Need to focus!

Well I did manage to get an early night yesterday and I slept right through and woke up feeling much brighter and without any hangover symptoms!

I had to work back a little tonight so I decided to hit the gym before work. Before I went I fueled up with a mug of green tea and half a nakd apple pie bar.

I was really happy with my performance at the gym. I can find morning gym sessions really tough but I did ok, I went a little faster on the treadmill and kept up all my speeds / resistance levels on the cross trainer and step machine. I just did the 45 mins of cardio intervals as I don’t have the time on a morning to do the full hour (the gym doesn’t open until 7 and I have to be at work for 9) followed by 2 sets of my abs exercises finished off with a plank to totally punish my core muscles!

For breakfast I made a Green Monster with spinach, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, scoop of vanilla whey, teaspoon of maca, hazelnut and almond rice milk and some water to thin it out a bit. I would have left out the water and eaten it nice and thick from a bowl if I’d had the time but I needed to transfer it to a shaker cup so I could drink it while getting ready. I hate having to rush my breakfast but I just didn’t have the time this morning to sit and enjoy this as I would have liked!

Work was ok, I have so much on at the moment its quite overwhelming and I’m having serious problems trying to focus, I just can’t seem to get anything done without my mind wondering on to all the other things I have to do. Very frustrating!

Lunch was a baked chicken breast with my home made coleslaw and salad followed by some red grapes.

This was so lovely and filling!

Mid afternoon I snacked on some cucumber and carrot with lemon and corridander hummus. Loving the lemon and coriander flavour!

By the time I got home I just wanted something quick and straightforward for dinner so I made me and the hubby omelettes. I made mine with 1 egg and 2 egg whites, red onion and edam cheese served with a big side salad and I couldn’t resist adding a spoonful of coleslaw as well.

For desert I had 2 chopped red delicious apples with maca and cinnamon.

Drinks – water, green tea, decaf tea

Do any of you have difficulty in focusing at work? I’ve been getting really bad over the last few weeks and need to seriously up my game or else I’ll just never get to the end of a to do list! I just know that I can be way more productive than I am at the moment. What helps you to focus?

I’m going to try and have a bit of quiet time tonight to clear my head ready for tomorrow. Hope all your Monday’s have been great! x


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  • Great sounding workouts and eats! I have trouble with focus sometimes, I think mostly b/c I wear so many hats (mom, writer, runner, etc). I am always repeating to myself–FOCUS! It’s so easy to get distracted mid-task!

  • I do get distracted from planning/marking/paperwork as I do it all at home. I find the things that get me focussed are a clear undistracting workspace (I tend to sit on my bed), a to-do list with small tasks that can be crossed off, only have the materials needed for one task in front of me at a time. Plan a break after crossing 3 things off, a snack or a walk to the kitchen to put the washing out. If you find your mind wandering maybe try to clear it altogether by repeating a times table (or equivalent)before refocussing. If I find myself thinking of something in particular (like a worry or a problem) I mentally put it in a box to be dealt with later, every time my mind wanders back to this I quickly put it in the box and carry on! This actually works! Sorry for the essay but topics like motivation and focus really interest me (I studied Psych at Uni)! Good Luck :D

  • Thanks for all those tips Jo, there really helpful. I’m going to give some of them a try today xx

  • I make lists and when I notice I can’t concentrate properly I take the easiest and most fun task and do that first instead of the more time consuming ones. Usually by the time the first fun task is done I’m in a good working mode and manage to at least begin the not-so-much-fun-stuff :D sometimes I also go an wander around the office and chat with colleagues for a while, it also helps. A little break is always good :)

  • Glad you woke up feeling refreshed! I need a good night like that.

  • Your homemade coleslaw looks gorgeous! I tried making coleslaw once but it wasn’t very good..not sure what I did wrong though! Hope you had a better day at work today :-)