Simple socca

Firstly, thanks for all the comments to my last post. I’ve taken on board what some of you have said regarding my weight loss and I’m in the process of writing up a post with all my thoughts and feelings on the topic of weight maintenance and the problems I’ve been having, so hopefully it will make for an interesting read!

Today we popped over to Newcastle, but first I’ll update on yesterday.

Although I’m off I still wanted to get a workout in, and I don’t like to go to far from my usual routine anyway, so I was at the gym early. I did HIITs on the cross trainer and step machine for 20 minutes each separated by 15 minutes x 2 of HIITs on the bike for a really good cardio workout. I then did my usual abs and core exercises, my plank is now up to 1 minute 20 sec!

Breakfast was a bowl of porridge made with quinoa flakes, Rude Health Fruity Date oat mix, oat bran, kara coconut milk and water. I topped it with some blueberries and pomegranate seeds:


I also had another green juice, I am just loving these at the mo!


This one contained 2 apples, cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon, ginger.

I was a bit stuck for what to make for lunch so I consulted my ‘recipes to try’ list (I get inspired so often I keep a list of things that take my fancy!) For ages I have wanted to try making Socca. I’ve seen it come up again recently on a couple of blogs so I thought I’d give it ago:

Simple Socca – makes one large or two small socca

  • 1/2 cup of chickpea / gram flour
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • Any spices, herbs etc (I added a little cumin)
  • Oil for frying (I used coconut oil)

Mix the flour and water together and fry in the oil on a medium high heat like a pancake. Flip when bubbles begin to show and cook the other side.

I served my socca with stir fried kale, mushrooms, courgette and a tahini sauce made with tahini, lemon juice, soy sauce and water:


This was fab! I can see myself making these again and again – it would be great with hummus and roast veggies (although I think a non chickpea hummus would be nice to avoid chickpea overload, although personally I love my chickpeas!), nut butter and fruit or even made up like a pizza with a tomato sauce and veggies. Have you tried Socca before? For more info on socca see the Pure 2 Raw twins Socca 101 post.

I also had an orange with some pomegranate seeds:


Mid afternoon I tried out another tasty recipe: Mama Peas Cookie Dough Balls. I followed the recipe exactly but used cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips:



Oh my word these are wonderful! I had two with a cuppa for my mid afternoon snack and popped the rest in the freezer.

Dinner was a quick super salad with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, green pepper, sprouts, sprouted beans and a sweet miso dressing (sweet miso, apple cider vinegar, cool oil):


I love these big salads! Dessert was 2 fresh figs, blueberries and Conscious Goji and Coconut raw chocolate:


Today I started with my Tuesday resistance workout (with the reps up to 17). It actually felt reasonably easy today so I think its time to change it up to be a little more challenging. As I’m working with my fixed weight dumbbell sets I can’t do much with the weight, and the reps are already high, so I’m thinking of changing the exercises to a more challenging version, for example my half push up to a travelling half push up and lunge to a lunge with rotation.

Breakfast was a chocolate cherry green monster containing kale, frozen cherries, chocolate sun warrior, kara coconut milk, spirulina, matcha green tea powder, maca powder and xanthan and guar gums for a little added thickness. I topped it with some Bear Coco Cherry Pie granola and flaked almonds:


As soon as we got into town we made a bee line for Starbucks! I had a gorgeous Grande Soy Gingerbread Latte and it was divine:


My first coffee in a month and it was oh so good!

After coffee I headed to Newcastle’s independent health food store Almonds and Raisins. I haven’t been in for a while and it has really seemed to up its game, the stock range was fantastic, in fact a lot of the stuff I thought I would have to order via Goodness Direct they stock. I was over the moon and couldn’t resist a little splurge:

CIMG0530 CIMG0531Vegetable and brown rice pasta, tofu fillets, sheese cheddar style vegan cheese, organic barley miso paste, Dr Organic body lotion, black rice noodles, organic wild rice mix, clear spot plain organic tofu, gomasio (a Japanese condiment made from sesame seeds and salt)

For lunch we visited a wonderful little cafe called scrumpy willow and the singing kettle. They serve lots of organic and locally sourced food with plenty of well marked vegan and vegetarian options alongside dishes with meat. It has a really charming interior:


The food options were excellent and I had difficultly deciding what to get. I decided to go for one of the specials: quinoa and red grape salad with toasted nuts and beetroot:


This was gorgeous, it also contained plenty of parsley, red cabbage, spring onion and a lovely mustard dressing. I think I may try recreating this at home! I also had the karma kooler juice which contained apple, ginger and mint:


It was so sweet I actually asked the owner if he had added sugar which he hadn’t. So delicious! James was happy too as he had a cheese and ham omelette, but he said it wasn’t as good as the ones I make bless him! I was grateful that he was happy to eat here as I don’t often get the opportunity to eat out at more vegan friendly places, I need a vegan dining partner! I really loved this little place and can see that it will become a favourite of mine.

For a mid afternoon snack I had a Ryvita pumpkin and oat cracker with sunflower seed butter and a chopped apple:


Dinner was some buckwheat noodles that I had bought from an oriental store ages ago plus stir fried kale, courgette, carrot, green pepper, mushrooms and edamade with some shoyu, fresh ginger and a sprinkling of the gomasio I bought earlier:


I love a good stir fry and the noodles and gomasio made this extra tasty. Dessert was 2 chocolate avocado cups from the freezer with a nectarine and an apple:


I’ve had such a brilliant couple of days so far on my week off and I’m still feeling great – I just seem to have loads of energy and positivity (despite the issues I touched on yesterday) at the moment!

Tomorrow we are off down to York for a couple of days and I can’t wait for the little break! I love taking short breaks just to get away from it all for a while, do you take mini breaks? Where’s your favourite short break destination?


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  • Those Socca sound good.. I’d never heard of them before… must be out of the loop!

  • YUM, I love those cookie dough balls! So many variations, but way too addicting.

  • I must make socca- I recently bought some Gram flour so now I have something to make with it! :)

    Lucky you! I’d love to take a mini-break!! So jealous!

  • Ooh wow, I’ve never heard of socca – they look tasty!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed your Starbucks – gingerbread latte is a good choice :) and much deserved after a whole month!
    I lovee Almonds and Raisins so much, I practically live in there and Holland and Barratt haha. I’m very jealous of you going to the scrumpy willow and the singing kettle though. I have been eyeing up their menu for some time now but as you can imagine, not many students eat that kind of thing so I would be a bit of a loner!
    I hope you have a lovely mini break. I could so do with a mini break right now..and York is beautiful too.
    For mini-breaks I love going to London obviously for the shopping and of course Wholefoods too but I also like Edinburgh, especially in Winter. xx

  • I’ve been to that cafe! Went with my Mam and hubby a few years ago :)

    I love love love mini breaks, both abroad and in the uk.

  • I haven’t heard of socca, but they look absolutely lovely. Definitely something I would like to try. I love my independent healthy food shop. The have so many strange and intersting products. I was in there today and had to buy a load of stuff. They sell the cleaR spot tofu, which is really nice. I was umming and ahhing over that barley miso paste too. I cannot wait to see what you cook with it!

    Enjoy your break.

  • Love wee indie health food stores like yours(you’re blessed there:), lovely happy pic of you savouring your coffee treat and a great use of gram flour too!

  • Wow, I have some chickpea flour I bought ages ago and haven’t used due to not having the slightest clue what to do with it. I think now I know the answer :)

    I always spend inordinate amounts of money in Almonds and Raisins too. Luckily for my budget I haven’t been in Newcastle much due to having Jan off Uni but next week I’m in every day so I think my wallet will be taking a beating. A+R have indeed improved their stock as I’ve been going there for three years and watched them grow and develop their range of products extensively. They did used to stock Larabars when you could get them over here though, and I miss those. There was also a brill shop called Out of This World in Gosforth but sadly it closed :(

    Ooh, I went to Scrumpy Willow and wasn’t very impressed but what you had looks lovely. Shame it wasn’t on offer when I was there. Have you tried Jack Sprats or Sky Apple Café? Both are in Heaton and have nice vegan/veggie food. If you wanted a dining partner I would be more than happy to go with you any time ~ obviously no obligation to endure my weirdness though!

    I am having a go at those avocado cups either tomorrow or the day after ~ I made your high protein hummus yesterday and it was absolutely amazing. I shall be blogging about its awesome-ness soon :)


  • I love mini breaks- recently we went to Bath which I loved, also to Canterbury, Stratford upon avon, Warwick, the new forest- we quite like a couple of days somewhere new :) Glad you are enjoying your time off. Love the look of the chickpea pancakes- I too still have some chickpea flour which I keep forgetting about!

  • That place is SO CUTE and just my kind of spot! Right now I”m taking a short break at Starbucks… there are a few other spots around me that are good to use to get out of the house, and I’m sure I’ll be utilizing them more and more now that I have to study!

  • Socca sounds so good! Great for wraps.

  • Coffee and Sheese!!!

    I have to admit that I’m such an addict that I actually scrolled down for the coffee! Good choice, btw ;-)

    I’ve just had a look at your weights again. Use the 4.5kg ones for anything involving arm work, that should help ;-)

    I would also switch the stiff legged deads for single-legged ones. I’ll post some youtube links in a post following (incase it gets swallowed as spam).

    Instead of flyes, you could do pullovers: 4.5kg might be enough to challenge you with those, and they also hit your lats too (great exercise!)

    Instead of the shoulder press, you could do lateral raises (lifting weights up from your side), though these are an isolation exercise. Or you could do more pushups, and add in tricep dips. Both of those hit my shoulders (amongst other things!)

    Ok, hopefully that helps! Links to follow :-)

  • Single leg deads


    Tricep dips
    (the second will be easier: it gets harder as you move your feet further away)

    Obviously I’m just suggesting these as alternatives to what you’re doing given that you only have small dumbbells. If you have any injuries that might make these inappropriate exercises for you, etc etc :-)

  • Love sun warrior protein. I have vanillia with almond milk, maca, coconut oil, frozen organic strawberries, bananas, and berries…. I also add sun warrior activated barley for extra energy…. I get mine from Raw Nature Boy’s website. Where do you get yours from?

  • Oooh I love pomegranate, it’s so expensive though!

    I’d love to try socca but I’ve never found gram flour – do you think you can use different types?

    I hope this comment posts…my computer is being funny today!

  • Wowser, huge haul of goodies! Sometimes you just have to splurge on the good stuff!

    Hope you have a nice time in York, have heard it’s lovely. I want to go to London in April but jeepers the hotel rates have gone crazy since I was last there!

  • BTW interested to hear your follow on thoughts from the last post. I noticed something on your twitter update about feeling under attack and I read the comments again and I can totally see why you woul I’d feel that way. I admit I used to feel insecure reading the “perfect eating/lifestyle/fitness” blog before, until I copped on and realised that was MY problem and not the bloggers. I really enjoy reading about your adventures with food, fitness and fashion and I hope you don’t feel you have to change the way you write or what you wrote in order to make other people feel better.

  • I just wanted to post again after reading the comment above. I commented after your post on weight loss and I thought you may be feeling attacked ( don’t follow you on twitter so just a guess). I think people feel upset as well as a lot of people who are reading this blog are probably trying to lose weight. You must remember how annoying it is when you are really struggling with your weight for someone to complain that they just can’t put any weight on, “just eat some chocolate” you feel like screaming. You obviously can put weight on or you wouldn’t have become overweight in the first place (sorry that sounds mean but you know what I mean)so to “complain” now that you’re loosing weight without wanting to seems a little silly. You have obviously educated yourself about food so you know which foods are healthy and higher in calories and all you have to do is add some of them into your diet until your weight stabilises. I also want to repeat what I said in my last comment that if you are happy still losing weight that that is great, carry on as you are, no one else knows how you feel, however I think you touched a nerve with many people by saying you are losing weight without trying when in reality you are eating mainly fruit and vegetables, no meat or dairy and very little carbs while exercising heavily. Most people would lose weight with that regime, most people also would find it very hard to stick to.

  • Laura – they are just so simple to make!

    Leashie loo – oh yes, these just taste so good!

    Emma – hope you give the socca a try, I’m sure you’d love it!

    Nicky – A&R is ace isn’t it! I’ll be back in there all the time now! I love Edinburgh for a nice break too x

    Becky – hope you enjoyed the cafe when you visited!

    Jemma – we are such health food shop nerds!

    Cosmic – oh yes I’d much rather be spending my money in a small local business whenever possible!

    Jessica – I’ll be emailing you about a potential meet up and visit to Heaton me thinks!

    Maria – I can remember you talking about your trip to Bath it sounded lovely x

    Katie – haha, yes starbucks is as good a place as any for a short break!

    Helen – yes, I can’t wait to try making a wrap with them!

    Alison – cheers for those links, I’ll be sorting out my new routine for next week and will certainly be incorporating those moves!

    Shannon, I heart sun warrior! I bought mine via iherb as I wanted a few other things but I know that red 23 sell it, I’m checking out raw nature boy site right now!

    Gill – I’m not sure how it would work with other kinds of flour, but I’d be up for giving it a try! I’ve been getting the poms while they’ve been on special offer, so good!

    Deise girl – if I see things like that I just can’t help myself! Thanks for your other comment too, obviously thats all been addressed now!

    Lynsey – thanks for your comment – I think I’ve probably addressed stuff in my big post :-)

  • Where can I buy chickpea flour from? Or is there a similar flour to use? These look lovely.

  • Running a Healthy Family – Doves Farm brand sell Gram Flour (which is chickpea flour) usually in the ‘free from’ sections of supermarkets, you should be able to find it!

  • Beth

    I have actually seen Gram flour/chickpea flour sold in the Durham Tescos…. in the world food section where they sell indian/asian sauces and pastes! I bought some today 500g for £1.59, so not too expensive! Definitely going to try making some socca tonight and thank you for a fantastic blog I love reading it!

  • Hope you enjoy your socca Beth! Glad you like the blog, I was in tescos durham yesterday ;-)

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