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I’ve put together a two week quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!

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  • Autumn at its best 🍂🍁🍂🍁
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  • Really enjoyed this tofu scramble with sesame noodles from @riverford vegetarian recipe box. So quick and easy to make and tasted amazing! .
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  • On the blog today I'm talking about how your relationship with food is like your relationship with money. Read the post and have your mind blown! Link in profile 💘 
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  • Very happy to be sharing my #wholeheartedlyhealthy approach in Natural Health November issue 💘
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  • EDAMAME + SQUASH SALAD WITH TAHINI MISO DRESSING ⚡️ up on the blog today is the recipe for this delicious, seasonal and simple vegan salad that is packed with flavour. Perfect for a light lunch of dinner. Link to recipe in profile!
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  • Finally got myself to the gym - first time in months! Have really been experiencing a block when it comes to working out, finally I think I might figured out what was holding me back. Firstly I thought I should be exercising first thing but that just doesn't fit in well with our family routines. I also think I had a subconscious limiting belief attached to getting poorly after exercising - weird I know but it happened a couple of times! Now I've realised I just need to slot it in at the end of my working day, when it's actually a nice way to clear my head. Happy I seem to have figured it out, let's see now next week goes 💪🏻💘
#thebalanceclub #findingmybalance #wholeheartedlyhealthy #fitmum #fitmom #fitnessmotivation
  • Not the usual before and after 💥 I'm sure many of you will already be familiar with my story of being overweight, to losing far too much weight and then gaining weight back. I've learned so much about myself and what's important through that journey, especially when it comes to what I understand as healthy. 'You have a choice. You can choose to see your health and happiness as extensions of one another. You can choose to see food as nourishment, whether that’s for your body, your soul or both. You can choose to opt out of being made to feel unworthy because of the way your body looks. I’m not saying it’s easy, it takes work every day. I still have to fight back against the negative self talk, the deep seated feeling of ’not enoughness’ that gets triggered sometimes. But it’s so worth the work'....Read more on the blog, link in profile 💘
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  • Doing what fills you up is never selfish. It's so easy to feel guilt, but we need to work on retraining our minds to remember that spending time doing what recharges us means we can be a healthier, happier and more balanced version of ourselves which everyone in our lives will benefit from 💘 📷:@_thelittlesage
#selfcare #wholeheartedlyhealthy #findingmybalance #thebalanceclub
  • PEPPERMINT + CHOCOLATE ✨ up on the blog today is the recipe for these delicious little bombs of delight. Peppermint treats made with coconut, coconut oil, @doterra peppermint oil and dark chocolate. Noms 💘 .
#foodstyling #feedfeed #vegan #paleo #healthyfood #foodporn #wholeheartedlyhealthy
  • Totally gobsmacked to win Blogger of the Year at the British Health Journalism awards! 💘 thanks to the beautiful @travelling_philbury for being my plus one to the event! #bhjawards2016