May Sponsors GIVEAWAY and amazing Raw Cacao Coconut Frappe

Thank goodness its Friday! I know I’ve had a short week but I am ready for the weekend already!

I’ve been continuing to focus on raw clean foods over the last couple of days:

Breakfast on Thursday was just wonderful – organic blueberries, viva pure raw granola and home made almond milk:


Simple and perfect!

This mornings breakfast was some pudding made with 1/4 cup of viva pure chia super food porridge mix, additional tbsp of chia seeds and 1 cup of almond milk (combined and left to thicken overnight) with fresh strawberries and blueberries:


More salad beasts have been consumed:


Spinach, rocket, little gem, red onion, spring onion, courgette, cucumber, sprouted lentils and beans with tahini miso dressing.

Tonight I made my Tofu and Sweet Potato Hash for dinner but used spring greens, cauldron marinated tofu and lots of fresh basil and parsley:


Such a huge plate of yummy stuff!

Last night, after eating my leftover black beans with brown rice and tomato less guacamole for dinner I made a giant bowl of double chocolate protein ice cream for dessert:


I had a bit of an accident while making this due to leakage from the bottom of the blender so it turned out a bit weird, still tasty though! This contained 1.5 scoops of chocolate sun warrior protein powder, crushed ice, water, stevia, 1 tsp of raw cacao powder, xanthan and guar gums and cacao nibs for topping.

For dessert this evening I made the most amazing raw cacao coconut frappe!

Raw Cacao Coconut Frappe (serves 1)


  • 1 cup of almond milk (could use coconut milk too)
  • 1 cup of water 
  • 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder
  • 2 cups of crushed ice
  • 1 tbsp of coconut nectar or agave nectar or sweetener of choice (I used 1 tbsp of coconut nectar and a few drops of stevia)
  • 1/4 tsp of coconut extract or 1 tbsp of coconut butter
  • 1/2 tsp of xanthan and guar gums

Blend all ingredients in high speed blender till smooth. Enjoy!


I had this in my new shake cup and it was absolutely delicious and genuinely tastes like the Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappe I enjoyed so much in NYC! I will be addicted to these from now on! You could easily use chocolate protein powder or cocoa powder instead of the raw cacao or add a tablespoon of desiccated coconut too. So so yummy!

Workouts have been pretty good. On Thursday I did some freestyle yoga when I woke up then headed to the gym for a 3,2,1 workout after work. This absolutely killed me! My muscles were so tired for some reason I could do no where near my usual reps and weights! This morning I was back at the gym for a quick workout – 30 minutes of intervals on the usual gym equipment followed by abs and core exercises.

Well I have a pretty relaxed weekend planned catching up with family and friends, a long run and hopefully some chill time! Hope whatever you are up to its a good one!

May Sponsor Giveaway!

I am very happy to announce my first ever blog sponsor giveaway! The wonderful Viva Pure, Nakd and The Raw Chocolate Company have kindly supplied the following products for you my lovely readers!

Main prize:


  • Complete set of Nakd bars – Gingerbread, Cocoa Orange, Pecan Pie, Berry Delight, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Delight
  • Range of The Raw Chocolate Company products including raw chocolate covered goji berries, mulberries and raisins, banoffe, pitch dark, lavish, minted, twilight and loaded raw chocolate bars
  • Viva Pure packs of raw buck wheaties, raw granola and coconut sugar

4 runners up will also receive a full set of Nakd bars.

To enter (each of these counts as a single entry – please leave a separate comment for each one):

  • Leave a comment to this post stating what you have enjoyed the most from Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish so far this month
  • Follow me via Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Blog Lovin or Twitter and leave a comment below stating that you have done so
  • Tweet about this giveaway mentioning @keephealthstyle and leave a comment below stating you have done so
  • Post about this giveaway with a link back to this post on your blog and leave a comment below stating that you have done so

Giveaway open to UK residents only (sorry International friends!) and closes at 12am GMT Friday 20th May 2011, good luck!


  1. says

    I hope this counts but what I like about your blog in general/this month is that you are like the which? magazine of healthy food trials. Also like the fact you reply to everything.

    cracking giveaway!

  2. says

    I used to love the 1,2,3 work out! Now I mainly run and do yoga, but maybe I should start doing the 1,2,3 thing again to get some strengh traing back into my routine.
    What a great Giva away! I live in Norway so I cant partake. But the one who wins is really lucky :D

  3. Ash says

    So far this month……..That has got to be all of your fab foodie purchases from NYC, I an so jealous!!!

  4. says

    I love all of the smoothie recipes that you post. So many good recipes. I’m also jealous of all of the awesome things you have bought from NYC, especially since I’ve had my eyes opened to the joys that are wonderful the Cliff bars following a trip to Wholefoods in London.

  5. says

    This month I really enjoyed your NYC report back and the little look at the clothes you bought :-)

    ps Facebook link didn’t work for me?!

  6. says

    Hey Laura, I enjoy reading your blog because I find the diet side of it in particular interesting.

    I’m always intrigued by your food creations. I’ve already tried a few things that you have mentioned and recommended such as Naked bars and various milks (oat, vanilla rice and coconut). I’ve still got the hemp one to try next.

    I want to add varience and health to my diet and this blog is a good way to raise my awareness in doing that.

    As well as being visually attractive and stunning, your blog is inspiring to making positive changes in my lifestyle and attitude to life. I enjoyed reading about your spring clean and am going to do one of my own very soon.

    You’re relatable and honest – excellent qualities to have!

    I already follow you on here. And I’ve passed your blog onto friends who are interested in diet/healthy eating.

    Take it easy! x

  7. says

    I’ve posted about you on twitter too, but can’t post on my blog because I think I’ve just managed to delete my entire blog :(
    (Luckily I’m so new to it that I’ve only lost about 10 posts!)

    So far this month I’ve really enjoyed your blogging about your eats in the States. The options that are available out there always seem better that what we have available in the UK, so it’s great that you adapt your recipes to replicate what you found in the US :) (I’ll be trying your Raw Cacao Coconut Frappe for breakfast tomorrow :)!)

    P.S. Do you know where you can get peanut flour in the UK!?

  8. says

    Such an impressive giveaway!

    My favourite thing about KHGS this month has been reading about your awesome NYC trip as well as your usual posts of daily eats… I find them so inspiring :) I also tried several of your recipes this past
    month and have found them all so delicious. The veggie loaf was my personal favourite and my carniverous other half absolutely loved it too :)

  9. says

    Oh and I already follow you on Facebook (I don’t have a blog/twitter). I love it when your new post alerts pop up in my friend feed, haha.

  10. says

    Ohh NYC! I love seeing food hauls particularly from over the pond
    Just recently found your blog so making my way through past posts (:

  11. says

    Wow what a prize!
    I love the green smoothie info- as I did try my first ones and used your website (and the links to the “official” one) to help me make them :)

  12. says

    My favourite thing this month has been the MONSTER salads you make, always gives me fresh ideas when mine are getting boring, and they look so tasty!

  13. Candy says

    My fav thing this month(and actually every month tbh) is the array of COLOURS I see in your food pics. Awesome seriously, pretty, nutritious, inspiring, and deelicious! xox

  14. Claire says

    My favourite thing was seeking the difference between the pictures of you in NY before and now. What a transformation!! I love all of your amazing food pics too!!

  15. says

    I’m in the US so I’m not trying to enter, but I wanted to comment and say I’ve got s cup like that plastic one & I love it for iced tea, but I never thought to put smoothies in it – yum!

  16. says

    Wow…that is a great looking giveaway! Thanks to all your May sponsors for giving you all those great products!

    I loved the 3,2,1 workout post. All your recent NYC posts (I so desperately want to visit, so it was so nice to live vicariously through you! ;-) ) and I also enjoyed your guest posts…it’s always great to “meet” other bloggers! (Basically I love everything here at KHGS!)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend back home! xxx

  17. says

    Ohh! What an AMAZING giveaway!!!
    What I’ve enjoyed most from your blog this month is that your food is always beautiful and nourishing, yet simple, too…very inspiring (:
    More specifically to this month, I enjoyed seeing the foody bits you picked up in New York!

  18. says

    Hi Laura, long time reader but rare commenter however this prize is awesome so I feel the need to break my silence! I’m following you on twitter hayley_y and I always love your blog for all your great healthy recipes but this month in particular your New York adventures were great & your US food haul looked fantastic.
    I hope that counts as two cheeky entries :)
    Keep up the great blogging!

  19. Emma says

    Wow amazing giveaway!

    I have been reading your blog for ages but never commented before.

    I really enjoyed seeing all the food you enjoyed in NYC and all the fab goodies you brought back- I really want to go there now! : )

  20. says

    What a great give away!

    The best thing about your blog in the past week had definitely been your teip to NY and your impressive loot!

  21. says

    Best post this month has been the NYC shopping! I am desperate to try the peanut butter with honey, mmm.

    I follow you on Google and also tweeted (@JMRTRVR) and already follow on Facebook.


  22. says

    I’m not a huge fan of salads but think I might have to start making “salad beasts” because the name is such genius!
    I always love your food photography and the way you blog about different subjects… and this month, I liked the NYC stuff too…
    Hope you’ve had a great chilled weekend :-)

  23. says

    As always, and as you know! I love your recipes and food ideas. You are my go-to when I am lacking in inspiration. And I love that they always taste good!!!

  24. Chantal says

    my favourite post is the reflective one, it’s so nice to see that you have reached a place where you are happy mentally and physically and i totally understand that! i find myself calorie counting but i have now found my happy place.
    I don’t have a url but my email is :)

  25. says

    These prizes look amazing! I’ve loved reading your posts about NYC and feeling very jealous of your food haul there.
    I follow on GFC and via Twitter :) x

  26. says

    What I have enjoyed most from your blog recently has actually been re-reading some of your older posts, especially the run up to your Great North Run last year. They’re so relevant to me now and my own half marathon training.

  27. says

    What I like most about your blog is reading your recipe page and meal planning my week, before hitting the shops! There’s always so many new ingredients to try!

  28. jenny kk says

    Have enjoyed the pics of all the foodie stuff you got from NYC and the places you went to!

    I already follow you on Google Reader.

  29. says

    What a fantastically generous giveaway!

    My favourite thing has to be the white bean and leek bake you posted about the other week – I made it straight away and loved it! And you run at the same pace I do : )

    I already follow you on Google Friend Connect.

  30. krystal says

    Yay, wicked giveaway!!

    I loved the NYC posts and seeing your food haul. The guest posts were fun too…found a few new blogs through these!

  31. says

    I really enjoyed your NYC post although it made me really jealous too! Also loved your post with all your fashion buys from NYC.

  32. says

    I’d love to enter! Naked bars are vegan (as am I) so I am a huge fan, I really enjoyed reading about your different salad ideas they are so creative! Will follow you on twitter and tweet about this, though my tweets are protected.


  33. says

    I’m going to admit I’m a newbie reader thanks to the darling @Marshallexi on twitter and I am so glad she directed me your way.

    Favourite entry this month? Your mouthwatering haul from NYC, I am so so envious!!

  34. says

    I love all your food! I also love hearing about your life in general it makes me wanna hang out with you……and makes me wanna have dinner at yours! x x

  35. says

    Hi Laura,
    I’m following you on google connect and have tweeted about your giveaway. I just love the variety and inspiration on your blog, every month its the same! Whenever I’m feeling a little lacking in motivation your blog certainly gives me some!

  36. says

    I enjoy everything about your blog, it’s so friendly and personal – and very inspiring!

    You’re already my Twitter friend too – and I like you on Facebook :)

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