I love NYC!

Hi everyone, how’s it going? I‘m back from my amazing trip to NYC!

CIMG1499 - cropped

Big thanks to the lovely Nicky and Emma for their wonderful guest posts on  the theme of travelling, staying healthy and eating vegetarian, and thanks to those that left comments – they make for a really interesting read!

As I’m sure you can imagine I certainly didn’t have too many problems eating veggie in NYC, I have enjoyed some delicious food!

Breakfasts while travelling and whilst in NYC have mainly consisted of snack bars like such as nakd bars (and after a trip to Whole Foods then Clif and Lara bars – love these!) soy vanilla lattes and fruit pots:


On Saturday we took a walk down to Soho and stopped off in a cafe / deli called Cafe Duke on Broadway which we had actually visited on our last trip to NYC. I had my usual fruit pot but also enjoyed a white toasted bagel with grape jelly and a kombucha:


I really loved the kombucha, I think I drank 3 bottles of the stuff over the weekend! On the Sunday morning we stopped at another cafe / deli near Times Square for breakfast:


I had some home fries with another fruit pot:


These kind of places were good for myself and James as usually I could find a vegan option while James could enjoy something more meaty!

One of my favourite indulgences on the trip has been Mocha Coconut Frappuccino (with soy milk of course) from Starbucks:

CIMG1463 CIMG1465

I love how they write your name on the cup! I had several of these, I’m going to try and recreate the mocha coconut combo in a smoothie at home these were just so good.

Of course another place I wanted to visit was Whole Foods!


As well as getting lots of foodie goodies to bring home (more on that in a future post!) I enjoyed a couple of salad bar boxes:


I just love these kind of mixed salad boxes, they were huge and I loved every single bite! I tried this So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk Yoghurt and it was heavenly:


I wish we could get these in the UK! We enjoyed a couple of take out meals like this back in our hotel room for convenience mostly, James would get something from a local deli while I would have my salad option – it was handy that the Columbus Circle Whole Foods was just a couple of blocks from our hotel!

The biggest food highlight of the weekend was probably my trip to One Lucky Duck:

CIMG1506 CIMG1507

I got the Mediterranean Salad with kale, rocket, cherry tomatoes, olives, raw ‘parmesan’ and a balsamic mustard dressing followed by a raw chocolate caramel bar:

CIMG1511 CIMG1518

All enjoyed on a park bench in the sun at Union Square :-) The chocolate caramel bar was amazing but for the price I had expected a bit more from the salad, it was tasty but nothing special.

We also paid a visit to Peanut Butter & Co:


I was sorely tempted to try something for the menu but was still stuffed from breakfast! I stocked up on lots of nut butters though.

I can honestly say I have really enjoyed my food on this trip, I’ve ate a huge quantity – mostly due to being tired from jet lag and therefore having a massive appetite!

Of course I can’t forget to mention the gig we went to which was the whole reason for the trip – in case anyone missed it, my husband won this trip in a competition to see the band Rise Against. Yes, we did not have to pay a single penny for the flights, hotel or limo airport transfers (oh yes!) which was a damn good job considering how much I have spent on shopping!

The gig was at Terminal 5 which was a fab venue, unfortunately we didn’t get to meet the band as planned due to some mix up at the venue but we did have access all areas passes and enjoyed the performance from the VIP balcony:


We really enjoyed the gig even though we were both exhausted as we had been awake for over 24hrs by that point! I did enjoy waking up to this view the next morning though:


Other places we visited included Central Park:




I got some serious runners envy here – they were even running a charity race! Next time I may have to pack my running shoes and join them! We actually ended up walking every where during our trip including the 30 odd blocks from our hotel to Soho / Greenwich Village and back! I like walking when visiting cities like this anyway as I think you get too see a lot more that way.

I’m missing NYC already, definitely one of my favourite places on earth! I just love the whole vibe of the city. Next time I visit I would like to try and go to a few more vegan food destinations such as Pure Food and Wine, Babycakes and Candle Cafe as unfortunately we just didn’t have the time or funds for during this visit.

I’ll be back over the next couple of days with posts on all my foodie and fashion buys – I have returned home with some awesome finds!

Have you visited NYC before? What is your favourite area of Manhattan? We just love the Village / Soho area and all the little shops, as well as the bigger shops on 5th! If you haven’t visited New York before is it somewhere you would like to go?


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  • Welcome back! I have major NYC envy right now!

    Last time I was there we spent a whole day in the Met, and it was the best day ever! This might be due to the cafe selling black forest cookies!

  • AHH what a BLAST!!! and hey… the places u never got to just gives you more reason to visit again soon!

  • you went to NYC…I went to Sheildig in the West of Scotland..haha couldnt be more different. mmm Icecream is making my tummy rumble. I cant imagine the dilemma of peanut butter n co!

  • Yay I’m so glad you had a good time! I had the same impression of the One Lucky Duck salad… I much prefer the S&M and falafel salads. Glad you and James both got what you wanted, and still can’t believe the whole trip was FREE!

    You’ll have to come back again soon :-)

  • Probably said a million times before, but I got married there – ♥ the place to bits! Glad to have you back :)

  • Looks like you had an amazing time in NYC! That frappe sounds amazing – wish we had them in the UK. x

  • Welcome back, looks like you had a great time :)

    I’ve been to NY three times and have found so many different areas and places to go each time I’ve been. I don’t think it’ll be too long before I go back, I love it too much to stay away for long!

  • I am so thrilled you had an amazing time! All the NYC eats look super yummy. I don’t think I’d be able to contain myself in a shop dedicated to peanut butter. So excited (& a teeny bit jealous) that you saw Rise Against out there. Love that band; they’re amazing live. Sorry that there was a bit of a muck up with the competition though & you were very tired.

    I’m dying to go to New York! Even I can’t believe that I’ve never been; I think next year is the year.

  • Wow – it looks like you had a really good time :-) Loving the look of all your foody finds and looking forward to seeing the other things you bought.

    I have a friend living in NYC at the moment and would love to visit her, but I’m not sure I can afford it at the moment :-(

  • Welcome back! You look like you fit right in! :)
    I’ve travelled to America a lot, and New Your is probably one of a very few place that I haven’t been and want to go!(another one is Hawaii!)My family actually went without me a few years ago: I’d already booked a holiday with Iestyn and couldn’t go! It’s definitely on my top 5 list of places I want to go NOW! My friend has just returned from living there for three months as a fashion intern, and to say I’m green with envy is an understatement!
    It doesn’t seem like you’ve been gone that long! I bet the jet lags a killer if you’ve only been away a few days!
    I’m looking forward to see all the delicious food you’ve brought back! Better than Christmas!

  • Hey there, just found your blog through another one (yay) and thought i’d say hi. I have never been to NYC but being vegan I can imagine all the amazing vegan food they would have there! Jealous! (then again, if I lived there I might eat it every day and get huge…) Glad to see you had a great time,im loving all the pics! have a great night

  • Welcome back! I would love to visit NYC again- I went once when I was 16 and I didn’t fully appreciate it!

  • Yay glad you had a fab time! I love new york (Andy loves it more than me)- I really like Central park, but my fave has got to be going up the Rockerfeller centre- best views of empire state building and central park etc.
    Yay for PB and Co too! :)

  • Looking forward to seeing your purchases. I have walked 80+ blocks in one day in NYC -exhausting but I saw so much (and shopped so much too!). Great city for walking.

  • Looks and sounds like your trip was amazing, very green I am ;-)

  • The salads in the boxes look amazing!! And all your pictures are just lovely! Seems like you are really enjoying your stay in NYC! Kepp us informed:)

  • I looks like you had an amazing time and enjoyed so much yummy food! I have family in NYC and Orlando, but have never been to visit as they always come over here. I will make it over there one day though! x

  • So glad you had a great time! It certainly looks like you managed to fit in some very tasty eats depsite only being there for a few days :) I must say though, you’re a stronger woman than I am for resisting the PB&Co cafe! I’ve seen their menu online (yeah, i’m obsessed) and some of their PB sandwich combinations sound amazing! I managed to pick up all the PB&Co varities when I visited Wholefoods during my trip to the US last month but I’m nervous to open them because they’re so precious, haha. Can’t wait to see the haul that you brought back :)

  • Great photos! I’ve only been to NYC for 1 weekend, and like you, I did SO much walking! That was in the depths of winter too, and it was sooooo cold. I love it around union square though, and SoHo. Very cool.

    Looking forward to the foodie post :)

  • Swoooon. It looks amazing. x hivenn

  • WOW! It looks so awesome. Yes NYC is somewhere I am desperate to go at some point in life. When my overdraft is paid off, maybe I can save for a proper trip there!

    The food looks yummy. I’ve heard that Moby’s vegan cafe (Teany) is meant to be amazing, I’m sure you would love it there. Also, I love your outfit with the stripy top!

    Note to self: if visiting NYC, take shoes that are good for a lot of walking!

  • Alex – black forest cookies sound yum!

    Carrie – oh yes, I’m planning my next trip already!

    fattolean – it was a tough choice but I was already eating like a piggy – wish I’d left the salad and had the pb now!

    Katie – I so wish I had choosen something different from the menu now – good reason for me to go back again next time :-)

    SJ – oh if I had been married there I’d always be saying so too!

    Lily – the frappe was really good! I can’t wait to try and recreate it!

    Becky – me too, I’m starting to save up again for my next trip

    Kate – oh you so have to go! Rise Against were amazing – luckily James is going to meet them the next time they tour the UK!

    Sarah – thanks! NYC is such an amazing place, your friend is lucky to be living there!

    Ffion – I could not have said it better – its been just like Christmas! You really have to try and get yourself there you’d love it!

    Michelle – yey for being vegan! Glad you enjoy the blog, you would have loved NYC for vegan food, so good!

    Kate – you’ll have to go back – you’d love it!

    Maria – we stopped by the rockafella center but James has issues with heights so didn’t go up!

    Deisegirl – I agree, a great place for just walking around to see what you discover :-)

    Babywilt – thanks!

    lenna – thanks I did have a great time :-)

    Jemma – oh you would love NYC!

    Bronagh – I’m going to recreate their black forest sandwich – DCD, black cherry jam and coconut – oh yes!

    Alison – I’ve heard about NYC winters, not sure I’d like to be walking round in those – you must be tough!

    Jazzy – thanks!

    Konni – Yes! I’d also heard of Moby’s place – theres some great vegan places to visit round the lower east side – next time I go I will be trying to stay for much longer! – Glad you like the top too!

  • I am so JEALOUS your trip looks AMAZING!! All the food looks SO GOOD too!! I knew you’d love kombucha! :)

    Can’t wait to see the haul you brought back too! :D

  • What a fantastic trip! You guys sure packed in a TON of stuff!

  • L

    AS IF you saw Rise Against!! I love them, am so excited to see them live at Leeds Festival in August.
    Glad you had a lovely time in NYC xx

  • Looks like quite a productive day, Laura! Love your new teapot!