunday…up to 28 degrees in some place…wooohoooo!

  • I didn’t realise that it was summer solstice until you tweeted! It really doesn’t feel like summer yet to be honest. I would love to try the pb puffins.

  • I almost forgot it was summer solstice! I’m looking forward to long days, especially now that summer’s begun and rooftop bars open and there’s more to do in the daylight!

  • I’m obsessed with protein ice cream. It’s kind of the best summer thing EVER. Although, I also love it in the winter. hehe.

    PB Puffins are the BEST!!!! I’ve never tried them topped with anything though! YUM!

  • great eats sweetie! must look out for chocolate covered sunflower seeds :-)

  • I have to admit that the summer solstice completely passed me by. I am, however, seriosuly looking into the possibility of a summer holiday! Nothing planned as yet though.

  • i just got my granola!! :-) Thanks so much!! :-)

  • Lenna – oh you lucky thing! Hope you enjoy your long holiday :-)

    Nicky – hope you guys figure out the perfect holiday destination – here’s hoping for the states eh ;-)

    Ragnhild – glad you have had some sunshine at least!

    Bronagh – Oh my I really hope this is not the extent of our summer but in this country it could be the case :-(

    Jess – haha, yet another thing we have in common, I was a little witch back then too! In fact a lot of that has really shaped my spiritual outlook on stuff!

    SJ – well all I can say is watch this space ;-)

    Lily – that sounds magical :-)

    Konni – yey! So glad you liked the chilli, its yummy :-)

    Jen – happy wiaw and thanks for hosting the party!

    Maria – tell me about it, fingers crossed for a better july

    Amanda – that must have been perfect for summer solistice!

    Jemma – I bloody hope so! I need some sun!

    Helen – I know, I’m just hoping its going to appear very soon :-)

    Katie – oh your making me jealous with that talk of roof top bars!

    iheartveggies – you sound like a girl after my own heart!

    Emma – thanks – I got those seeds in the States unfortunately! – so glad you got the granola too!

    Alison – good for you I think you deserve a summer holiday :-)

  • Yum! That protein ice cream sounds good, I just made some protein brownies, they’re delish, I need to actually measure my ingredients next time so I can share the recipe!

  • Yes, it was a pitty about the weather :( I would love to go to stonehenge for the solisice, too!
    Aaaah, I picked up some teechino on the weekend, and am in love!