June review, my top 10 healthy living tips and a GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone, I’m in shock that we are now almost in July, I can’t believe how time has flown this year! Hopefully we’ll be getting more weather like this:


June has been a great month for me! I have:


I have a really great July ahead including a short break to one of my favourite places in the world Brighton, and I’ll be attending Kendal Calling Festival in partnership with Alpro Soya!  I also have the Great North 10K. There’s a couple of other things I’d like to focus on this month too, including meditation and mental clarity.


These days it feels like my head is set to explode with all the ideas I’m working on and I really need to find some clarity and focus so I can achieve my plans. I also want to look at my beauty routine, as even though my skin and hair are in good condition, I’ve just been feeling a bit ‘meh’ and could do with a focused effort, especially with my make up!

I was also a bit disappointed that I lost a couple of lbs this month. I always want to be honest with you here on the blog, as this is all part of my journey. I thought that because I was feeling really good, putting in strong performances with my running and honouring my hunger signals I would be maintaining my weight, as I have successfully for the last few months, rather than loosing more (FYI, weight loss is no longer a goal for me). I’m now in a position of wanting to gain a couple of pounds, bring on the nut butter!

My goals for July:

  • Do the Great North 10K in under an hour (I would love to manage under 55 minutes if possible!)
  • Continue to train for the Great North Run consistently and without injury
  • Make sure that I’m fuelling myself properly to prevent any further weight loss and to gain weight instead
  • Continue to try and take a frugal approach to grocery shopping when possible
  • Change up my interval training and get more structured with my resistance training – this was a goal last month that I didn’t really look at. My focus will still be my running though :-)
  • Enjoy my time in Brighton and the Festival, especially the food!
  • Start to do some meditation and really focus on bringing some of my ideas to life
  • Review my make up routine and make a bit more of an effort


July Sponsors

I’d like to welcome back sponsor Viva Pure for their second month of sponsorship. I’m also happy to report that the Goodness Direct discount code will be valid until the end of the year, so if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet you still have plenty of time!

You may have also seen on a few blogs that Total Greek Yoghurt are running their Fit for Summer Campaign and have been asking healthy living bloggers to submit their top ten healthy living tips. In addition to giving you some of my tips I’ve managed to wangle it so that Total are my sponsors for July and that of course includes an awesome giveaway!

1 lucky winner will receive a month’s supply of Total Greek Yoghurt!

To enter (each of these counts as a single entry – please leave a separate comment for each one):

  • Leave a comment to this post with one of your own top tips for healthy living
  • Follow me via Google Friend Connect or ‘like’ my Facebook page (links under the ‘follow me’ section on the right) or follow me on Blog Lovin or Twitter and leave a comment below stating that you have done so
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Giveaway open to UK residents only (sorry International friends!) and closes at 12am GMT Thursday 7th July 2011, good luck!

For an extra chance to win check out Total’s own giveaway too!

As a ‘mostly’ vegan I don’t eat Greek Yoghurt at the moment but I know a lot of you guys love Total so I didn’t want you to miss out on winning!

Of course, before I go I need to give you my very own Top 10 Healthy Living Tips:

Drink water – I think this is so important! Drinking plenty of water should be something everyone does, water is vital for all of our metabolic processes, lubricates our joints, flushes out toxins and improves our skin! 2 litres a day seems to be the most widely recommended amount, I know I drink a lot more than that when I exercise though.


Eat whole foods – eating a diet that consists of mostly unprocessed whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains will ensure you get a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for good health and vitality.


Move your body – do some form of exercise 3-6 times a week. I don’t think it matters what you are doing, just that you are getting your body moving, your heart rate up and the blood pumping! Exercise is proven to improve your mood, support detoxification and generally give you a glow!

Be joyful – take joy in food! Who says that to be healthy you should exist on bland tasteless salads? Yes, food is fuel but food is so much more than that! It can be our connection to our environment, a way to show someone you love them, a social act to bring people closer together and most of all food should bring you pure unadulterated joy :-)


Honour your body – listen to your body and learn from it and the signals it gives you. Teach yourself the difference between true hunger and boredom or stress eating, but don’t be hard on it when you do eat because of those things. Eat what makes you feel your best, don’t worry about labels or what other people think, love and honour your amazing body and treat it with kindness and compassion.

Take care of your mind – good mental health is just as important as having a healthy body. Look after your own mental health, try and be positive, use affirmations and avoid negative self talk, see the best in people, avoid exposing yourself as much as possible to things that bring you down.


Take the pressure off – I think all too often we feel the pressure to be perfect, to do all the things on our to do list, to cook that tasty meal, do the washing, clean the house, study, work, exercise… Sometimes it just all adds up! Take the pressure off yourself sometimes, no one is perfect. Try your best when you can, but there’s nothing wrong with taking an extra rest day, getting a take away instead of cooking and letting the house be a pig sty for one more day!

Seek balance – Everyone needs to find their own level of balance that they are happy with. Some people prefer to eat clean whole foods at all times, some eat well during the week and eat what they fancy at the weekend. The fact is that to be at your healthiest you need to find a balance between eating healthier foods and not so healthy foods that works for you!

Choose healthy over skinny – My final tip, and one that is really important for me, is to move beyond the ‘I want to be skinny’ mentality. If your focus is on taking care of your body (and mind) then motivating yourself from a health perspective is going to be so much better for you, especially in the long term!


Hope you’ve enjoyed my tips! Good luck with the Giveaway!


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  • Gosh you certainly have had a great June!! And just look at what is already lined up for July – woww, very exciting!! :)
    Aw Laura, we all love you so much for your honesty and you should be SO proud of yourself for actually being disappointed with your weight loss as this isn’t what you wanted to achieve. I’ll be honest with you and say you did look very slim when I met you (okay I know I can’t talk..) and you definitely do not need to lose anymore! You are such an inspiration with your ‘healthy’ mindset, honestly. I wish more bloggers were like you.
    As for how to have a healthy lifestyle, other than your fantastic ones, I’d say eat plenty of colorful foods and also live your life around positive people :)

  • I already follow you :)

  • I tweeted!

  • Anddd I will link back in my post tomorrow :)

  • Hey I’m a new follower, I love your blog, it’s so inspiring! It’s so annoying living with parents though because you can only eat what they put in the fridge! Anyway my top tip is taking healthy snacks with you on the go so you’re not tempted to buy unhealthy stuff! Keep up the amazing work. Sophia x

    Twitter contact: @smoir

  • Gah! What an amazing giveaway! So bummed that I can’t participate! But I’m so happy for you, Laura, because things seem to be going absolutely amazing for you, and I love seeing fabulous things happen to fabulous people :D You rocked June, and you’re gonna rock July as well.

    I love your tips for healthy living and especially the last one. I used to think that being skinny was the only way to be happy, but the skinnier I got, the more unhappy I became. Thank goodness I smartened up and saw that health = happiness, and that’s what keeps me motivated to do the right thing :D

  • Oooh excellent tips! I definitely live by them, especially the healthy is better than skinny one! taken me a while to realise it, but that’s how i live now!

  • I already follow you on twitter

  • I tweeted!! :)

  • I already follow you!

  • It looks like you’ve had a great month. And if you’re looking for any makeup recs, I’d be happy to help! I feel much more qualified to comment on beauty than health! Having said that, your skin in that last post already looks amazing, so I don’t think the lily will need a lot of gilding :D

    My top tip for healthy living is to eat fresh and homemade. That way you know exactly what’s in your food. I don’t calorie count and I don’t worry too much about how much fat or carbs or protein there is or isn’t, I just make things with a good balance of food groups that taste yummy. Then it’s not difficult to stick to!

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  • I follow you on blogloving- it’s sweetradiodj@gmail.com

    Your blog is SO inspirational. My top tip for healthy living is to choose raw foods at every step and ditch processed, sugary stuff! It’s been said enough, but most people still underestimate it!

  • I love this post! You had such a great June! My top healthy living tip would be to love who you are and everything that you stand for! I think having love for who you are is very important and a great start on anyone’s quest for a healthier lifestyle. x

  • Anonymous

    Hi Laura!
    I follow you on bloglovin :)
    Wow what a June you have. I’m being very organised and have started my training for the Bath Half already! As a beginner really appreciated your blogpost about how you got in to running.
    My tip for healthy living SMILING! Something so simple which I didn’t do enough of, so I looked like a grumpy so & so and felt it too! Now I smile when I’m on the phone to project my mood better and am generally more of a smiley person!
    Hope you have a fab time at brighton. I haven’t put my email for security reasons, but as i view your posts daily on bloglovin if i so luckily win then i can contact you :)

  • Really like and agree with your take the pressure off tip – very important.

    One of my top tips for healthy living is – if you’re going to treat yourself then treat yourself to quality. If you desperately want that chocolate get some Green & Blacks or Lint 85% ;) not a kit kat! xx

  • I’m a facebook follower =) x

  • Great giveaway, I love Total Greek yoghurts!

    I did a top 10 tips post too, my favourites would probably be to spend time outdoors and smile often. Well, obviously water, veggies, fresh food etc important too, but sometimes I get so caught up in what I’m eating that I forget to enjoy the life (and my children) that’s going on around me!

  • I already follow you on Twitter @PorridgeParsnip

  • I tweeted! :)

  • i liked your facebook page :)

  • I think my most important healthy tip that i follow is to plan ahead, i find not only does it make you choose better nutritious options, it saves money and cuts waste!

  • What a perfect June :)

    I can only comment on how much I admire your continuing journey and say how great it was to meet you.

    Hope you have an equally successful July.


  • I have a fridge packed full of these yoghurts ready for review, but you can never have too many right?!
    My top tip for healthy living would be to try new things, be it food or exercise. By keeping it fresh and exciting, healthy living need never be boring and always be fun :)

  • Well done on all your goals- you are always so inspiring :)
    I would say that reducing stress is a big one. I know that in the past I have made myself ill from being so stressed, and I have realised that it is not worth it. This is not to say I am lazy with work or anything, but I choose my battles and also try to make sure I do not worry about things I cannot control. :)

  • What wonderful post! You are such an inpiration when it comes to a healthy balanced lifestyle! The fact that you are able to see more weight loss as a not-so-good-thing, is great! Not many girls would be able to do that!

    And I realy like your tips, especially to treat our bodies with kindness and compassion! Exactelly what Im working on. Im so focued on the food itself, I hope Ill be able to see my health as a whole, and really take care of my precious body and health!

    Thanks for always being such an amazing inspiration!

  • Krystal

    Well done on an amazing June! Hope ur July goals are as successful.

    My top tip is to look at your eats as a long term, healthy eating plan rather than a diet…makes it seem much more achievable!

  • Love your blog!! It is so beautiful!

  • my top tip is if youre craving some chocolate or something sweet, snack on some dried fruit! i keep some in my handbag for when i get the cravings!


  • im a follower via gfc

  • i have liked your fb page

  • I drink a lot of water. :) Where do you shop?? I love the swimsuit!!! I also love what you wrote, healthy over skinny. Yeah!!

  • My top healthy living tip is to drink lots and lots of water! Not only is it good for the body but it’s great for your skin as well! x

  • My tip – eat organic if you can.

    Someone I know has a rabbit that won’t eat non organic veggies. Speaks volumes

  • Great goals for July – with speeds you’ve been running I’m sure that it’s possible to manage the 10k in under 55mins, with some adrenaline on your side as well :-)

  • Ooh great giveaway (and great news about the GD discount code too… could be dangerous!) My top tip for healthy living would have to be to ENJOY everything you eat. I believe you’re setting yourself up to fail if you suddenly adopt a restrictive diet and make yourself eat things you don’t truely like just because they’re meant to be ‘good’ for you. Instead, go to the supermarket and fill your basket with fresh, delicious, healthy foods that you LOVE! For me that’s things like a wee bit of goats cheese, olives, basil tofu, hummus… things I can add to my meals to make them amazing! It’s really awesome to be able to look forward to every meal and makes eating healthy a total breeze :) (sorry, long winded top tip there!)

    Also, just wanted to add that I’m glad you mentioned the weight issue you’re currently dealing with. I too need to monitor my weight this month as I can’t afford to lose any more and should really put on a few pounds… but I *still* struggle with the thought of increasing my intake – thank god for PB! I’m looking forward to picking up some tips from you this month :)

  • I already ‘like’ the KHGS facebook page :)

  • I dabbled with Buddhism a couple of years ago, and meditation was one of the core principles involved. It really is an amazing tool you can use to calm yourself – just 5-10 minutes a day and you will definitely feel a much better person! :)

  • Hiya,

    My health tip would be:
    Read the labels of the products you buy and buy the ones with the least number of ingredients & don’t buy it if you cannot pronounce an ingredient in it :-)

  • Tweeted about the givaway.

  • Good luck with your 10k!
    Amazing giveaway, I really like Total yogurts but hardly ever remember to buy them!
    My top tip for healthy living would be to vary your meals as much as possible and to try lots of new things.
    I follow on GFC and on Twitter :) x

  • agree with all of these tips 100 percent!
    You are amazing (:

  • ASH


  • I also follow you :-)

  • Krystal

    I already follow you!

  • I linked to this post. :)

  • Love your tips, I did a post on my blog too. My number 1 tip is to make peace with your body, because there’s nothing worse than being at war with it!

  • my tip for healthy living is be grateful for what you have, be mindful of what you don’t…

    in other words, recognise your good fortune, be aware that others are worse off, but also acknowledge what you would like and aim for it

    healthy living is not pain, deprivation, sadness. nor is it 24/7 happiness, joviality, nor unrestricted freedoms

    healthy living is balance, moderation and living in a way that enables you to be the best version of yourself possible, but not to the detriment of others also being able to live happily and in a state of contentment

  • also tweeted the comp :) this is a topic worth as many ideas as possible- it might spark some ‘aha’ moments in some of us to take stock and gain more balance