Achieving what I never thought possible

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend! Mine has been pretty bloody fantastic starting off with the most amazing run ever! Last week I thought I had ran my best ever run – but this week I blew that out of the water:


Yes, I did a sub 2 hour half marathon! 13.1 miles in 1.58.30 with an average pace of 9.02. I had been planning on doing 12 miles but I was in my groove and decided to continue to do the full 13.1. It was not an easy run, in fact I almost cut it short at several points as it was raining and I was worried about my Garmin getting wet and broken (anyone know if Garmin’s are rain proof?) but the weather improved and I stuck with it. I’m still in shock! The last half I ran was the Great North Run in September with a time of 2.07. A part of me never believed I would ever achieve a sub 2 hour half. This just means so much to me I can’t really put it into words!

Anyway, I was on cloud 9 after my run, I got ready and we headed into town for a celebratory Starbucks ;-) Outfit of the Day:

P1060227 Trench coat: Debenhams, brown cross body bag: Mango, Floral tea dress: Forever 21, pink v-neck sweater: H&M, black tights: M&S, black chunky boots: New Look

Rubbish weather yet again so I went with my trench and had to dig out a jumper! I got lots of lovely fruit and veg from the market – but I’ll share that that in a separate grocery shopping post.

I have had some wonderful eats this weekend:

Kashi Go Lean Crunch, blueberries, kara coconut milk, chopped adora chocolate calcium disc:


Loved the added hit of chocolate from the adora!

Epic Tutti Fruity Smoothie with romaine lettuce, frozen banana, mango, blueberries and strawberries, vanilla sun warrior, peanut flour, acai and pomegranate coconut water, maca, mesquite, water, gums topped with crunchy peanut butter sauce and goji’s:


This was immensely good!

Vanilla decaf with stevia and coconut milk:


This was just delicious. I usually drink my coffee black but as I had a carton of kara coconut milk open I decided to make it a milky one!

Giant hummus topped salad: romaine, mixed leaves, olives, radish, red onion, cucumber, china rose sprouts, braggs and herbamare seasoning, high protein hummus:


More hummus but this time in nori wraps with china rose sprouts, olives, chopped carrots and a persimmon on the side:


Quickest and easiest stir fry noodle bowl: pak choy, broccoli, spring cabbage, asparagus, green onion, mushrooms, carrot, edamame, all stir fried in coconut oil with Clearspring brown rice shoyu ramen noodles plus the broth with added fresh ginger:


Herbed socca pizza with tomato sauce, roast peppers, asparagus, courgette and red onion topped with vegan mozzarella slices, olives and fresh basil. I had this with a big side salad of little gem lettuce and sprouted seeds:


This was delish! The socca just makes the best pizza crust and the vegan cheese was pretty good too. I love how colourful it is!

For a delicious dessert I had hot apple in near empty almond and sunflower seed butter jars topped with soy yoghurt:


This was fab, I just chopped up an apple then microwaved it in the jars (so the nut butter softens too) and then topped with the yoghurt. I have a small collection of almost empty nut butter jars to get through that are just too small for oats but perfect for yoghurt and fruit.

Plus I’ve been having my usual green juice and lots of fruit!

So glad we have an extra day off tomorrow. I decided to move my usual Monday workout to this morning so I could have my rest day tomorrow. I did 20 minutes of speed intervals on the treadmill (between 6.5 – 8 MPH) followed by 4 x 10 minutes of intervals on the cross trainer, step machine, bike and rowing machine followed by abs and core.

Do you have any plans for the bank holiday tomorrow? I think I’ll be just relaxing at home, having a lie in I hope, and getting caught up on a few things. Hope you have a good one!

I’m still buzzing from my run yesterday. A few years ago I would have never imagined I would feel so healthy and fit, be able to cook like I can, lose so much weight, complete the Great North Run and now run a half marathon in under two hours! What have you achieved that you never thought possible?


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  • SO SO AMAZING Laura!! Congrats!! Honestly that is so awesome I can’t get over it!! :D

    Running is one thing I never thought I’d be able to do! I couldn’t even run 800m just a year ago! :P

  • Hot apple in nut butter sounds awesome!! And decaf coffee with coconut milk is something I need to try, I think the coffee with coconut flavour would be really nice drink :) As far as I know, Garmin is waterproof! And congrats on such a great run!!

  • ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! Laura u are so inspiring!! i hope i can achieve a sub 2 hour half one day!

  • Well done again, what a fantastic result!

    Press ups is something I never thought I could do – I can still only do about 10 but it’s am improvement!

  • Well done on your run!!!! Such an amazing time. :-)

  • And the best thing is that when I saw you running you looked like you were cruising. I reckon you could get 1:45 for the GNR this year or faster, easily. You’ve knocked ten minutes off already, so another ten in the same time period seems totally do-able. Lovely to see you going from strength to strength. I’d be happy just to make it to the start line in the ‘shape’ I’m in.

    Any day where I don’t royally screw everything up is an achievement for me ;)

    Microwaving apple in nut butter jars is an inspired idea: the picture looks wonderful.


  • That’s an amazing run! Love how this post is so positive and inspiring :) I never thought I’d get to the point where I actually enjoy exercise but couldn’t imagine life without it now! Your fruit and yogurt in jars look so good, definitely a good way to use small jars without wasting all the yummy nut butter left inside. x

  • ah well done Laura.

  • WOW how amazing are you, well done :-)

    We’re thinking of heading into town for breakfast, I’m thinking Eggs Benedict for me, yummy.

  • Congratulations Laura :) You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to x x

  • Well done laura! :) x

  • Wow congrats on your sub 2 hour half marathon! That’s incredible :D

  • tam

    Yay well done, fab time girlie! Today I will be chilling x x

  • Wow, congrats! I’m not surprised you’re on cloud 9 — that’s a huge achievement! And yes, your Garmin is waterproof. To 50m I think. So don’t worry about the rain :)

    Oh, and I too love coconut milk in coffee — there’s something about the taste’s that go really well together!

  • Hot apple in an almond butter jar sounds like an invention of genius! I think I’ve got an almost-empty jar too, perfect :-)
    We’re supposed to be going out today but this freezing weather doesn’t look too promising so far :-(

  • Aaaahhhh well done Laura, I managed to get mine under 2hrs recently too, isn’t it the best feeling ever!xx

  • Congratulations on the run! Under 2 hours is brilliant and there’s still time before the GNR to improve even more :-)

  • L

    Congrats on the run! That pizza looks sooo yummy :)
    L x

  • well done!! celebratory starbucks was definitely needed (: (:

  • Anonymous

    Wow well done that is an amazing achievement!! I’d love you to do a post on running, especially how you got started. I’ve just begun and can only manage 1 minute… I can’t EVER imagine doing 13.10 miles!!

  • A sub two hour half is amazing! Well done you! I bet it really does completely blow your mind how far you have come! I can’t even contemplate running a half marathon, but I do hope that it is on the cards for me in the future!

  • Wow…congrats on your absolutely amazing run! That is so so wonderful!! I unfortunately hate to run. : ( I wish that I loved it.

  • Emma – thanks – I can’t believe there was a time when you didn’t run, you seem such a natural at it!

    Lenna – thanks! Glad the garmins water proof!

    Carrie – thanks, I’m sure you’ll do a sub 2 hour no problem!

    Becky – thanks!

    Jemma – thanks!

    Jessica – oh I think that might be pushing it but it would be great if I could improve, even just on this!

    Lily – thanks! Glad you find the post inspiring!

    Fattolean – thanks!

    Baby wilt – hope you enjoyed your breakfast!

    SJ – thanks, I completely agree!

    Zoe – thanks!

    Myveganstory – thanks!

    Tam – thanks! Hope you enjoyed your chilling!

    Alison – so glad the garmin is waterproof!

    Eleanor – you have to try it! You’ll love it!

    L – thank you! The pizza was so good!

    Lana – thank you!

    Anon – thanks! We all have to start somewhere, when I started running I couldn’t run for a minute either!

    Ffion – thanks! If I can do it you can do it :-)

    Megan – thanks, if you don’t love something then I think your better sticking to what you enjoy!

  • That’s incredible! Massive congrats! I managed 2:08.16 for my half-marathon run on Saturday, which I was unbelievably chuffed with – it’ll be sub-2hr for me next (maybe…!)

  • Absolutely FANTASTIC!! Well done you! I can only dream about a sub 2 hour half – it would mean knocking 15 minutes off my current best time!!

    I’m sure some days it must absolutely blow your mind how far you’ve come.

    For me, the biggest thing I’ve done that I never, ever, ever thought I could do was the marathon. By far. It’s the yardstick by which I measure my competence in life these days – “well, if you could do the marathon, you could do this as well…” ;)

    Well done you!!

  • Omg, congrats to you! That deserves multiple pats on the back!!