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This time last year I was knee deep in coconut oil while I wrote and created recipes for my book, Coconut Oil: Over 200 easy recipes for home, health and beauty. I’d been commissioned to write the book and couldn’t wait to get to work using one of my fave ingredients. The book came out…

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  • Self Care Challenge 💘
- not just bubble baths -
I love self care, it has totally changed my life in so many ways - I'm more content, less full of guilt, calmer, not as anxious and generally I feel like I can handle so much more before I lose my shit (Mums relate right?) While bubble baths are awesome that's not all there is to self care - yet, self care doesn't also have to be this overwhelming to do list of things either. Next week I'm running a little #smallactofselfcare challenge to show you how to do self care in a way that's totally overwhelm free and completely personal to you. Click the link in my profile to join us! .
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  • Earth Day 🌏✨
Feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world with scenes like this so close by. Being in nature is such a massive form of self care for me. If I don't get outside often, especially to the hills, forest or sea I start and crave it. Today I've had hills and forest 🌳 ⛰#winning
Is nature self care medicine for you? Where do you love the most? .
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  • 🙌🏻✨💘
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  • Love a bit of Insta fun! Here's 20 random things about me, thanks for the tag @lucysheridan ! 😘
✨I have 6 tattoos, the first one was done when I was 15 years old 🙈
✨I've got a Masters degree in Community and Youth Work from Durham Uni ✨I've ran the Great North Run 3 times
✨I got my first set of tarot cards when I was 15 and practiced spells and magic from the same age (thanks to my first woo woo book To Ride a Silver Broomstick)
✨ I dyed my hair 'mahogany' throughout the late 90's
✨I met my husband at my sisters wedding, I was bridesmaid and he was best man 💗
✨I LOVE Star Wars and generally I'm a huge sci fi / comic book movie fan
✨even just the mention of Dumbo 🐘 makes me cry
✨I used to work for both Ted Baker and John Lewis while I was at Uni
✨I've got a degree in Art and Design
✨I adore interior design and would happily spend all day on Pinterest
✨walking bear foot in the sea is probably one of my favourite things in the world
✨I'm an ENFJ
✨I have giant size 8 feet and had to wear boys shoes when I was a kid because they're so wide
✨when I was growing up I wanted to be a vet
✨specifically I wanted to look after horses but I had an accident while horse riding when I was 14 and I've never been on a horse again since ✨I'm named after Laura from Little House on the Prairie
✨ I love female folk singers like Laura Marling and The Staves
✨my first gig was Manic Street Preachers 🙌🏻
✨I have over 20 house plants and I love to talk to them 🌱
Tagging @supernaturallyhealthy @behappybebrightbeyou_x @laurathomasphd @laurenkatekennedy @harri_rose_ to share your #20thingsaboutme 📸by @heychrisrandle .
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  • Popped out for a bit of working from a coffee shop today - thanks to a little reminder from James! Was so good to enjoy a really amazing coffee (I don't drink it as often as I used to so when I do have it, it better be good!) and a bit of headspace. Going for a coffee on my own is one of my fave #smallactofselfcare I always feel good! If you fancy exploring your own Small Acts of Self Care hit up the link in my profile to join my free challenge starting next week! 💘
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  • Just love it when I see people using my e guides! Hope you enjoyed the #wholeheartedselfcareguide @alexandrawright24 ! 🌟
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  • Swearing always helps 😂
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  • Hey babes, just a reminder that today is the final day you can grab my Wholehearted Self Care Guide on special offer. If you're not sure where to start with self care and are fed up of feeling overwhelmed and burned out I know you'll just love this guide! Women who have already purchased have been using it already to plan their home retreat days, their ready to go self care ideas and how to use my 6 self care themes to make sure they get a really well rounded self care practice. I've even got some fab bonuses like my Self Care for New Mums Guide in there too. If that sounds good to you just check out the link in my profile for more info. Have a fabulous day! 💘
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  • Happy Easter! Here's your reminder to enjoy yourself guilt free today, food is fuel but also a beautiful part of celebrations and family gatherings. This Easter I'll remember sharing my chocolate bunny with Finley, making two of these incredible Mini Egg Cheesecakes (one for my friends yesterday and one for our family lunch today) recipe from the lovely @tamingtwins 🐣
I won't be remembering any guilt 😊no such thing as 'good' foods or 'bad' foods ⚡️
Have a wonderful day everyone!
#wholeheartedlyhealthy #easter #minieggs #easterfood #nothealthydontcare #foodfreedom #foodfreedomforever
  • Up on the blog are a few recipes from my book Coconut Oil, including this Peanut Butter Cheesecake! Would make the perfect Easter dessert with a few mini eggs on top! Link in profile 💘
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