Healthy over slim and lots of photos!

Hi everyone with any luck I should be welcoming you to Keeping Healthy Getting! The blog is still transitioning so you may still be on the blogspot site but over the next few days you should automatically be redirected to the new .com address!

I decided to change the ‘slim’ to ‘healthy’ as I felt that slim wasn’t the right word any longer and that healthy better reflects my ethos and what the blog is all about. I also wanted to make the move to my own domain. I’ve added some new pages to the right hand side of the blog to give links to posts on recipes, healthy eating, fashion, workouts, home style etc as well as links to key posts in my About page – please check them out and let me know what you think!

I’ve had a busy but fun weekend, Saturday started with a tasty breakfast, chocolate mesquite porridge with pear and hazelnuts:


I used 1/2 cup of scottish oats, 1 tbsp of oat bran, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1/2 cup of kara coconut milk, 1 cup water and cooked on the stove adding raw cacao, mesquite, sweet freedom, 2 chopped pears, hazelnut butter and hazelnuts.

We had a short trip to Newcastle to pick up a couple of things. Here’s a quick outfit of the day:

Untitled-1 Trench: Debenhams, denim dress: Mango, tan leather belt: Topshop, floral tights: Accessorize, tan boots: ASOS, tan bag: Dune, diamante anchor necklace: Accessorize

While we were out we enjoyed a cuppa at one of our favourite little cafes. I had a delicious chai soy latte:


I also stocked up on fresh produce from the market including these unusual round courgettes…


…and this massive jar of organic smooth peanut butter (only ingredients peanuts and salt):


Can’t wait to be making oats in a jar in that!

Lunch was a slice of toasted quinoa amaranth bread with marmite accompanied by 2 chopped carrots, a chopped russet apple and cherries:


Mid afternoon I made a fab green juice from Crazy, Sexy Diet: Make juice not war:


This included 1 pear, cabbage, celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce, broccoli and ginger. I felt alive after drinking that!

Dinner was inspired by a recipe in the brilliant Super Natural Cooking, Wheat Berry Salad with Citrus Dressing. I topped some baby spinach with cooked wheat grains mixed with parsley and a citrus dressing made with orange juice, cool oil and apple cider vinegar, then topped with toasted pine nuts and organic feta:


I have to say I loved these wheat grains, so chewy and tasty. The dressing was also really good, I’ll have to use it on other salads too. Dessert was some booja booja truffles:


Heavenly as always. I also snacked on a few unpictured apples.

This morning I fuelled up with a blood orange and two sweet and chewy neglect dates before heading out on my run:


I used my Garmin for the first time, it was excellent! I did 6.18 miles in 1 hour, average pace 9.45. I was happy enough with that pace as it gives me a good baseline to work up from. After the run I hit the gym for 30 minutes of constant rate cardio while catching up with some magazines.

Breakfast was just the most fabulous smoothie in a bowl! It included: cabbage, frozen banana, 2 small nectarines, frozen mixed berries, scoop of peanut chocolate swirl spirutein protein powder, coconut water, kara coconut milk, spirulina, maca, matcha green tea, ground flax, raw cacao and xanthan gum. I topped it with a spoonful of my new peanut butter, grape nuts cereal, gojis and flaked almonds:


I had this bowl plus about another half a bowl full. It was amazing, so full of goodness!

Lunch was a bowl of Spicy Black Eye Bean Soup followed by grapes:


I also made myself another green juice mid afternoon, I’m just addicted to these at the moment, wish I had more time to make them during the week.

Dinner was one of my round courgettes stuffed with some of my Veggie Loaf and baked in the oven. I served it with steamed swede mashed with some sweet white miso and almond milk plus steamed kale with shoyu:


Dessert was one of my sinless chocolate brownies from the freezer topped with coconut flour paste ‘icing’:


This was so good! The chocolate and coconut together was delicious.

Hope you don’t mind this photo packed post! I’ve been having fun this weekend playing with my new camera. I think my photos are looking ok but unfortunately even the best camera can’t make good pics using the flash, can’t wait for the longer summer days so I can photograph in daylight!

What do you think of the new blog name and do you like the photographs?

I’m off to relax for the rest of the evening before the busy week ahead. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


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  • Hurrah for the new name, it suits your blog perfectly. You’re also looking as gorgeous as ever


  • Love the new blog name – you’re right that it’s so much more appropriate to the blog now and definitely reflects what your posts are all about :) Your photos are always fab and they’re looking even more pro now with your new swish camera ;) Those stuffed courgettes look so tasty, I must try that veggie loaf recipe for stuffing purposes.

  • Love the new name – definitely reflects where you are coming from a lot more x

  • LOVE the new name!! And the photos look SO good!! Your outfit is gorgeous by the way- jealous of your tights!!

  • Love love love the new name! Definitely a more positive outlook on how to live life :) The photos are looking great – can’t wait to see more!
    Wow, where do I start with all this yummy food?! Seriously, you are amazing. I’d say the wheatberries are my favourite because they’re my favourite grain for their nutty chewiness. Those courgettes look interesting!
    I love your style as always too. I’m sure in your past life you studied fashion haha!
    Oh and I didn’t get the kabocha squash from Waitrose – they STILL aren’t stocking it in there boo! :( I’ll let you know when they do get it back though!

  • Yep, I LOVE the new blog name as it reflects 100% where you are coming from. Your pictures are looking sharper and I’m sure that when you’ve practised a bit more and the light levels increase they are going to be amazing. You strike me as the sort of person who will be practising until they are perfect!

  • i love the new name!!! keeping healthy is perfect and a great motto for life!.. sinless brownie?!?! okay im checking that out STAT!

  • I love your outfit of the day! The floral tights especially <3 and that juice sounds so so good!

  • Lauren

    Liking the new name! Can I ask where you get your gorgeous looking blood oranges from? I am a big fan but I couldn’t find them in Sainsburys today :o( Thanks!x

  • I’m loving the new name. I think it suits the place and the mindset that you are at right now. The pics look fab too. Good work with your new camera!!! :-D

  • Maybe it should be Keeping Healthy and Stylish – as you don’t seem to need help in that department either ;)

    Great photos, and it’s wonderful to see your blog evolving with you. x

  • I’m with you!

  • Have only been reading your blog for a little while but loving it – really inspiring, individual, great design :-)
    Big thumbs up for the new name too, x x x

  • Love the new name and congrats on getting your own domain! That brownie looks amazing – proof that you can be healthy and still have yummy treats :) x

  • Congratulations on the new site, woop!
    Your pictures look great to me…. but then they always do :-)
    The quinoa/amaranth bread looks delicious; do you know whether it’s gluten-free?

  • I’m very childish, I know… but I found it very entertaining that the security code I had to put in for my last comment was “whanc” :-)

  • I know I commented before this post but I just have to reiterate how much I love the new blog and emphasis on your changing ethos. And the picture of you in that outfit exemplifies not only slimness and stylishness but also health: what amazing skin, hair, everything. You’re just glowing :)

    The photographs are brill too: you always managed to get great shots even with the old camera but your sinless brownie pic in particular looks very artful: reminds me of a shot from The Good Food magazine!

    Great run as well ~ that’s a very strong base, particularly when you haven’t run outside consistently in a while. I sense a GNR PR about to be smashed come September ;)


  • Your outfit is SO cute! I wish I were as stylish as you :)

  • Congrats on getting your own domain! And I like the name change :-)

    Good run too. Are you training with anything in mind, or just getting back out there now that the weather is improving?

    And round courgettes!? What!?!? Weird..

  • Louise

    Love the new approach for the blog Laura and I’m enjoying reading through old posts! Your recipes always look so good, I have a block of silken tofu in my fridge and was after some inspiration… I think I might try berry tofu pudding :)

  • I think the new name is perfect :-)

  • Jo – thanks hun!

    Bronagh – thanks for that lovely comment! That veggie loaf is so tasty, give it a try!

    Becky – thanks, I think so to!

    Emma – thanks, glad you like the tights! Now spring is coming I feel I can wear them more often!

    Nicky – I must find an alternative source of kabocha to feed my addiction! Thanks for that lovely comment too x

    Stacey – thanks – natural daylight makes such a difference with photos, bring on lighter days!

    Carrie – hope you like the brownie recipes, they are so fudgy!

    Helen – thanks, I can see those tights getting lots of wear over spring :-)

    Lauren – that blood orange was leftover from some I got in my organic fruit and veg box a while ago. You could try seeing if a local green grocery stocks them? They are so pretty!

    Jemma – thanks!

    Phil – thanks! The blog is definiely evolving with me, I’m glad you guys can see that happening too its fab!

    Cosmic – thanks!

    Ursus – thanks! So happy that you think its individual as thats my main aim, I like to try and keep it unique!

    Lily – the brownie was so tasty! You can still be healthy and have the odd tasty treat!

    Eleanor – I proper laughed by head off when I read your comment, I’m sure someone at google is taking the p*ss at times, haha!

    Jessica – thanks so much for that lovely comment! I do hope I can improve on last years GNR, I certainly feel like I’m in a good position to give it my best shot :-)

    Kate – thanks you! So glad you like the outfit :-)

    Alison – I know! Round courgettes so weird but perfect for stuffing! I’m training for the Great North Run so I do need to start focusing in a bit more on running and as I want to break last years 2hrs 7 min time I need to start looking at speed!

    Louise – thanks! You’ll love the berry pudding its delicious!

    Laura – thanks x

  • I love all your foods:) Most of it are things that I would prepare for myself too. Mmmm..oats in a jar sounds so good. That’s something I always look forward to:)

  • I love the name change, it definitely suits you! :) And I’m also loving the tights!

  • great new blog name! well done :)

  • Loving the new name :-)
    I’ve never seen round courgettes before – how strange!
    The photographs look good. I’ve just started taking photos with a better camera and it makes a huge difference, but nothing can solve the dinginess of the British weather or my house!

  • I LOVE the new name!! So much more inkeeping with where you are now (: I think it just shows how eating well can help us transform…it really is a journey…and you are absolutely radiant in that photo, by the way (:
    I am definitely going to give the coconut icing a go – such a fantastic idea xxxx